Franchise Opportunities in Iowa

Best Franchises to Own in Iowa

Are you based in Iowa and you are looking for a profitable franchise opportunity to invest in? there are so many franchise opportunities in Iowa that an entrepreneur can invest in that would yield much profits.

  Below are some of these franchise opportunities in Iowa that you can invest in today….

1. SlipDoctors International Franchise
SlipDoctors is a company that deals with improving traction on tiles, stones, VCT, porcelain, concrete, ceramic, fiberglass and most other surfaces in order to avoid the devastation of slip and fall injuries. SlipDoctors was founded in 2004 by Gary Cohen, Greg Cohen and Rocky Miller, and they started franchising in 2007

What Would It Cost You?

In order to invest in this franchise opportunity, you would need a minimum of $10,000 and a net worth of $10,000. You would make a total investment of $8,000. With SlipDoctors, you could get help with financing and there is a $500 discount for US veterans.


Franchisees of this wonderful franchise opportunity are offered extensive training, hence you can invest in this franchise even if you have no previous experience.

How to Start

If you are motivated, hard-working and need a unique business opportunity to invest in that prevents slips in both commercial and residential places, then you have what it takes to invest in this franchise opportunity in Iowa. If interested, you can visit their website @, fill a form about your interest or call their toll free number 888-436-5404.

2. Subway Franchise
Subway is a leading restaurant that offers delicious satisfying meals to customers. Founded in 1965 by Peter Buck and Fred DeLuca, Subway started franchising in 1974 and has over 44702 units. Subway has been continuously ranked as the #1 franchise and is just the perfect franchise opportunity to invest in in Iowa.

How Much Would It Cost?

This franchise opportunity requires a total investment of $105,800 to $393,600 and a net worth of $80,000 to $310,000. You also get to pay a franchise fee of $15,000. With Subway franchise you could also get financing support through a third party.


Subway provides a two-week training for its franchisee and either their designee or manager.

Location requirements

If you are interested in this franchise in Iowa, you will be assisted with evaluating the location you wish to use for this franchise and you are also provided with floor plans for that location.

How to join 

To join this franchise, you could contact Subway franchise representative in Iowa, Gail Hill on 1-800-888-4848 * 1318 or send an email to

3. Tutor Doctor
Tutor Doctor is a leading company when it comes to private tutoring. It is one company that has helped in changing the lives of more than 200,000 people by helping them achieve their academic goals. It was founded in 2000 by John Hooi and has been franchising since 2003. With so many awards including #1 at-home tutoring franchise and Child’s Magazine and Parents’ choice award 2010 and 2011, this is definitely a great franchise to invest in.

Cash required to join

To join this world leading franchise, you would require liquid capital of $100,000 and a net worth of $100,000. You would make a total investment of $66,000 to $100,000.


To invest in this franchise, you do not need to have any experience in education as training is available for you. You could also decide to manage a team of professional tutors rather than being one yourself.

Other Benefits

This franchise opportunity can be totally run from home which gives you flexibility. You also get to make a difference in your community while getting a huge return on investment. As a franchisee, you are also offered a proprietary internet based software that helps you run your business from home, as well as on-going support and marketing support.

How to Open

If you are interested in this franchise, you can contact Tutor Doctor on 01483 319033 or visit

4. Smoothie Factory Franchise
Another great franchise opportunity in Iowa is Smoothie Factory franchise. Smoothie Factory is a smoothie industry that offers healthful smoothies, fresh cold-squeezed all natural juices and health supplements to consumer.

Smoothie Factory was founded in 1996 by former Olympian James Vilasana and is looking for motivated, ambitious entrepreneurs who are interested in providing healthy products to their community.

What Would It Cost?

In order to invest in this franchise opportunity, you would need to have a minimum of $100,000 and a net worth of $200,000 as well as a franchise fee of $25,000.

Training and Support

With this franchise opportunity in Iowa, you are given two weeks of official Smoothie factory training, both in the classroom and on-site. You also get to enjoy ongoing operations support and professional marketing support.

Other Benefits

With Smoothie factory you get four-in-one business. This is because you get to offer your customers full line delicious smoothies and nutritional boosts, fresh squeezed smoothies and health supplements, Red Mango co-branded frozen yoghurt and an expanded menu including wraps, sandwiches and salad.

How to Open

To join in this franchise opportunity in Iowa, you would need a good location you intend to use for your smoothie factory and then visit for more enquiries.

5. Retro Fitness Franchise
Retro Fitness is another great franchise opportunity in Iowa. Retro Fitness is a gym that offers fitness model to its customers. Retro Fitness was founded in 2002 by Eric Casaburi and started franchising in 2006.

How much would it Cost?

To invest in this franchise opportunity, you would need a minimum of $300,000 and have a net worth of $1,500,000. There is also a franchise fee of $69,000. In total, you would be making an investment of $941,350 to $1,622,250. US veterans are offered 10% discount on the franchise fee.

Training and Support

As a franchisee, you get to enjoy training and support throughout the entire process. This includes assistance in selecting the location, assistance with design and construction, local store marketing among others.


Retro Fitness also provides financing through a third party which could help cover franchise fees, startup costs among others.

How to Open

If you are interested in this franchise opportunity in Iowa, then visit their website @ www. and fill a form indicating your interest.

So, there you have it… franchise opportunities in Iowa. If you are an entrepreneur and meet any of the above requirements for the franchises above, why not do so, as you would be glad you did.

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