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Culture is defined as the way and life of a people or race. A critical component of all that defines any people is the food that they consume. And as a country, we don’t joke with food mostly traditional foods leading to the creation of some of the best food blog in Nigeria.

Especially when one considers that Nigerian cookery recipes of these meals are as old as the myth and legends surrounding them, and they are usually passed on from one generation to another orally and by demonstration.

In all climes, banter and conviviality is shared over mouth-watering recipes, strangers are welcomed with sumptuous offerings and burial ceremonies end with guests being feted to food and drinks. In Nigeria, the stakes are just as higher.

Nigeria offers a diversity in locally prepared food, from Masara; a staple in the North, to groundnut soup in the Middle belt areas to Ewedu soup in the West and Bitter leaf soup in the South-east and South-south regions.

With technology  now having a bearing on nearly aspects of our daily life, certain popular Nigeria blogs on food and cooking have taken it upon themselves to offer practical insights and methodologies for the preparation and enjoyment of cuisines, made in Nigeria.With the click of a mouse, one is catapulted to a world where every and anything is possible in the world of food preparation :

1. afrolems
This is an African food blog that is blazing the trail in the quest of bringing Africa’s rich food history, to a global audience. Its web pages offers access to numerous local recipes and practical tips and ideas on their preparation.

A commentary section allows visitors to share ideas, interact and gain relevant culinary insight. Afrolems also runs a meal delivery business and can be contracted to organize refreshment for events and gatherings. It also commands daily reviews in the region of some thousands,daily.

2. My belle don full
Mybelledonfull is carving a niche in the food blogging stratosphere, by engaging in food photography and video production of recipes. Hence, readers are able to follow the instructions set out in
the videos, in recreating their own local dishes.

3. Dobby’s signature
A top cooking blog that covers the length and breadth of the Nigerian landscape, to unearth original and local recipes, for the consuming public.

4. 9jafoodie
This is owned by one of the reknowned Nigerian food bloggers, offering teachings and tutorials on many local recipes like stews, moi-moi and a host of other local dishes. As a major plus, 9jafoodie also proffers advice on choosing suitable alternatives for ingredients that are easily bought in the market.

This food blog can be adjudged to be a new entrant in the Nigerian food blogging industry, the blog site is often updated with information on sundry matters ranging from Nigerian breakfast choices, to locally made snacks and unusual stew recipes. It commands a large online reading audience.

6. Ekaabo
Run by a British-Nigerian, the blog site offers a wide variety of sumptuously prepared recipes that showcase the richness of the Nigerian cuisine.  The name welcomes one to the vast richness of the available local dishes in the country.

7. Avarsty cooking
It stands out for its rich repertoire of locally made dishes, complete with preparation and serving tips. A major attraction offered by this food blogger in Nigeria is that it offers visitors the opportunity to request for any recipes they desire.

8. Kitchen butterfly
A blog that uniquely mixes showcasing different Nigerian dishes, with taking the viewer to the destinations,  where these recipes are made. The owner of the top blog prides herself as a ‘sojourner by plate.’

This blog pays close attention to meals prepared mostly in the south of Nigeria. The top food blog stands out because it continually experimenting and churning out new recipes from everyday staples like garri, yam, rice etc. The website offers viewers rich information under headings such as MCTV, baby foods, recipes.

10. Iqfoodplatter
A blog that serves up a storm on innovative Nigerian dishes. Its main attractions include step-by-step preparatory stages, highlighted with clear pictures, on new Nigerian recipes. Also it provides health tips and information for the complete wellbeing of the individual.

If you want to learn about cooking, food recipe and traditional cooking and meals in Nigeria, these Nigerian food blogs just listed above are the main source for you.

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