How to Find Your Niche in Life

Finding Your Passion and Purpose in Life

How do I find my niche in life? What do I want to do with my life? What does finding your niche in life entail?

So have you ever thought of going into a business but you are confuse what to do with your time, which niche you should go into and where to find fulfillment in your life and your job? If yes, I am most delighted to tell you, you are not alone in this.

Finding your niche in life can be a very daunting and challenging task to execute. You can write a list of all your interests and passions and still feel hollow. In this article I’m going to take you through several simple steps to help you discover your niche in life. If you are still struggling to decide what you want to do with your life you can follow these simple steps to find your niche.

Pinpoint your Interests and Passions

To discover yourself in life your must first of all identify what you are interested in and passionate about. This will be your propelling force to your desired destination. I am quite sure you must have experienced it in one way or at one time or the other when you reflexly put in all your best in something you are interested in. It may be a game, a novel and so on.

Notice the extra time you give to that passion of yours. You don’t even notice how time flies. Therefore as an entrepreneur you must first of all know what you are passionate about and an area you are interested in. Don’t say you don’t have any because we all one area or the other that strikes the chords in our hearts.

How Do I Start

You can start by observing things you do in your leisure, kinds of magazines you are interested in, novels you read, Topics you are always interested to learn about and social groups, clubs and organizations you belong to. If you have passion for a particular business or at least a part of the business usual setback from the onset of the business will not perturb you.

This is good for you. The contrary however is when you don’t have passion for a business or any aspect of it. You will easily throw in trowel on the slightest setback.

Pick out Problems you are Capable of Solving

There are problems all around you calling out for solutions. Begin to observe these problems and think of ways to proffer solutions to them. Look at your friends and your target customers and study the kind of problems they face. As mentioned earlier, determine if you can provide a solution to these problems.

There are a number of ways you can use to identify problems in different niches. Among these ways are by asking questions through one on one conversations with people in that area of interest to determine the situations they experience, use the social media search for discussion groups in the niche you are interested in and capture the problems they mention in the conversations, use key words on Google trends and Google ad words to find popular pain points searches.

Analyze your Competition

Competition is actually a good indicator to show if that niche you have chosen is profitable or not. For every profitable venture there must be competition. In this case you will have to analyze your competitors to get a grasp of what you are up against.

Study carefully to know all the strengths and weakness of products or services in that niche you intend to occupy. By knowing the weaknesses on competitors you can start to build on that to create a better product that has the competitive edge over the other products.

Determine if Your Niche is Profitable

By now you should have an idea what niche you will want to go into. You may have written a long list of possible areas of interest. In order of preference, narrow down your areas of interest until you have one you are definitely most interested in. As you have done in the previous section, determine how profitable your niche is by carrying out a survey to check out the demand for the product or service you wish to render.

Take note that the faults or weaknesses you have determined for other competing products is what you are going to use to build a product or package that will steal the show from your competitors. A good feasibility study of your intended niche should do. Carry out Google searches or better still you can pay professional management consultancy firms to do that work for you. The good thing is that you can tell them exactly what you want to go into.

Start Small

You do not have to wait to start big. Since you have now have an idea what you want to do. This will enable you test your idea on a small scale. At this scale you can test the market to see what the outcome will be.


In summary, it can be easily seen from this article that to find your niche in life you have to start by identify an area you are passionate about, next you identify a problem in that area or niche that needs a solution, after that you evaluate your capacity to provide a solution for that problem. Do a feasibility study to determine the viability and profitability of your idea and start small to sample your market.

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