Franchise Opportunities in Alaska

Best Franchises to Own in Alaska

Are you an entrepreneur in Alaska? Are you thinking about investing in a franchise opportunity in Alaska? It is no secret that investing in Franchise opportunities gives you an opportunity to be financially free. And then doing so in Alaska just makes it way better. This is because Alaska is known as the land of opportunities.

With 20 years of job growth, Alaska offers career and professional growth opportunities to individuals looking to invest in it.

So, if you are wondering what Franchise opportunities to invest in, in Alaska, here are a few of them…

1. Arby’s Restaurant Franchise
With more than 3300 restaurants and definitely room for thousands more, Arby’s is a leading restaurant in Alaska that serves meat and delicious sandwiches. Arby’s is known for their slow roasted beef, turkey and premium Angus beef sandwiches, beef dip and lots of other exciting delicacies.

This make Arby’s a great franchise to invest in in Alaska. So if you are interested in Arby’s franchise opportunity, here are some need to know…

How Much Would It Cost to Open?

To qualify to be an investor in Arby’s Franchise, you have to have liquid assets of $500,000 and a net worth of $1 000 000.

How to Start

If you have got the required startup capital, the next step would be to get a location for your Arby’s restaurant. When you get a location, it has to be approved by Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc. (ARG) before you can startup.

Training and Support

Arby’s offers franchisee’s training and support and also help to instill a culture of excellent guest and teamwork.
2. ChemDry Franchise
ChemDry is a company that deals with carpet cleaning with an original system of using Hot Carbonated Extraction to attack dirt, oil, dust and allergens in carpet fibers and other hard surfaces. ChemDry remains one of the best buys in the Franchise industry.

How Much Would It Cost?

If you are interested in ChemDry Franchise, you will need to have at least $30,000 in liquid capital to invest.

Expected Average Revenue

For a franchise owner you would expect to get an average revenue of $292,504. Average annual revenue per franchise is $102,036 while monthly revenue per franchise owner is $24,375. This is means you could get back your initial investment within two months or less.

Additional benefits

ChemDry offers a 10% licensing fee discount for veterans and in-house low interest financing. You could own multi-unit territory if you so desire. You also get 1 week of online training as well as 1-week training at corporate headquarters.

3. Big O Tires
Big O Tires is a world class leading company when it comes to the area of tire and automotive maintenance industry. Big O Tires is definitely one Franchise you should consider if you are searching for franchises in Alaska.

So What Would It Cost?

To start a franchise with Big O Tires, you would need a cash investment of $80,000 which also includes a franchise fee of $30,000. It is important to note here that US veterans are exempted from the franchise fee. You would also need to have a net worth of $200,000 for Big O Tires franchise

Additional Benefits

Big O Tires offers franchisees a well-recognized and respected brand name that customers know and trust. They also provide a powerful set of tools that would help bring your franchise to the limelight.

You also get to enjoy startup training, multiple warehouses that would meet your inventory demands as well as on-site visits and strong support from franchise business consultants.

4. Sure Step International
Sure Step International is another franchise in Alaska that is a great opportunity if you are looking for a franchise to invest in. Sure Step is a one of a kind company that that deals with floors in order to avoid slips and accidents common with wet floors.

It provides a floor with increased coefficient of friction that makes it more slip-resistant and hence, safer floors. Founded in 1991, Sure Step started franchising in 2005 and are looking for more distributors.

Capital Needed to Start

To own a Sure Step Franchise, you will need to have a liquid capital of $20,000 and a total investment of $25,000


A franchise with Sure Step is a great investment as they partner with NASCAR for advertising, hence you get to enjoy a world-wide reach. Sure Step also offers its franchisees training and most importantly, Sure Step limits the number of distributorships in any area, thereby giving you a wide reach as well as the advantage of being the only Sure Step franchisee in your area.

5. HandPro Handyman Services
HandyPro Handyman service is a business that offers handyman services to commercial and residential clients. Founded in 1996 by Keith Paul and his wife, HandyPro installs mobility products including exterior ramps, safety bars, as well as doing modifications for residential and commercial doors, tubs or showers.

Cash Required to Start

HandyPro franchisee would need a liquid capital of $50,000 and a total investment of $70,000 to $128,643.

Additional Benefits

With HandyPro, you are guaranteed to reach predetermined gross sales within the first year or your franchise fee is refunded. They also offer franchisees ongoing training, support and guidance. Your business could be up and running within 60 days if you contact them today.

The advantages of investing in franchise opportunities in Alaska is wonderful investment because of the lots of benefits involved including an opportunity to avoid most pitfalls new businesses go through at startup stage.

So, if you are interested in any of the above franchises in Alaska, you could contact them on their website and start up on these wonderful franchise opportunities.

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