Email Marketing Ideas for Businesses in 2018

Email Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce, Restaurant, Events, Photographers, Realtors

Email marketing is a great way of promoting your business or services to your target clients which can consist of individuals as well as businesses. Although email content marketing is a proven way of attracting clients patronage, you need a detailed understanding of how it works.

This article seeks to provide you with the tips as well as ideas to implement in order to achieve increased patronage or sales. To easily achieve your objectives, you will need professional help in designing your marketing materials. Below are some of the great email marketing campaign ideas you can use;



Incorporating Animated GIFs into your Email Marketing Campaign

You should consider using GIFs as a strategy towards infusing emotions into your messages as they have better appeal to your target audience. The strategy has been in consistent use with positive results to show. With this, people are more likely to be more responsive than not. With this marketing strategy, you are able to convey emotions, which is more appealing and likely to generate a positive response from your target audience.

Leverage on your Most Popular Content

This is most useful for people doing a lot of content marketing. For contents which have attracted a lot of views, reads, as well as shares, these can be targeted and included in your emails. They should come with a read more option for persons who would like to find out more information about them. Doing this is likely to generate a positive response from your target audience. But how do you find out details about posts which have generated the most attention? By simply looking into your analytics. Here every detail/information about each post is made available.

Make Shopping Much More

This email marketing idea allows you to take advantage of simplicity in doing business by presenting your target clients with options of easily shopping right within their email without having to navigate to your site. This significantly reduces stress and allows people to patronize your products and services without having to leave their email. To make this possible, you will need to include every detail regarding the products. This includes the picture, the size, the details about the product/specifications, and of course the product name.

Create an Attractive Design

For this email marketing idea to be possible, you will need to either possess design skills or work with a digital artist who will make your designs. A well designed email marketing ad is likely to attract the attention of your target market which in turn results in sales. The right design speaks volumes about your business. The better the design, the more professional it will look. Hence if you will attract patronage, you will need to pay close attention to this aspect of email marketing.

 Personalising your Emails

Personalizing your emails is a great way of attracting the attention of the targeted user. There are several ways of personalizing emails. One of the easiest ways of personalizing your emails is by simply including your user’s name in the subject area. This is more direct and speaks to the reader personally. With this strategy the reader is likely to be favourably disposed to the content of your email than not.

Consider Including some Video Content

Videos are more likely to attract the attention of the user than text. Apart from attracting the attention of the user, videos also review information about your products and services to a greater detail than other methods. Hence when using this option, it should be done professionally to pass across the right message to the viewer as well as convincing the viewer of the need to patronise such products and services. In addition to the above benefits, videos with great content are highly likely to go viral hence increasing considerably the chances of patronage.

Target Hesitant Clients

Many times there at shoppers or customers who begin shopping but develop cold feet before they are through. This results in abandoned carts. For this sector clients, you will need to send emails targeted at convincing them to follow through with their purchases. In addition to this, you can send very attractive deals as well as discounts through mail that will encourage them to come back or patronize your business again.

Present Proof of your Capacity to Deliver

Before patronizing any business, potential clients will like to find out if your business is worth patronizing. In other words they want to know if you can provide reliable and satisfactory services to them. Therefore you will need to show proof of your capacity to truly deliver. This you can do by encouraging your satisfied clients to write reviews as well as record videos of them testify to the quality of your products and services. This should be attached with the mail as well.

Run a Referral Program

Another great email marketing idea you can use is the introduction of referral program. This works the same way as word of mouth marketing. However the difference is that you will need to use the mail to drive referrals to your website. You can offer a variety of reward strategies such as a discounts or shopping vouchers. This acts as an incentive for your loyal customers to further double their efforts in bringing in more clients. For this to be possible, you will need to have a functional website which is easy to navigate and highly interactive.

Advertise Promotions

Every customer patronizing a product or service is looking for the best deals. You should not lose sight of this important attraction when doing business. Therefore whenever you have promotions, discounts, or deals you need to fully advertise this in your emails. When advertising the contents will not be overwhelming for the reader. In other words it should be summarised while conveying the whole information. The discount should be clearly written and bold enough. To convey this properly, a graphic representation can be made.

These are some of the most effective email marketing promotion ideas that can be used for a variety of businesses. In order to make this even more attractive, your website will have to be Search Engine Optimised. This allows for easier and more user friendly navigation by visitors.

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