Food Exportation Business: Export African Foodstuff From Nigeria To the UK And US

How To Start Food Export Business – African Food Export

Many people make over a hundred percent returns exporting food items and selling them in African food stores and markets across USA, Europe, Italy, Canada, France, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

Food export business in Nigeria is still on a growing phase considering the fact that an estimate of about twenty-five million Nigerians live outside the country particularly in the USA and the UK. If you intend to target individuals who are interested in local food items, registering a company may not be necessary.

You can start this business on a small scale with about #150,000-#300,000. You need great planning and organization skills as well as a domiciliary account if you want to be successful in this business. Link up with AMEN (Association of Micro-Entrepreneurs of Nigeria) so as to get enough support to be licensed by NAFDAC.

Capital is not the major thing. You need the right information, the necessary contacts and determination to succeed.

List Of Exportable Nigerian Food Stuffs

==> Smoked Catfish
==> Beans flour
==> Melon Seed (Egusi)
==> Dried pepper
==> Okra
==> Palm Oil (Red Oil)
==> Honey
==> Shea butter
==> Ofada Rice
==> Palm kernel shell
==> Garri
==> Ogbono
==> Cassava Flour
==> Bitter leaf
==> Dried Ugwu leaf (pumpkin)
==> Ukazi leaf
==> Crayfish

If you are just starting food stuff export business, don’t deal in heavy food commodities. Stick with light food items and condiments such as (melon, ugu, red oil, ogbono, seasonings, smoked catfish, noodles etc) that will generate a good return on your investment. Start with air freight, when you become established you may start exporting other food through sea.

Do you have relatives abroad? Well, you can send food items to them to help you sell. They understand how it works over there better and will be able to sell to owners of African food stores and their friends especially when the commission is attractive.

Export Dried and Smoked Fish to the UK and US

New policies on commercial quantities of smoked fish in the EU has reduces the amount of catfish export to this region. However personal exports (not over 20kg) are still allowed. This has created a big investment opportunity for Africans who are interested in exporting smoked fish to Europe. All you need to do is get customers and send your consignments in units not exceeding 20kg using air freight.

To get buyers for your food items in the international market, take the following steps as an exporter of African food stuff from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

Starting a small scale foodstuff export business in West Africa is easy if you follow the following steps:

==> Join An Export Agency
Ideally, popular places where food stuff exporters look for buyers is to register with export promotion companies and organizations. These organizations develop export trade, provide loans and grants and help to facilitate marketing by buying up small export units and providing relevant international export guidelines. if you are in Nigeria, you can join the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC).

==> Sell Online
Even without a physical shop, you can still sell foodstuff to people. Create an online store and integrate it with common payment gateways. Upload very attractive pictures and leave functional contacts. Your business is now online 24/7.

==> Networking
Informing your friends online through social networks and offline is a giant step in creating marketing opportunities for your business. Tell your contacts to share this information with friends and create a blog or page for your business online.

I’ll be writing on each of these food items in coming posts.

Share this post to inform others. Are you currently into this area of investment? A lot of people reading this would be glad to learn from your experience. Kindly drop a comment.

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  1. Thank you for this piece of information,i am kingsley by name i intended goin into this food export business i currently have somebdody over there in germany and norway who want me to start sending them food stuff so they can sell over there but the challanging am facing now is hw to convey the food to them through flight so please how do i do it i need your assistant will be waiting for your reply…

  2. Hi Kingsley, I am also interested on this biz, however the major challenge I am having is buyers. Also note that you can use freight as the op said. If it is stuffs like garcinia kola, you can use DHL.

    If you happen to get more buyers I will be happy to get connected to them. Thanks

  3. I am interested in the food stuff export, but I do sell here in Nigeria and I don’t have anyone there, how do I go about it?

  4. I am interested in the kind of business, but how can i get contacts of genuine buyer over there.Also will be so happy if you can share with me how to start charcoal business with buyer abroad.

  5. is it possible you ship foodstuffs from nigeria to uae and what is the charge for 50kg item.

  6. Hi,

    I am interested in the business. However, I need a shipping company that can send items fast and cheap

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