Franchise Opportunities in Kentucky

Best Franchises to Own in Kentucky

The commonwealth state of Kentucky is located in the east-south central region of the United States of America. It is has one of the largest state economies in America, and in 2012, it exported products/commodities worth about 22.1 billion USD to over 200 countries around the world.

 If you are looking to establish/operate a franchise business in America, then you can safely wager on Kentucky. The state actively supports franchises with business-friendly policies and limited tax regimes.

The following franchises in Kentucky are good places to invest your money and resources in:

1. Renue Venue Revitalization Specialists
Renue Venue Revitalization Specialist is a franchising business that offers high value cleaning services to the hospitality industry. They comprise a team of highly skilled and specialized staff that “get the dirt out and bring the colour-in” in the furniture and upholstery of hotels, resorts and holiday centres.

Originally called Appeal Carpet, Renue Venue was founded by a 21-year-old man, who cleaned carpets in hotels and residences, in Chicago. Presently, Renue Venue has over 30 offices and several hundreds of employees that service thousands of limited and full-serviced hotels in many countries around the world.

Renue Venue Revitalization is always on the search for new partners and franchisees, so you can be sure that if making a livelihood out of keeping places clean and hygienic is your passion, then Renue Venue could just be the place for you.

What you Should know About Renue Venue Franchise System

If you have decided to become a franchisee with Renue Venue, then you will be joining a first class team that has the following advantages:

a. Low startup cost and overhead
Aside from the initial fees for registration, you will find that all you mostly require to begin your Renue Venue franchise in Kentucky is a vehicle, a telephone and a team of well-trained cleaning technicians.

b. You will be joining a Renue Venue team that will make available to you a customer base
comprising leading hospitality hotels and businesses. So you can begin to grow your franchise from the start.

c. You receive ongoing training and support both at the company’s Headquarters and at your business location.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Renue Venue Franchise?

The minimum cash you will need to invest, to start your own Renue Venue Revitalization franchise is 50,000 USD. Obtaining the training and other support resources may see this sum rise to 100,000 USD.

However, you can receive seed funding from the SBA board because of the profitable nature of the operations of Renue Venue Franchise.

How can you Join the Renue Venue Team?

Your very first step will be to go the franchise opportunities page of the company and fill out an application form. The form will ask questions ranging from your business interests to how much you are willing to invest as well as if you intend to run the franchise with a partner.

How much can you Make as a Franchisee with Renue Venue Specialization?

You will need to get this information through the Contact Us page of the company’s website. However, you should note that what you can ultimately earn as a Renue Venue Franchisee is dependent on the location of your business, your exclusivity rights as well as the number of customers in your area of operation.

2. 420bizOp
420bizOp is a franchise business that is into the sale of marijuana, that is legal and safe for consumption by patients for medical reasons. Specifically, 420bizOp brands itself as a medical marijuana fulfillment and delivery service, which provides compassionate and medical access to marijuana for its clients

420bizOp states categorically that it is the market leader in the provision of high-quality medical marijuana because it has farmsteads that grow the finest strains of cannabis on very rich soil.

The 420bizOp Franchise Offer for You

Once you have decided to start a 420bizOp franchise, you will enjoy tremendous support from the parent company, in order to grow your business very quickly. In addition to having your own dedicated website built for free and featuring the product for sale, you will also be entitled to the following:

a. A customer service system to handle patrons.
b. The shipping of products borne by the company.
c. A central financial management of inventory, sales and marketing reports
d. The driving of traffic to your 420bizOp website.
e. Receiving between 25 to 45 percent of all sales derived from your website

Minimum Investment Required to Join 420bizOp

The company is flexible enough to cater for individuals who possess varying sums of money to start their own franchise. It ranges from a 2,995 USD (for this investment, you will receive 250 USD of product, a 25 percent commission on sales as well as a site set-up that can receive upwards of 50,000 emails.

At the upper end of the rung, and if you can afford it, you could start up with 50,000 USD. In this case, you are entitled to 45 percent commission from sales as well as the capacity to handle 10 million emails.

3. Mr. Sandless Franchise
Mr. Sandless prides itself on being the number one wood floor refinisher around the globe. This reputable franchise offers customers a vast improvement to their floors with no downtime or cleanup, with the best warranty in the business. The Mr. Sandless system is certified green and environmentally friendly and poses no danger to children and pets.

So if you are looking for franchise business that will enable you put your vocational skills to great effect, while at the same tie forging enduring relationships with people, then look no further than Mr. Sandless Franchise.

