How to Find High Paying CPC Keywords for Google Adsense


Do you know how to find high paying Adsense keywords?  High paying keywords are what every bloggers are looking for so that can earn better from Google Adsense clicks. Are you looking for how you can find these high paying CPC keywords for Google Adsense? This post is what you need, so read in detail.

Google Adsense is an advertising Company that was established by Google in 2003 for advertisement on websites on the internet. They allow website owners to put adverts on ad banners on their websites.

The website owners get to choose the place in their website where the adverts are placed on their website. Google gets advertising agencies to bid for the advert placements. Google ensures that the advertisements are related to the content of the website.

Thus, if a website or blog’s content is focused on computer software, the advertisements that will be placed on the website or blog will be related to computer software. The amount of money that is paid by the companies that want to advertise their products vary and so the amount of money that a website will earn will also vary.

How Adsense Keywords with Highest Cost Per Click (CPC) Works

It works on a principle called Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click. The term means the amount of money that would be paid by a company to the owner of a blog or website for every click on their ad. The system was organized by Google Adsense where a company decides the amount of money that it will pay for every click when a person visits a blog and click on the ad.

This is the reason why some people who have Google ads on their websites see many clicks on those ads but do not earn much. A company may pay $0.06 for a click on their ad and let’s say you have 54 clicks, you would earn just $3.24. This has boggled the minds of bloggers and website owners. They want to maximize their profits, but they don’t know how to do it.

A website or blog gets an ad according to the content of his website or blog. Good paying CPC ads are placed on blogs with content on a particular niche. Any blogger or website owner has to pay attention to these subjects.

How Keywords Attract Traffic

However, the content is not the end as lucrative Google Adsense keywords are more important. A blogger has to attract traffic to his blog for him to be added on Adsense and he need to retain that traffic in order to do well on Adsense. He attracts traffic to his blog through the use of high cpc keywords.

A keyword is a combination of two or more words that ensure search engine optimization. Where a blogger neglects the use of Google Adsense highest paying keywords, he would not be able to attract traffic to his blog although he offers great content.

This is the cause of little or no traffic to blogs and websites that offer great content. The idea behind keywords is that it is used by search engine users. When they use these keywords, websites, blogs and other links show up that are related to the search that they made. The websites and blogs that have these Adsense high paying keywords would automatically have traffic as people begin to click on them.

Why High Paying Keywords for Adsense?

On Google Adsense, some keywords attract more traffic and so companies are willing to pay exorbitant CPCs.

Fastest Way To Find Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords
Finding high paying keywords is not the most important thing. It is finding high paying Adsense keywords that will attract traffic to your blog. When you find and use high paying keywords, it would not be easy to rank for them.

So, you must find profitable keywords that are related to your niche. The place of content cannot be overemphasized and the emphasis is not on quantity but quality. You must ensure that you create quality content.

Some bloggers use search engines to look for high paying keywords for Google Adsense. Most websites will give them a list of some keywords and the CPC. They blindly use those keywords to create content without considering if those keywords are related to the concept of their blog.

Google Adsense penalizes those who do that by restricting them from using the service. The use of keyword research tools is important as this is one of the most effective tools for finding high paying keywords on Google Adsense.

Keyword Tools

There are various keyword research tools that provide the easiest way to get top high paying keywords for Google Adsense publishers.

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool gives an accurate, relevant and comprehensive list of keywords based on recent and extensive data.

SEMrush is also a great tool as it gives you statistical data of the most expensive keywords such as how many times a keyword has been searched and the results.

Other keyword research tools that can be used to check CPC for keywords include:

Keyword Software that organizes, groups and analyzes keywords, FreshKey ($20 software) Soovle (free), Ubersuggest (free), Search Term/Query Reports (free), Google Keyword Planner (free), AdWords Display Planner (free), Competitor Source Code (free)

So, you can use these tools just mentioned above to generate high paying keywords for your Google Adsense earning to increase and also for your traffic too.

Here is a List of Google Adsense High Paying Keywords to start Niche Blogging

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