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How Much Does it Cost to Go on the Ellen Degeneres Show?

When do Ellen tickets become available? What is the cost of Ellen tickets to 12 days of giveaways? If you are a fan of Ellen DeGeneres, you probably must have had the reams of getting tickets to the taping of one of her talk shows that is being recorded in Los Angeles. Well, there is a good news and that is the Ellen tickets are free, but the bad news is that the tickets are always being filled week before the recording. But if you are an adamant fan of the show, you can actually make plans ahead. We will be discussing on how much are Ellen Tickets.


No one can deny the fact that the Ellen DeGeneres Show is very popular today. It is considered as one of the most touching and funny American shows. The show is being hosted by popular award winning TV host, comedian, actress, writer and producer who goes by the name Ellen DeGeneres. Fans of the show have been able to get to know more about their favourite Hollywood stars and also people that have inspired them in one way or the other.

The show is not only limited to TV stars, the host also invites politicians, speakers and community leaders that have made an impact on the American people.

Ellen DeGeneres started her career on TV through an appearance on The Tonight Show in the year 1986. She also worked as comedian before she finally ventured in Talk Shows. So how much does it cost to go on Ellen?


How much are Ellen Tickets? You might want to ask. Well the cost of tickets to the show is $0. Yes, you will not be making any payment to go for the show. The downside of getting tickets to the Ellen show is that you will need to exhibit patience and wait for months, even years before you can get lucky to get a ticket.

This is so because getting the ticket to the show is not via the normal free ticket distribution as it is with most other talk shows.


Apart from the fact that the tickets are free, the process might be relatively easy depending on your personality. You will only need just 15 minutes to know if you will get a ticket or not. There are some steps that you will need to follow to get a ticket to the popular show.

  1. You will need to visit the website of the show on
  2. On the website, there is a section that has the online ticket request. You will need to check if their is any ticket availability.
  3. If you are lucky to find available tickets for a certain date, you will be expected to click and then fill a form and submit. You can only submit a request at a time
  4. If you are lucky, you will be contacted by one of their staff.


If you are lucky to get an Ellen Show ticket, then consider yourself in for a treat as you and your loved ones will be given 4 tickets to have access to the show. At the show, you will have the opportunity to enjoy and watch Ellen DeGeneres herself dishing out her comic characters to the amusement of the audience. You will at the same time have the opportunity to watch your favourite Hollywood celebrities and know more about them at the show.

It is even possible for you to be lucky enough to have a President of The United States as guest on the show on the day that you are there present.

It is a thing of delight to also know that you will be presented with the opportunity to take photos and videos of the guests at the show and that of Ellen too. You will also get some freebies and tokens for being a part of the audience.


Coming for the Ellen show is entirely free of charge. But if you are visiting from another state or a far location, you will be responsible for your transportation cost. Any other costs attached to your travelling, such as feeding, lodging and so on will also be your responsibility. You can consider these to be part of the costs of tickets to the Ellen show.


Apart from the free advanced tickets, the show promoters also release some small numbers of tickets on standby available of the day of recording. If you want to request for a ticket on the show day, you can call (818) 9545929.


If you have been lucky to secure a ticket to the taping, there is a section on the show’s website on the FAQs for the show. There you can get information on the requirement for the show. Find below a list of the things that will be requested before you can gain access to the Ellen show.

  1. You will be expected to present your confirmation email as well as a photo ID.
  2. It is also required that you are 14 years or older to be allowed into the show studio. Minors will be expected to be accompanied by an adult before they can gain entry.
  3. You are only allowed one visit per season
  4. You should also be aware that time and date of recording of the show is liable to change
  5. You will not get any travel reimbursement in the case of program cancellation.

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