Finance Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

List of Finance Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Are you thinking about doing a guest post on authority finance blogs? I am sure you already know the benefits guest posting brings to you either as a blogger or freelancer.

There are some guest blogging sites that brings in benefits in terms of traffic and new client while some are of no use because their audiences are not even reading their post.

So, you need to make sure that the effort you are putting in creating a guest post is not wasted, you need to do some research on which blog is the best fit for your guest post.

Without stressing yourself, me and my team has done researches on various top blogs that accept guest blogging and here are top 10 finance blogs that accept guest post and how you can connect with them.

These top 10 finance blogs has high traffic and lots of noise on the internet (I mean there are been talked about by most online entrepreneurs and readers). So, it is best for you to shoot them your pitch because there will happily welcome your guest post.

If you are ready to send your pitch and get warmed up for sending your guest post, here they are;



This site is one of the best finance blogs that accept guest posts and it allows you to submit guest post as far as you can be committed in submitting at least two guest post monthly.

Topics discussed on this site range from economics, getting out of debt, personal finance etc. it is also a must that you promote your post on social media.

Guess what! You’re also free to republish your guest post anywhere on the internet after 120 days of when it was published on the site. You are allowed one link back to your site, and don’t forget to read their guest post guidelines requirement.


You are required to fill out their contact form so you can pick on the topic you are interested in before you can start writing.

Minimum length accepted for guest post is 500 words and no maximum. You are also allowed 2 backlinks to your site and your content must be unique and relevant to the blog.

3. MyPersonalFinanceJourney

This is a personal finance blog with traffic of 100000+ monthly. Topics allowed on this blog include saving, frugal living, investing, asset acquisition etc.

Your post must be unique and of value to their readers. You are required to go through their content so you will be informed about their style and tone of writing before sending your samples not to be rejected.

You can email them with your idea and if they accept it, they will get back to you, but if you don’t hear from them, it means it is either your idea is not valuable to their reader or someone has already written about that same idea before.


This is a personal finance blog with Alexa rank of 99,000 which is one best blog to look out for when thinking of submitting a guest post on personal finance. You are advised to send your pitch first with a link to any of your write up.

You must write in simple finance terms and your post must be unique, a personal story is an added advantage for your post to get accepted.


If you are thinking of writing for this blog, you need to first read their write for us page where you will see their criteria you need to meet. Your post must look authoritative because their readers are professionals in the niche and financial bloggers too.

If you are interested in sending your post, you can send an email and use the subject ‘Guest Post’ as your subject line.


If you know you are really good about writing on finance topics which includes frugal living, budgeting, and life hacking topics like financial advice, money making ideas, then wisebread is your best bet. They have up to 3 million readers each month.

You are advice to email them 3 samples of unpublished content of at least 500 words as their absolute requirement. They are looking for dedicated and smart writers with experience in this niche. You can click the link above to read more about submitting your samples to them.


A blog with Alexa rank of 74,000, you know what that means? This blog accept post that will teach their readers how to manage their finance. The minimum number of words they accept is 800 words and a maximum of 1500 words.

Your guest post must contain some money saving and managing ideas and you are require to pitch them about your guest post before sending them your content.


This is a Christian blog that accept post on personal finance related topics. But you must first study their post to get an idea of their style and tone of writing. Articles should be unique and not less than 600 words.

Please read their details about dropping a guest post first and see if you will like their requirement.


This blog is mainly for articles that have to do with getting out of debt and how to manage money. They do accept guest post that is very relevant to their readers. You are given one link back to your blog under to bio section.


This is a personal finance blog and they easily accept guest post because they are still in the growing stage. So, if you want quick acceptance, I would suggest you give them a pitch on your guest post.

As far you have a good content to share with their readers, your guest post will be accepted. Articles should not be less than 500 words and it should be unique and interesting.

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