Fish Farming Video and Manual: Ebook and VCD Tutorial On Catfish Farming In Nigeria

Get this fish farming video and manual: ebook and VCD tutorial on catfish farming


Do you know that it is possible for you to apply a simple strategy on the catfish
ventures and before the end of the month you could make as much as you can imagine even without investing much!?

This is not about ME or Them rather it is about YOU! I want you to start making your catfish farming income in as little as 72 hrs after setting up any of the venture that I will be revealing to you soon. You see making money on the catfish farming industry is not as HARD as many people picture it to be, of course you will work i mean, if you think that putting fish in the water alone and feeding them is the only way you can make money in the catfish farming industry then you are very wrong.This is not a get money quick scheme or ventures, it is a real time business that if one is legitimately involved with all the seriousness involved has the potential turning one into a millionaire.


For just N5,000 (Five thousand Naira), you will get 15 practical ebooks (with pictorial illustrations) on different areas of fish farming in Nigeria with a bonus VCD on production of fingerlings. This 40 minutes video is an intensive and comprehensive tutorial for any farmer who wants to produce fingerlings by himself. This is a very good source of revenue through fingerlings sale or reduced overall cost of production. The VCD can be played on computer (PC), VCD player and other DVD machines.


-Catfish culture system design construction and management,
-Catfish feed, feeding practices and production
-Catfish fingerling production
-Catfish disease control/prevention
-Catfish Production management
-Fish Farm Records
-Finance and Marketing Catfish in Nigeria
-Staff Management In Fish Farming Business
-Water Quality In Aquaculture

Explore the wealth in catfish farming with this unbeatable offer!


Acct Name:          Abe Oluwasegun J.
Acct No:               0029920353

Send payment details and e-mail address to 08032176523 or
If you are outside Ibadan but wish to have the VCD delivered to your address, please include postage charge of N500 (summing up to N5,500) and a valid address where the VCD will be sent.

For your convenience, we have adjusted our delivery options. This is based on mails received from our clients.


1. Download the entire package (Video+15 Ebooks) online . The download link will be sent to your email within 24hrs once your bank payment is confirmed. Please include your name, teller number, valid email address, phone number and ”DELIVERY 1” in your mail or SMS after payment.

2. VCD is sent to your physical address while the ebooks download link is sent to your email upon purchase of package. You will need to include your name, teller number, valid address, email address, phone number and ”DELIVERY 2” in your mail or SMS after payment. Please note that there is an addition charge of N500 for this.

Important Update:
We no longer send our video through VCD by post due to some logistic issues. Just pay in #5000, the manuals and the video have been uploaded online. Here are the details of what is included the package after ordering our materials, all in soft-copy.

1. Mega Ebook (6.5MB) contains all the fish farming e-books your ordered for.
2. Fingerling Video (126MB) is the main fingerling production video. This video can compressed and converted into 3gp mobile format without tampering with its visual and audio clarity. It be played on your computer, phones and other mobile devices.
3. Bonus Fish Videos (88MB) contains additional videos on fingerling production.

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