Food Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

List of Food Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Food is good for the mouth, both for eating and to speak about, particularly when it is one that bribes the taste buds with the quality of its contents. Good food is like good music, once one hears it, one finds it difficult to stop humming the notes.

Bloggers also hums the nice notes of good food, both in their blogs and in foreign blogs in form of guest postings.

However, not all blogs are welcoming in this regard; not all of them accept guest posts. A good number do accept though, and this article is a compilation of 10 such food blogs that accepts guest posts.

Top Ranked Food and Diet Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

With Gera as its editor, this blog focuses on informative content on subjects compassing about food. From weight loss to restaurant menu to food addictives and tips for healthy living, this blog entertain a vast array of subjects. They also accept guest posts. Posts are expected to be original, with bulleted lists, and following the blog’s writing style.

It should be a minimum of 1500 words; and you must avail your response to any comments that your post might generate (non-compliance to this term has its consequences). You are allowed a link to your personal blog in your bio; however, commercial links are not permitted. You can submit your article at

This blog concerns itself with enlightening its users in the realm of food and diets. With information as to where to eat and what to eat, it enriches its users with a wide delicacy of restaurant menus. It seeks writers that are original, both in terms of their writing skills as well as in their love for food and wine.

To write as a guest for this blog, you would have to send them a pitch to You would be required to include your bio in 2-3 sentences or roughly 30 words.

While this blog sees to the accumulation of parents who enjoy blogging, it accepts guest posts. But you must know that they strongly disregard posts submitted with an intention to promote Google ranking, or a company.

This blog publishes articles on food; and any posts should be a minimum word length of 350 words, and should include a picture to emphasize the message. Articles would be edited and checked for grammatical errors and typos.

Disney restaurants, dining, and food menus are a dynamic series that are constantly been improved on and developed with time. They accept guest posts that are original, however it is emphasized that if you send a post that contains ideas that are already in execution, you would not be credited for such ideas. Photos are important, and the procedure for sending photos can be found in their guest post page. Your article should be in an informal tone and made as simple as possible. You can submit your post to


This blogs focuses on posts that cover subjects in such categories as fitness, diseases, and healthy food. It accepts guest posts, and allows up to three links to your post.

With over 70000 views every month, this blog accepts guest posts in areas of diets and healthy food, and nutrition. Article should be reader friendly with bullet lists and nice headings, and over 1000 words. The writing tone should be compelling, and in a way that connects with your readers.

A link would be allowed in your article, however not an affiliate link; and you should consider answering to comments following your post. Note that this blog appreciates quality content, do not be short of it in any fashion.

Being run by a community, it is consequentially open to guest posts. Article basically covers the niche of detoxifying diets and cleansing nutrition. You get to add promotional links once you establish your status as an author; links are to be included in your bio.

To be a contributor, there are some nice qualities that would difficult to emphasize, such as passion, knowledge, opinions, reliability, and creativity.

A community of food-loving eaters established to promote awareness about plant-based diets. This vegan blog accepts guest posts which you can submit to in an email titled “Proposal for guest post”. Your post should be spelt with the letters of originality, and you could visit the blog for mastery of the writing style required.

From five ways to prepare potatoes for the freezer, to tips on salad dressing, this site accepts guest posts on a wide variety of topics in the niche of food. Provided the posts are not tie to commercial motives, they should be about 400 words long, preferably not exceeding it, and a brief bio of say 50 words. A link to your site is permitted in your bio.

Tony Schober takes his visitors on a one-to-one training on fitness, effective exercise and weight control. He gives numerous and helpful tips on beneficial combination of calculated foods that would actually trim body fats.

While he does all these, he accepts guest posts. Your post should be 600-1000 words in length, with a bio of 50 words, say, to which a link can be attached. You can contact pitch him by visiting his blog’s contact page.

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