How to Find and Hire the Best Freelance Web Developer

Freelance Web Developers: How to Find and Hire the Best

With the increased rate of different businesses going online, everyone as some point needs the services of web developers. Freelancers are the best, like we all know, especially when all you need is someone to build your website, and/or update the graphics on it.

But the problem that arises is, how can I find and hire the best freelance web developer? How do I avoid the time wasted searching for the very best freelance web developer out there, because getting the very best would definitely be time consuming?

Also, how do I avoid situations where the freelancer I hire does not meet my expectations, especially after I have spent time and money on them. Sometimes we find out that the time and effort we spend searching, interviewing, and hiring a freelance web developer would have been spent on something else…so how can you fix this?

Well, here is how to find and hire the best freelance web developer


Know what you Want

In order to be able to find and hire the best freelance web developer, you need to know what you intend to hire. It is important for you to clearly state what you intend getting from whomever you are about to hire.

Make your search process specific by clearly outlining all the skills whomever you hire must possess.

For example, if you are looking for someone to make your website search engine friendly, you will need someone skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and that is what you would specifically search for when going through resumes or profiles of web developers.

In other words, you need to outline the project you want accomplished.

Make Use of trusted Online Job Portals

After clearly determining what you want from whomever you are going to hire, the next step in finding and hiring the best freelance web developer is using trusted job portals to search for freelance web developers.

A good job portal gives you a good selection of freelancers, a good rating system, skill testing tools among others, all of which saves you time and energy. Online Job portals where you can find freelance web developers includes the free portals, such as craigslist, and paid portals, such as ‘Upwork’ among others.

Check the Referrals / Ratings

In order to find and hire the best freelance web developers, you need to check the ratings of the freelancer. If you got the candidate from someone you know, find out work he/she has done formerly and get reviews from previous employers.

If you got the freelance web developer from a job portal, it is easier, especially if it is one of those paid portals, which give rating systems and already screened candidates. These ratings which are from previous employers gives you an insight on how to hire the best freelance web developer. Check the ratings and if he/she low ratings, move on to the next.

Know the Market Value

Another step to finding and hiring the best freelance web developer is doing a research on the market. Try finding out how much it usually costs to hire a freelance web developer to do the specific project you want. This helps you avoid being overpriced and helps you to budget properly.

Find out what the Portfolio Says

A very important step in finding and hiring the best freelance web developers is by analyzing properly their portfolio. Apart from checking out their specific skills, also find out if there have been changes over the years.

Find out if he or she tries out new stuffs or has tried to improve his/her skill over time. This is very important because the best web developers are those who are constantly learning and trying to improve on their skills.

Interview Properly

To get the best freelance web developer, you need to interview them properly. How do you do so? Try to find out if they have the ability to communicate properly, and also work as part of a team and across teams.

Remember to ask them to back up their answers with previous experiences that prove they are actually telling the truth. It is also important to ask prospective web developers technical questions.

They should be able to prove that they truly have the skill they are offering theoretically as well as practically. The interviewer should also have a little technical background so as to be able to ask the right questions and be able to tell when the right answers are given.

Give Trial Projects

The taste of the pudding like they say is in the taste. To hire the best freelance web developer, it is important to give them trial projects. Trial projects could be related to the actual job you want them to do.

This is beneficial because it allows you get a feel of how they work, k now if they can meet deadlines, and tell you if they can actually walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

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