Entertainment Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

List of Entertainment Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Are you a blogger looking for ways to increase your blog traffic?

Are you a wannabe writer who write on entertainment gig and wish to land a client? Why don’t you guest post- comfortably and freely- any of your precious articles on any of these top 10 entertainment blogs that are highly sought and patronized.

Top Ranked Entertainment Blogs that Accept Guest Posting

1. Brooklynheightblog.com

Talking about the top entertainment blogs that accept guest posting, Brooklyn height blog (BHB) does allow visitors to guest write on it wall with enthusiasm.

If you opine that you really have what it takes and possesses the needed attribute to write for Brooklyn Heights Blog, fret not, go on ahead and contact them.

Your write up must be scintillating and very well arrange with no limited numbers of words, meaning, you can write as much as 1500 words. As a matter of fact, there is a provided box at the write for us page where you can paste the sample of what you feel and think would be nice and cool for BHB readers or visitors.

2. Galomagazine.com

This entertainment blog page welcome guest post writers from any part of the world without charging or paying the contributor.

To become a contributor on this entertainment blog site, you are required to send over a cover letter detailing your reasons why you dare wish to write for Galo magazine, two to three of your published articles to contribute@galomagazine.com. It is important you tag “GALO Contributor” in the subject line of the propose e-mail.

Please don’t forget to include which section(s) of the blog page you would potentially be of interest to write about- and that is entertainment forum. A short article or story of about 150 to 500 words cum long-form ones of about 1,200 words or more do count.

Informatively, you shall own the byline of the article with a bio page which will be written on the Masthead of the page.

3. Contactmusic.com

Get your well written and arranged entertainment-likes contents published for free on contact music.
If you are so passionate about any forms of entertainment, be it music, film, sport, games and the likes, why don’t you join this entertainment blog creative team and get your opinions air to anonymous heterogeneous worldwide audience of about 6 million visitors per month.

To get involve, email an example content of your previous work to writers@contactmusic.com in conjunction with a brief description about yourself plus your postal info. If you are considered, you will be notified.

4. Thefourohfive.com

The 405 is an entertainment blog that is always happy seeing contributors booming to guest post on it wall. This blog site is not only open to content writers only but also photographers, tech editors, videographers, animators and loads more.

Your article should be strictly free from plagiarism and there is no given or specific number of words to be written. Mail your content to hi@thefourohfive.com, with a link to your previous work, and a well address descriptive subject line.

5. Entertainmentmesh.com

This is an entertainment blog that has interest in to be writers- most especially to guest post for them on any issues related to celebrities.

To get started, you are required to visit the blog page and read through one or two of their content(s) and their write for us instructions to get familiar with their writing styles.

Ensure your content to guest post is properly formatted (either paragraph, heading or list) and has word count of 700-1000, to beautify your content, you are to add 2-5 pictures of nothing much than 700 pixels that corroborate with your article.

However, you will have to fill in a form on the contact us page for guest post consideration.

6. TheCelebrityCafe.com

Be a contributor on this blog and have your bylines heavily printed on the blog page masthead. The celebritycafe.com welcome any writer or blogger who so wish to be known by millions of reader within days to guest write for them. Students are usually considered on this blog site.

To get started, visit the blog write for us page and fill the provided form you will find. You are required to include your social media username- Twitter handle to be precise.

7. UnrealityMag.com

This is another interesting cum entertaining blog site that gives room for bloggers or entertainment content writers or bloggers to post their write ups on it wall.

As a contributor on this blog page, take your time to reach out the guest blogger page, and read the stipulated instructions on how to guest post. Your article should be extremely interesting with word counts of 800-2000.

Note that, before you guest post your original content, you are require to send a sample write up or article to Paul through the email address provided at the guest blogger page.

8. Justchickflicks.com

You can write about the ‘happening chicks’ in town or any individual in the world of entertainment you so much hated with Passion and get it publish on this entertainment blog.

To contribute on this blog, read the given instructions on the write for us page to know much about their pros and cons before putting pen to paper. The contents to be published on JustChickFlicks.com is rated PG-13 and must be your copyright with nothing less than 500 words.

Send it to clarabela@justchickflick.com for consideration. However, if you are allowed to guest post, you will be provided an auto bio and do-follow to your site or any of your social media profile.

9. Dispatch.com

If you enjoy the galore of writing and would love to get it publish, you can guest post any of your well composed article on this blog site. It doesn’t require any strength nor money before you can get it done here, log in to the blog page and click on contact us for details on how they run their service.

You can write an article, announce a program, event or a festival to wider range of audience. Write your name and the content you so wish to be seen online and send it through the contact us page, if you have any idea of any pressing topic or what you feel about the entertainment blog, send your idea to storyideas@dispatch.com.

There is no back link here and you can write as long as 2000 words, no harm is done!

10. Hindi.jilolife.com

This blog is fully furnished with entertainment content where you can watch videos, gossip, lot of entertainment news and happenings, actor and actress pictures and the likes.

To get started, visit the blog site and read some contents to your satisfaction and ensure you grab their conventional writing styles.

To get your content publish, it should be traceable not to any content on the web and must be extremely and grammatically arranged. You can use more than 1000 words in as much that the content is interesting and educational.

Send your content to the provided contact us page you will find beneath the page for publish consideration.

Finally, this comprehensive list was scrubbed and rearranged from the scratch, so this list of top ten entertainment blog that accept guest posting is one of the really and most up to minute lists you would ever find.

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