Entrepreneurship Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

List of Entrepreneurship Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

As a writer, whether budding or established, we all desire to reach more people with our writings. Doing a guest post gives the opportunity to realize that goal. Reaching out to contribute to and write for a blog that has a wider and larger audience than yours is a sure way to get across to a lot more people.

If you are an entrepreneur, or a writer who niche is centered around or related to entrepreneurship, then find below top 10 blogs on entrepreneurship that accept guest posts.

Top Ranked Entrepreneurship Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

1. EntrepreneurshipSecrets.com

Entrepreneurship Secrets is a site designed to stir up the reader’s potential to start up business ventures, whether personal or community. It’s goals are to help readers have knowledge and understanding of the factors that play a role in the success of entrepreneurial ventures, and further competencies necessary for the implementation of entrepreneurial ventures, among others.

Content related to entrepreneurship, marketing, personal finance, small business startups, and social media are accepted from guest writers. Go to http://www.entrepreneurshipsecret.com/submit-guest-post/ to begin.

2. FrugalEntrepreneur.com

Frugal Entrepreneur was founded by Adam Gottlieb and aims to bridge the gap between business resources, information, and the businesses that need them so that business owners can devote the long hours of searching for these resources towards other productive endeavors.

Resources such as The Frugal Entrepreneur’s List of Free Business Tools, The Best Free Online Courses and Training for Small Business Owners, and many others are available for business owners.

Guest posts should offer tips on how to save money, resources, or knowledge on how to manage a small or home-based business. Special consideration is given to posts related to starting and managing specific kinds of small businesses.

3. KillerStartups.com

KillerStartups.com aims to help entrepreneurs looking for the next big business idea and investors who want to finance it by reviewing new and promising internet startups right at their inception.

Guest posts should be 400 words minimum and should be such that will motivate, inspire and improve the internet businesses of young entrepreneurs. See http://killerstartups.com/guest-posts/ for details.

4. Untemplater.com

According to the site, to live an “untemplate life” means to shatter the template lifestyle. It implies pursuing a lifestyle that is truly exciting and unconventional by actively seeking new ways to improve our lives. It also involves making healthier, smarter choices. You can join the Untemplater community to get your voice heard.

5. FreelanceFolder.com

Freelance Folder is a site that provides information and articles geared towards entrepreneurs, freelancers, web workers, and business owners who operate from home. The site has over 20,000 subscribers.

In order to write for Freelance Folder, you should be prepared to be in it long-term, have excellent spelling and grammar skills, write things that are practical and hands-on, and other requirements.

The site pays for every article accepted and also includes your by-line and photo on every article written by you. To get more details and also apply, go to http://freelancefolder.com/freelancefolder-is-looking-for-writers/

6. EpicLaunch.com

Epic Launch is a blog that provides young entrepreneurs with tips to advance their entrepreneurial career. The blog has a team of young adults and teens who share their experiences and also endeavour to bring to readers the best available content.

Epic Launch gives content that are essential to becoming a successful entrepreneur. It periodically posts interviews with successful entrepreneurs as well as contests and giveaways. Send your guest post via the contact page.

7. Expand2Web.com

Expand2Web was started in 2008 by Don Campbell to help small business create websites, rank high in local search results, equip them with strategies with which to build an effective web presence.

The site also creates training and tools for small business owners and consultants. Contact Expand2Web with your guest post through the contact page on the blog.

8. BuzzInBizz.com

BuzzInBizz was formerly known as digmlm.com and has over 55,000 monthly visitors. The site was established by Robinsh Kumar in March 2010.

BuzzInBizz is an entrepreneurial blog that offers tips on building a business, web development services, and promotion of business events. Send your guest post pitch to http://www.buzzinbiz.com/contact/

9. Blogpreneurs.com

Blogpreneurs is social media marketing hub for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Its Google page ranking is 2, Moz ranking of 4.94, and Alexa ranking of 149,000. Blogpreneurs hosts articles on entrepreneurship, internet marketing, and WordPress tutorials. Get guidelines on the contribute page, register for an account and submit your post.

10. ExtremeJohn.com

Extreme John is an entrepreneurship blog that deals with business development, digital marketing, content curation, social media management, payment solution integration, WordPress design, amongst others. To send in a guest post, register as a free contributor.

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