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Best Australian Franchise Opportunities – Profitable Franchises

Are you are looking for a good list of franchise opportunities in Australia? Are you an entrepreneur interested in starting a successful franchise companies in Australia? In this post, I will be sharing with you top 5 best franchise opportunities in Australia that you will need to consider before making your decision.


Here are top franchise opportunities in Australia:

  1. Little Medical School

Little Medical School, founded in 2010 and started franchising in 2015 with Mary Mason as the present CEO brings the knowledge of science, healthy living and medicine to children between 5 to 10 years old in a unique and entertaining way.

Little Medical School create exciting programs and environment that make the kids play roles like medical doctors, nurses, while they are dressed as one. They are allowed to have fun with medical instruments while they learn and get to understand the world of medicine.

Little Medical School Franchise create such programs to teach kids about real medicine and the world of science as they indulge in the game.

Little Medical School Franchise is an exciting and unique business system for any entrepreneur even without any practical medical or business background. Franchisees are always provided with curriculum and necessary trainings and tools needed to operate the business.

It is a business that can be operated at home if the franchisee does not wish to get a location.

How Much Does It Takes to Start Little Medical School Franchise

The investment required to start a Little Medical School franchise is an initial investment of $36,380-$53,200 with a net worth requirement of $200,000. The franchise fee is $20,000 and you should have a liquid capital of $50,000.

Little Medical School Franchise Ongoing Fees

Franchisees are not expected to pay royalty fee for the first two months of starting a Little Medical School franchise. After the free two months, you are expected to pay an ongoing royalty fee of $300-$750 every month with an Ad royalty fee of $95 monthly.

Veteran Incentives

It is purely 10% off franchise fee.

Little Medical School Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support

There is a 3-days training program at their corporate headquarter and a 1-day onsite training and support program too. The franchisee will also receive a comprehensive operational manual and curriculum and with the list of Little Medical School programs for proper understanding and operation of the business.

How to Open Little Medical School Franchise?

Interested persons should kindly visit their website and click on the Apply Here button to apply for the form.

  1. Transworld Business Advisors

Transworld Business Advisors is a business franchise located in Australia. This is a uniquely business with three complementary business compile in one. The three complimentary opportunities are: franchise consulting, business brokerage, and franchise development.

Franchisees are always taught how they can succeed in these three areas to profit from them.

Transworld Business Advisors Financial Requirements

Transworld Business Advisors franchise fee is $44,500 with a liquid capital requirement of $49,500. The franchisee must have a net worth of $50,000.

Transworld Business Advisors Financial Assistance

Transworld Business Advisors do not give financial assistance to franchisee neither are they joined to any agency or affiliate that does.

Veteran Incentives

There is a 10% off franchise fee for veterans.

Transworld Business Advisors Membership Training, Requirements and Support

As a Transworld Business Advisors, you must and attend an extensive training program at their Florida office to meet franchisor’s satisfaction. The franchisor takes care of all the expenses that will incur during the training ranging from transportation to and fro the training center, accommodation and a one daily meal.

Transworld Business Advisors Term of Agreement and Renewal

The length of the franchise agreement is 35 years from the day of the franchise agreement approval. After the 35 years, the franchisee can renew his or her agreement if he or she meet the conditions.

How to Open Transworld Business Advisors?

Interested candidate should visit their website and fill the application form.

  1. Red Rooster Franchise

Established in 1972 and has been franchising since 1979, Red Rooster is one of Australia largest quick service restaurant franchise with over 350 stores across the nation serving real fast food. This company is a good business opportunity for entrepreneurs who has always wish to own a restaurant business.

Red Rooster Franchise Financial Requirements

The financial requirement for starting a Red Rooster Franchise varies. It depends on the size of the store and layout. Store cost range between $370,000-$900,000. Small store usually cost less than this. The franchise fee is $50,000.

Red Rooster Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support

There are lots of professional develop courses available to franchisees and staff so they can constantly improve their knowledge and operational skill.

Red Rooster experience operation team will constantly visit your store for assistance in terms of maintaining product quality and customer service to make sure that you are on top of your game.

Red Rooster Franchise Term of Agreement

It is basically 10 years.

Ideal Candidate for Red Rooster Franchise

Red Rooster franchise want someone that is enthusiastic and motivated in delivering good customer’s service.

How Much Money Will I Make as a Red Rooster Franchise Owner?

There is no exact figure to how much franchisee can make from their business. It all depends on the location of your store and how you operate your business.

How to Open Red Rooster Franchise?

Visit and click the ‘Apply Now’ button to request for the application form.

  1. Loving Life Now

This is a franchise company that specialize in personal leadership development online programs and Live seminars around the world. If you have always love helping people in the areas of personal development, you will be very glad to start a Loving Life Now franchise because you will have to be travelling round the world meeting and empowering positive people.

Loving Life Now franchise gives you the ability to work from home. you won’t be doing house call because you will not be selling anything. All that you will be needing is a cell phone and an internet connection.

Loving Life Now Franchise Financial Requirement

Joining Loving Life Now require no fixed franchising fees. Franchisee choose how much they want to invest into the business. But, you must purchase a startup kit which goes for $50.

Loving Life Now Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support

You will be trained on how to market your business online. You will be taught how to place adverts online, call clients and collect customer decisions.

How to Open Loving Life Now Franchise?

Kindly visit and apply.

  1. The Growth Coach

The Growth Coach is an award winning global coaching system franchise founded in 2002 and started franchising in 2003. The company provides executive and business coaching, sales and business management coaching to business owners, managers and self-employed professionals.

If coaching is your passion, then this is your best bet for a company you should own. Do you know why? Business coaching is in high demand in corporate firms in Australia.

Financial Requirement for The Growth Coach Franchise

Initial investment is $55,125-$85,025. Franchisee will need a liquid cash of $40,000. The franchise fee is $42,900.

The Growth Coach Franchise Ongoing Fees

There is an ongoing advertising fee of $200 monthly and royalty fee of 10%.

The Growth Coach Franchise Financing Options

The Growth Coach has a relationship with Stock Yards Bank and Trust Company (SYBT) that will help to finance up to $20,000 of the initial franchise fee for franchisees only if the franchisee meets its credit standards.

Veteran Incentives

An amount of $2000 is taken off franchise fee.

The Growth Coach Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support

Franchisee will undergo a 5-days training in addition to the ongoing training and support that will be coming via webinars, newsletter, meetings etc.

The Growth Coach Franchise Term of Agreement

The length of franchise term is 10 years before renewal is required if the franchisee is satisfied with the business and want to continue.

How to Open The Growth Coach Franchise?

Visit and fill the application form on the site.


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