Why Food, Sleep and Exercise are Key to Success

How Important are Food, Sleep and Exercise to Achieving Success

Do you struggle so hard that you don’t have time to eat, sleep and exercise? Do you know that little things like eating good food, sleeping enough and exercising can help you in achieving success?

Good health is critical to success because it is when you are healthy that you can run around and work hard to achieve critical success. Some of the things that can make you have good health are eating the right food, sleeping well and having good exercise.

So, we can say food, sleep and exercise are critical to success. And here are some of the reason why this is so.


You need to eat good food and when I mean good food; I mean healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. This is because there are many benefits of eating good foods in relation to success.

You need energy to run around and get your work done and you get this energy from eating good food. When you eat, the food is broken down into glucose and it is this glucose that gives your body the energy it requires.

And with that energy, you are able to perform to the best of your abilities such that you give your maximum best to all that you do without breaking down.

By eating healthy foods, you will not be getting sick often. This is because good foods boost the immune system that protects the body from diseases and viruses.

If you are depressed, there is no how you will be able to do your work productively. However, eating foods like oats, avocados, bananas, almonds, and spinach can help fight depression.

Also, healthy foods help the body to cope with stress and enhance mental alertness and focus needed to do your work well.

So, one can conclude that eating healthy food can ultimately lead to success in our lives. Remember the popular slogan, “Health is Wealth”.


To be productive is to get the desired result from the work you are doing. So, working hard is not enough to achieve success. To achieve success, you must work hard in a productive way such that your hard work produces desired results. And one of the ways to be productive is by getting a good sleep every night.

Having a good sleep makes you more attentive and focused during the day. And you are able to achieve more in your work. When you are deprived of a good sleep, you will be feeling drowsy at work and you won’t be able to fully concentrate on what you are doing as you will be falling asleep and waking up intermittently. And doing this can lead you to making mistakes or even having accident.

It is said that when one is asleep, the brain processes all the learning that takes place during the day. And moves the things we learn from short term storage to long term storage so that the short term storage have room to store the next day learning.

So, good sleep improves memory and enhances our cognitive ability enabling us to solve problems and make better decisions that will lead to success in our works.

I am sure you know that a good interpersonal relationship with your customers and co-workers can increase the success of your business. But what you might not know is that good sleep can help you in developing this interpersonal relationship.

Having a good sleep improves your mood and helps you to be friendlier at work. And the friendlier you are, the easier it is for you to develop good relationship with the people you work with.

So, you can see now that a good sleep is critical to success. And by a good sleep, I mean sleeping for the minimum of seven hours every night.


Exercise makes you healthy and fit. But apart from this, there are many others things exercise does to your mind and body that can ultimately help you to achieve success.

There are times you are stuck with a project and you can’t just figure a way round it. What you don’t know is that exercise can fix this problem. One of the things exercise does to you is that it helps to get your creative juices flowing. Exercise helps clear the mind to think clearly and come up with new ideas that can make your work successful.

A persistent spirit which is one of the qualities needed for success and you can develop it through exercise. Exercise is not always a pleasurable thing to do especially when you are just getting started.

If you are able to exercise consistently in spite of the pain and discomfort it brings, it will train your mind to be persistent in other areas of your life.

Another quality you need to have if you want to be successful is confidence. And you can develop confidence through exercise. When you exercise, you become more healthy and fit and this boosts your confidence level. And this confidence drives you to keep trying until you get what you want.

To be successful, having a happy and positive state of mind is not negotiable. And you can achieve this through exercise. When you exercise, the body neurotransmitter called serotonin is released and this makes you feel good and happy. It also helps to lower the stress level making you to be more productive at work.

You can now see why food, sleep and exercise are critical to success. So, if you really want to be successful, don’t joke with these three things. And don’t focus only on one or two, make sure you give attention to all the three. It is when the three all work together in synergy that you can become more productive and you can be able to achieve critical success you’ve always desire.

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