What do you Need to get Started?

A Mr. Sandless Franchise is your typical mobile business. Hence you will be required to have a small truck to begin with. As your business grows, you could decide to go for more trucks. Every other thing that you will need is provided by the parent company.

How Much Does It Take to Start a Mr. Sandless Frachise?

If you have decided to become a franchisee with Mr. Sandless, then you will be joining a business that has one of the lowest startup costs in the industry. The franchise fee is tagged at 25,000 USD and there is the availability of financing, to help ease the burden.

The benefits of paying the franchise fee includes receiving exclusivity of operations in designated area(s), full and ongoing training, market lead generation as well as other resources to help you grow your franchise quickly.

How Much can you Make as a Franchisee?

The average charge you can set for any job is put at 1,304 USD. If you are committed and hardworking, you may find that you may execute a monthly average of 22 jobs. The Mr. Sandless Franchise typically estimates that Franchisees may carry out 10 jobs in a month on the average.

How can you Become a Mr. Sanders Franchisee?

Once you have decided to join the Mr.Sanders team, you will have to fill out “no obligation” web form and a starter pack will be mailed to you, with instructions on how to proceed with your application.

4. Shakeaway
Shakeaway, established in 1999, is reputedly the world’s largest producer of milkshake treats.

Shakeaway at present, offers her teeming customers over 180 different flavours of milk shakes, that can be combined in a million possible ways. Each milkshake comes uniquely made and utilizes fresh and healthy ingredients all the time.

Shakeaway also produces refreshingly real fruit smoothies, that harps on healthy and wholesome ingredients. The menu on display at your typical Shakeaway store includes winter menu, fit and healthy menu, frozen yoghurt dessert menu, smoothie menu as well as shaved ice menu.

This franchise will work for you if you have an eye for detail and love to serve wholesome meals and treats to people.

How Can One Become a Shakeaway Franchisee?

So, you have decided to join this excellent business opportunity? Great, all you have to do is to fill out a request form from their website and all the information you need to process your application will be sent to you within 48 hours.

The Shakeaway Franchise Opportunity

You will be teaming up with an organization that places a great premium on staff and partners. In detail, you will have access to:

a. Full and Ongoing Training

As a franchisee, you will be trained on producing mouthwatering milkshake and other treats for your customers. The training schedule will equip you with the knowledge you need regarding mixing proportions and required ingredients

b. A Tested Marketing Structure

Shakeaway’s marketing program is built on years of expertise and specialization garnered from her consultants and partners. You will be exposed to these strategies, so that you can grow your business in the shortest possible time.

How Much does it take to Start a Shakeaway Franchise business?

You can get this information when you request for a Franchisee report for previous years, from the parent company.

5. Homevestors of America
Homevestors, since its founding in 1996 by Ken D’Angelo, has been investing in the real estate subsector in the state and national economy. The core of its services is purchasing homes and facilities, renovating such property and selling same at a good price.

Homevestors prides itself on providing excellent home ownership opportunities for first-time buyers, renters and real estate investors. They do this by adhering to strict codes of construction and ethical business practices.

Homevestors seek franchisees like you, who may not have to be a professional real estate investor but have the desire to learn the ropes in becoming one.

If you fancy negotiating deals and have an eye for identifying potentially high yielding property, then becoming a franchisee with Homevestors of America is the way to go.

The Homevestors of America Franchise Opportunity

As a potential franchisee with Homevestors, you will be a part of a community of home buyers that provide support and structures for you to succeed in your new business. This is as result of the availability of the following:

a. You will receive coaching and personal attention once you are signed up. A mentor will walk you through the process from day one until you begin to seal your own deals.
b. You are taken through an intensive training schedule that exposes you to tested methods for buying and selling homes for a profit.
c. You can be eligible for property financing due to the leverage garnered by Homevestors over the years.

How can you become a Franchisee with Homevestors of America?

You will fill out a “No Obligation” form from their website and then you will be contacted with all the information you require to enable your application process.

How much Does it cost to Acquire the Franchise?

You can acquire a Homevestors franchise license with as little as 18,000 USD. You will also have to have a net worth from 50,000 USD and above. Other cost considerations include ongoing royalty and adverts fees, which vary from one location to another.

The following frachises are just a part of the many that exist in Kentucky. They are proven business models that offer the greater probability of you succeeding when you start off with any of them.

As it a standard feature with any business, you will have to carry out your own due diligence, in determining the associated risks and rewards with starting the franchise opportunities in Kentucky highlighted above.

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