Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise Cost, Fee and Profit Opportunities

EXPENSE REDUCTION Franchise Startup Cost, Profit Margin, Revenue and Locations

The Expense Reduction Analysts franchise began its franchising operations in 1993. Specialized in the provision of services that include business financial consulting, the Expense Reduction Analysts franchise provides clients with vital financial advisory services that help them reduce cost while making judicious use of resources leading to the elimination of wastage.

Founded in 1984, its corporate headquarters is located at #410, Addison, Texas, with Michael Nicholas as its CEO.

These expense reduction analysis operations are carried out using Expense Reduction Analysts franchise’s own proprietary tools which include the E-SCAN’s which interpreted means Strategy-Costs-Alignment-Numbers.

This scans all the cash flow structure and picks out areas that need adjustment or attention as they are very likely to lead to wastage or attract unnecessary costs to the businesses.

Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise Opportunities

An opportunity this franchise opportunity presents to its franchisee is a chance of buying into a global brand with operations spread across more than 25 countries. With a solid track record and a strong brand name that has been built over the years, the Expense Reduction Analysts franchise is the investors delight, as the chances of them succeeding with their own franchise businesses is strong. There are enormous tax benefits all Expense Reduction Analysts franchisees benefit from.

Also, the Expense Reduction Analysts franchisee has the opportunity of owning a consulting business that enables him/her to increase potential earnings, plus the delivery of the much-needed savings to clients in addition to the winning of new accounts.

This creates the perfect opportunity to function optimally creating a win-win situation for both the franchisor and franchisee.

Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise Startup Costs

The Expense Reduction Analysts franchise opportunity has a required startup cost amount all its franchises must incur. These are in the form on an Initial Investment sum starting from $66,000 to $85,900. The cost depends on the franchise size the franchisor buys. The larger the franchise size, the higher the startup costs incurred.

Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise Fee

The Expense Reduction Analysts franchise initial franchise fee starts from $59,000. However, the Expense Reduction Analysts franchise offers qualified franchise candidates a financing option in the form of a third party financing that covers the franchise fee.

Also, under its veteran incentives program, veterans enjoy a waiver of $5,000 off the franchise fee. This is a way of showing appreciation to the veterans for their selfless service to their country.

Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise Ongoing Costs

The Expense Reduction Analysts franchise has certain ongoing costs that must be paid by its franchisees. These include an Ongoing Royalty fee of 15% and an Advert Royalty fee of 3%.

Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise Training and Support

The Expense Reduction Analysts franchise ensures that all its franchisees are well trained to be reliable consultants to their clients. The training program, provided to new franchisees and their managers is aimed at ensuring that the business does not suffer due to lack of required skills and knowledge.

The training program lasts a period of 10 days at its corporate headquarters. There is also an on-site training based on request from the franchisee.

Support includes both ongoing support and marketing support. For the franchisors ongoing support, it covers areas that include field operations, the provision of internet services, a toll-free line, periodic newsletter publications and meetings. Others are the provision of security, a grand opening ceremony, and purchasing cooperatives.

For marketing support, it covers the placing of adverts in both national and regional media. Also, there is cooperative advertising.

Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement

The Expense Reduction Analysts franchise under its terms of agreement has a franchise contract term lasting a 10 year period. However, franchises are given an option to renew their franchises. Under the renewal agreement, franchisees can renew their franchises for 2 terms lasting a period of 5 years each.

How to Start an Expense Reduction Analysts Franchise

To start the process leading to ownership of an Expense Reduction Analysts franchise, an indication of interest needs to be made to the franchisor. This can be done through visiting the franchisors website on http://www.expensereduction.com/recruitment/home/ there is an online application form termed “Take Control Today” this form requires personal details to be typed into the provided spaces. When through, click on the “Let’s Get Started” button which redirects you to the application page proper.

An alternate way is to click on the “Take Control of Your Future” button. This redirects you to the same application page where you can easily follow the laid out procedure which is quite easy to follow.

