Employee Engagement Ideas and Strategies

Employee Engagement Activities and Strategies

What is employee engagement in human resource management? How do you improve employee engagement?

Employee engagement could basically be described as the extent to which an employee is passionate and devoted to his work. Employee engagement should not be confused with employee satisfaction, which has to do with how content an employee is, without necessarily paying attention to his level of motivation and/or commitment.


Also, employee engagement does not mean employee happiness. An employee could be happy at his work, but may not necessarily be engaged, whilst an employee could also be engaged but that may not necessarily mean he is happy at his work.

why is employee engagement important? The benefits of employee engagement in a business are numerous, and they cannot be overemphasized. One of such benefits is that it reduces staff turnover. Also, employee engagement boosts the efficiency and productivity of employees in the business, boosts the rate of retaining customers as well as boosts profit generation to the business.

In fact, research has it that employees derive more joy and happiness in their work and personal life when they are more engaged because all that they do is fuelled with enthusiasm and energy.

When the right people are in the right positions in a company, there is only so much the company can achieve. On one hand, when employees are engaged, they derive joy in the work that they do; they take pride in it. What will be the resulting effect? The company becomes positively affected, since the employees will do well to ensure the growth of the company.

On the other hand, when employees are not engaged, they lack enthusiasm for their job. All they do is simply to get the job done, without doing anything else. In fact, the resulting effect is that more harm could be done to the company than good.

How do you get employees engaged? In this article, I will share with you some employee engagement ideas which you could adopt in your business.

Encourage Your Employees to Open up while you keenly Listen

What are the employee engagement activities? It is not uncommon for employees to hold back in what is really on their minds due to several reasons. As an employer, you want to make sure you break the wall of silence and encourage your employees to open up while you truly listen. It could be that they have some very helpful ideas that they are holding back but for fear of one thing or the other best known to them. One way you could really engage them is not to listen alone, but for their ideas to also be properly addressed.

Know your Employees and their Learning Preferences

Truly, knowing your employees and how they learn would really help in engaging your employees. How so? When you truly know your employees, and understand how best they truly learn, this will help you to know which employees prefer to work in groups or independently, and understanding how best to allow them engage in a particular project in the company.

Doing this will help you understand that some individuals do better with individual training, while others excel at group and collaborative learning.

Instil the Spirit of Collaboration

As a leader and an employer, you must be able to inspire your employees to collaborate and work together. It is good you pay attention to how employees do their best work; however, when an employee seems to be having a hard time working alone, it is important you draw them out of their shell and comfort zone.

When employees collaborate, it helps the company, since ideas will be shared and wasted time and efforts would be cut down to the barest minimum.

Have Clarity about the Organization’s Goals

One way you could improve employee engagement is by having a clear vision for your organization and employees. It is very important you are really clear about the vision you have for your company, because there are times where the vision could really become blurry.

Once there is a clear vision, employees would have something concrete to work towards in the organization. What are the organization’s goals? Why are they important? And how could they be achieved? These are questions you must give clear answers to.

Be a Little Flexible

It is okay to hold your employees accountable for their performances, but it is also important you exercise some sort of flexibility when it comes to handling your employees. By being a little flexible with your employees, you could see a marked difference in employee engagement.

One way you could do this is maybe you could allow an employee work from home, or you could give them a day from work. As long as they do not fail to get their jobs done, then you should be just fine; otherwise, you will have to exercise some caution for your flexibility not to be abused by certain employees.

Help Your Employees Advance Their Career

As an employer and a leader in your organization, you should be able to always help your employees advance their careers. You must be willing to provide them with the needed tools and resources to be able to stay successful in your organization.

Surely no employer would relish the thought of allowing his employees leave, but this is what must happen. Helping your employees to get to their goals will show that you truly care for them, and in turn it will improve their engagement in the organization.

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