How to Earn $10 Per Day From Google Adsense

How to Make At Least $10+ a Day with Google Adsense

Do you know how to make $10 per day with Adsense? Adsense is a service that places advertisement by Google. It is basically for website publishers that post text, pictures or videos and earn money depending on the number of people that visit the site by clicking and viewing the adverts.

How to earn 10 Dollars Per Day from Google Adsense
It is an income source which most bloggers has used as the first program that they earn from. This post is all about how you can earn $10 per day from Adsense and will basically help those bloggers who are struggling to make even few dollars from Adsense account.

You can earn $10 per day from doing the following things:

Step by Step Guide to Earn $10 Daily from your Blog with Google

1. Page Views

If you can generate like 4,000 to 5,000 page views per day then you can earn your $10, if you calculate using 1000 page views equal $3.5 then 4,000 page views will earn you even more than the $10 you want. Having many posts will generate more than enough visitors daily.

2. Keywords

High paying Adsense keywords and niche that will earn you money should be use, and you should endeavor to use the best keywords on your blog. There are high CPC keywords that you can use and you only get to know the best keyword to use by google searching. There are several links on keywords that are suitable for different topics.

3. Search Engine Traffic

Your search engine should at least have 70% traffic daily if you want to earn $10.

4. Using above the fold Ad Placement

Above the fold placement is where a visitor sees even without scrolling down in internet browser. You should ensure that you have at least one advert in the above the fold placement if you want to get $10 per day. This is not allowed for mobile templates according to Adsense terms.

5. Getting traffic via geographical Source

It is very important to get traffic through geographical source and this can only be done by getting readers from all countries especially the ones where adsense adverts are targeted well. For instance, getting clicks from countries like Australia, USA, UK, and so on pays more than some other countries: South Asian countries.

Therefore, use topics that will attract readers from all countries and not just few countries.

6. High Paying Content

Try as much as possible to make your content very good so that it can attract more payment. If your content is good enough, then four or five clicks from UK should earn you $10 per day. You can also have high paying content by using very good marketing tips and social media to share and post your adverts.

7. Advert Display

Displaying adverts that people want will attract many people to click on it and will earn you the money you want. If you want good results from Adsense, then it is advisable you post the type of adverts that people want. Ensure your ads are enabled for both text and image features.

8. Website Design

Having a responsive user friendly template with good ad placement on your website also helps, this is because there are several categories of websites and the category of your website will determine how well it will thrive.

9. Concentrating on One Website

Many bloggers believe that the higher the number of websites you use, the higher your income but that is not true because it can be confusing and bring problems in terms of building link and social promotion.

It is better to focus on one website for a start because it reduces expenses and if it fails, you will not lose much compared to when you have ten websites.

If your blog is popular, have many high ranking search engines and is visited by at least 1000 people per day, then you have no problem earning $10 on a daily basis. Once you start earning $10 per day then as time goes on, you can even be earning more than that.

Choosing the right type and format of advert for your site also helps in earning money with Adsense, there are many types of adverts, two of which are display and text. Also, you should choose where you want your adverts to appear. You should not show nonchalant attitude towards the advert placement because it is very important.

Ensure your adverts go in line with your website i.e. it should fit with your website in terms of look and feel and it should be relevant to your readers and viewers, you should also have control over your adverts.

Your site should be easily accessible and you can also have personal recommendations as your business grows, you can also help via online learning tools to teach people how to set up your account and also run it.

Also, ensure the adverts you are placing work on both mobile and desktop because it is not everyone who has mobile has desktop and vice versa. Usually, adverts that are made for video and games tend to have more clicks and views than other adverts.

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