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How to Start a Film Production Company

A film company is basically in three types: development, production, and distribution. Generally, films cannot be produced without any sort of partnership between any two or more of these various types of film companies. How far you will go in the film industry will largely be dependent upon your personal abilities, experience in the industry, networking relationships, and a host of other things.

In this article, I would love to share with you a number of steps you must have to take in starting your film company.

Research on the Industry

This is the very first step you will have to take in starting your film company. First and foremost, you must carry out a very detailed research on the film industry and decide upon which area you will want to put your talents into use to best see results.

Research on the local film companies in your area, and see what they are doing, and how they are doing it. Pay special attention to the things they are doing well and the things they not doing well. This will help you see areas in the industry where you can take real advantage of.

It will be very helpful if you have some sort of experience in the film industry. If you do not have some level of experience, ensure you get a few years experience in the area you would love to focus on. The bottom line is; you should do everything within your means to learn everything you can about the film industry. This will afford you lots of success in starting your film company.

Register your Business

Now, you must get set to go register your film company. Select a good business name and head to the local authorities responsible for business registration in your country, state or area. Make sure to be creative with your business name because this will be your brand name and what you will be identified with.

Most film companies operate as a Limited Liability Company (LLC); you may also want to adopt this business type. Ensure you have an attorney to help you with all the legal start-up processes and subsequent legal processes in the course of managing your film company.

Source for Financing

Managing a film company will require finance. You must be able to determine the source of securing finance for your film company. Most filmmakers secure funds for their film company through advances from credit card cash; others secure finance from family, friends, and associates.

If you will be thinking in the line of securing finance from prospective investors, and the bank; then you must be prepared to write a very good business plan for your film company, partnered with good experience in the industry.

Hire a Team and Contractors

In running your film company, you will need to set up a team, and hire contractors. Each film production is an entire business on its own, after which, the contractors move on to other works. You will spend your resources organising a team of staffs, producers and contractors to handle each film production.

Usually, film companies do not have permanent offices; office spaces are rented for the period of time the production will go on.

You will require setting up secretariat staffs and office assistants to facilitate the proper operation of your film company. Most film companies require the services of the following 4 key employees: head of development, head of production, head of post-production, and head of film sales and distribution.

Set up an Office and get Equipment

In operating your film company, you will not necessarily require a permanent office space for doing your production. All you need is a temporary office for every single film production. Most of your time will be spent on networking; meeting with stars, producers, directors, investors; and seeking for new projects.

You will also have to secure good and functioning equipment for your film production. You may not necessarily need more than a phone, a computer, and some other equipment when it comes to running your film company.

Write a good Business Plan for your Film Company

Nothing will guarantee you more success in running your film making company other than a solidly written film business plan. There are several film company types: development, production, and distribution are all the various types you could focus on.

Once you have decided upon the business type, and the film company type you would want to operate in the film industry, make sure you put everything down in a good movie production business plan.

In your business plan, make sure you detail the source of financing your film company, and also make sure you have a distribution plan detailed in your movie making business plan.

Promote your brand

A big part of the success of your film company will result from networking and promoting your brand. There is never a thing as talking too much about your film company and your projects. Keep spreading the word out there. Get it out to as much people as you can.

Develop a website for your film company and encourage people to visit it. Go public on radio, television, newspapers, entertainment magazines, and social media. Have a handy business card and make sure to give it out always, whenever and wherever you meet people. Attend seminars and events and seize the opportunity to talk to producers, directors, and star actors about your film company.

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