Family Dollar Franchise Cost, Information and Opportunities

Family Dollar Franchise Opportunities

Does Family Dollar franchise? The Family dollar franchise was founded by Leon Levine in 1958. He had a dream of offering everyday items to the consuming public at rock bottom prices. Indeed, it started to offer these lowly priced items as a result of the store being able to run a low overhead cost and operating expenses.

From its humble beginnings in 1958 with the lone retail store, The Family Dollar franchise for sale has now grown into a multi-billion dollar retail chain behemoth. As at 2008, the Family Dollar Franchise had close to 7,000 stores under its supervision, spread over 44 states in the United States alone.

You will be interested to know that The Family Dollar store continues to abide by the dreams and aspirations of its founder, as over 90 percent of its stock for sale, goes for less than 10 USD.

The Family Dollar Franchise stocks up on items such as food stuffs, clothes as well as a sundry collection of household items. The clientele of the locations and stores run by the Family Dollar Franchise includes individuals who are in the low to middle income groups.

If you are seeking to start a franchise of your own, the Family Dollar Franchise offers you the opportunity to join a team that is dedicated to the principles of hard work, ethics and honesty.

The Family Dollar Franchise Vision

The Family Dollar Franchise vision is to become and remain the number one best small-format value and convenience retail chain serving the needs of customers in the neighborhoods in an efficient and pragmatic manner.

The Family Dollar Franchise Culture

The retail chain believes in nurturing an environment where members of staff are motivated to give their best in service to themselves, their team members, customers as well as the communities in which any Family Dollar Franchise Store is located.

Just as important, the management of Family Dollar Franchise retail chain wants members of staff, suppliers, contractors, transporters and other personnel to have FUN when carrying out their duties and obligations.

The Family Dollar Franchise Opportunities

The Family Dollar Franchise is actually not a franchise per say but it is always on the lookout for individuals and businesses that have the drive and determination to make the most of a partnership with the Family Dollar network.

The Family Dollar Store believes that teamwork and in-depth communication are the keys that have kept its operations going, giving the group revenues that exceed 7 billion USD a year. Specifically, the opportunity can be broken down under the following points:

a. You will have the opportunity to be trained by highly skilled members of staff who have distinguished themselves under various segments of the Family Dollar Franchise chain.
b. You will have access to world class and proven marketing and advertising methods that will help you put your business into the ascendancy as soon as possible.
c. You will undergo an intensive and extensive career path development course that will point you in the way you should go, especially against the backdrop of your competencies and flair.
d. Following from (c) above, you will be mentored and assessed in order for you to fit into the structures that exist in Family Dollar Franchise. These opportunities include being a distributor, a supplier, a transporter, a contractor or any other position that suits your skill set.
e. You will have access to the nine distribution centers in the United States of America, whose members of staff will help with your inquiries and requests for support.

How much is a family dollar franchise?

  • How much does it cost to open a family dollar?
  • Is family dollar a franchise that is expensive? 
  • What is the average family dollar franchise price and fee?

How much does it cost to Acquire a Family Dollar Franchise License?

Acquiring the license to work with the Family Dollar Franchise will entail you paying the license fee of 9,750 USD. It is also expected that you have liquid operating cash of roughly the same amount.

A key requirement for this license is the procurement of a store to operate the Family Dollar Franchise chain. The standards and other requirements will be made known to you by a consultant, who will guide you along the way.

How can you Become a Member of the Family Dollar Franchise Network?

As mentioned earlier, you can decide to pursue any of the opportunities presented by the Family Franchise Dollar team by becoming a supplier, a transporter or a contractor amongst others. The very first step will entail you going to the website of the company and filling out a Family Dollar franchise application form.

The form can be accessed at  You will input relevant information and data about yourself. A member of staff will then make contact with you shortly afterwards, in order to discuss your application in greater detail.

How much can you Make Working with the Family Dollar Franchise?

The return on your investment can be gleaned by making a request for the Financial Disclosure Document from the parent company or from the SBA (Small Business Administration). It also depend on your hard work and commitment to the Family Dollar franchise business.

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