After the application process is complete, a representative contacts both through phone and email for further investment discussions which may lead to a physical meeting arranged between the franchise candidate and the other notable representatives of the franchisor.

This article has beamed its searchlight on the Expense Reduction Analysts franchise. Important information required for making prudent investment decisions have been included to ensure that the prospective franchisee is well guided in making informed investment choices. These include the startup cost sum, the franchise fee, the ongoing costs among other related financial commitments that may arise.



When you decide to buy into this company’s franchise, you will be buying into a business that assists other organizations across the United States to save tangible money and make more profit through reducing their daily expenses. As a franchisee with the company, you will be given the opportunity to work with other networks within the company and secure new accounts as well as delivering values to your clients.

So the question now is how much is an Expense Reduction Analysts franchise?

Expense Reduction Analyst was founded in the year 2002 and it is a Texas based company. The company offers consultation services in the areas of cost management, using their patented E-SCAN’s to devise means to reduce costs and thereby increase profits. They have franchise locations in about 25 countries of the world.

One might want to know if Expense Reduction analyst is a franchise. yes the company is a franchise and they have been involved in the business of selling franchises from the year that they were established. They have a highly performing franchise model.

When you buy into this franchise you stand to benefit from so many opportunities that the company has to offer:

  1. You have a control of your own future as you will be working as your own boss
  2. The earning potential of this franchise is massive as franchisees with the company have recorded a whopping six-figure salary in the course of doing business with the company.
  3. The working hour is flexible enough to suit your schedule
  4. As part of the network, you will be considered an member of a league of great minds
  5. The company offers on-going support and assistance to help their franchisees achieve their business objectives.
  6. You have a reduced over head cost and startup cost in the franchise as you might have no need to employ any staff in your business.
  7. The business model is so simple and quite easy to work with to attract clients.

Franchisees with Expense Reduction Analysts come from different backgrounds, but they all have extensive expertise in business. Your role in this franchise will be to act as the business advisor that can be trusted by clients.


  1. Candidates must be trusted personnel with great expertise in business consultation.
  2. An ideal candidate will also be expected to have interest in customers.
  3. Professional skills in B-to-B acquisition of clients
  4. Individuals that are highly motivated and have great ambitions with a desire to join a proven and trusted service consultancy
  5. Leaders across different industry that have the zeal to be part of a team of business professionals with global exposure

Buying into this kind of franchise is considered extremely lucrative, but it also has its own financial implications. The Expense Reduction franchise cost is the summation of all the investments needed to get your franchise unit rolling. The initial investments needed to establish a franchise unit is within the range of $66,000 and $90,000

The Expense Reduction franchise fee is a non-refundable payment that the franchisee makes to the company to get the license to operate under the company’s brand name. The initial franchise fee is $59,900. An on-going royalty fee of about 15% and an ad royalty fee of about 3% of the monthly gross revenue of the franchise unit is also payable to the company

ERA will provide training and support to their franchisees. The training is world class and the company utilizes their experiences that have been gathered from delivering tons of cost-saving projects over the years of running their business.

Franchisees will be empowered in the training to develop techniques and knowledge that will enable them to acquire clients, deliver projects and then make so much money at the same time.

Franchisees will not have the right to an exclusive territory. They are liable to face competitions from other franchise owners.

The term of period that a franchise can hold the company’s license is 10 years. This is renewable after the expiration of the initial term for another 5 year term if the franchisee so wishes or if they are able to meet up with the company’s terms and conditions for term renewal

Information in this article has discussed how to open an Expense Reduction analysts franchise. to complete your application, you will need to forward that to the company through their website. Once your application is received, it will be reviewed and the company will feed you back after some few days.

In case you are considered for a franchise opportunity, the company will assign a franchise manager to you. The responsibility of the franchise manager will be to assist you in setting up your franchise unit.

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