Education Franchise Opportunities: 6 Education Franchises For Sale

Education Franchise Business Opportunities To Start

What are the best education franchise opportunities around? Many educational organizations in the world have being racking their brain to get a cool and trustworthy company to buy franchise. If you are the representative of such firm.


Here are tested and trusted franchise opportunities in education sector which you can franchise with;




This flourishing franchise company had being rocking the world in terms of effective and efficient tutorials and teachings. It was established in 1976 and started franchising since 1976, in Korea by Dr. Young joong kang. They specialize basically on teaching maths and language subjects like French, English and the likes.

They had over two million children all over the world having company in about Twenty two countries. To know how experience they are in franchising, they had being since 40 years back.

To buy their franchise and start running your company in their name, you need to have a well set up educational standard and a worth of $76k- $139k depending on your ability. After buying the franchise, you will surely be cheered by the welcoming profit thereafter.


This is a franchising company established in 1954 in Japan by Toru kumon. It is an after school training institution, where mathematics and reading activities are carried out with different techniques and skills. It has 26,000 franchise locations worldwide and in 48 countries around the globe.

GUIDE: Kumon Franchise Cost

To partner with this high-esteemed company, you must be passionate for little kids and helping them to achieve their proposed goal in life and to make them future leaders in reading, speaking and writing ability. To buy their franchise you need a sum ranging from $64k- $134k depending on your skillful ability and dexterity in teaching profession. Partnering with them will fetch you cool cash after investment.


This is a medical tutor company, who treats and operates the brain with the aid of crucial and distinctive teachings. It was established in 2000 in Toronto and started their franchise in 2003. They specializes in conducting confirmed teaching and tutorial for children from kindergarten to university or college. They engaged in home tutorial and in-house tutoring depending on how the pupils and students paid for.

You as an educational entrepreneur can buy their franchise by running your business in their name and tactics, so as to elevate your enterprise. Their franchise fee varies from $66k- $104k depending on how you want it and the style you’ve being practicing before.


They are franchise company who specialised in teaching effective English and other subject depending on your department and academic level. It was established in 1977 in south Korea by sung hoon park and started franchising since 1992 basically having office in Los Angeles, with different and anonymous numbers of office throughout the globe.

You can partner with this company and buy their franchise with an amount raging from $63k- $101k. Before you can franchise with this company, you need to be diligent and straightforward in your deals and as time goes on you will be happy of the cool profit you are going to make.


Club z is an home tutoring company with the aim to rendering teaching services to  youngster so as to increase in motivational creativity. It was established in 1995 and started franchising since 1998, located in Tampa, Florida.

They deals with teachings in music, foreign language, computer training and other subjects. They cater for all fields of education from childhood to adulthood, with a token of dollars.

You can buy their franchise at ranging from $34k- $58k basically on the demand of their client and noble customers. Partnering with them will create a sort of knowledge and profit for your organization.


This an education franchise company who specializes in teaching youngster the need to know the best in their academics. It was established in 1998 and started franchising since 2005, situated in Philadelphia.

School of rock is one of the leading education company with high rank of stable, effective and efficient educational services to the citizens with a defined price. To buy their franchise and start running affair in their name, you need to be committed as they do, be discipline and run with price of $113k- $344k.


Depending on your ability to run effective tactics and thereafter you will be happy of the cash and profit you earn.

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