How Much Does an Ear Wax Removal Cost?


Do you know how much ear wax extraction cost without insurance? Ear wax concentration in the ear can make an individual so uncomfortable and sad. While the production of earwax is a normal function of the ear, unfortunately there are some people that just produce way too much of this wax. Too much wax can lead to pains and pressure in the ear, which can eventually result into infections in the ear of the affected person.

There are professionals that offer professional ear wax removal service without any form of damage to the ear canal. If you are affected by this, you might want to know the cost of earwax removal.


This is the removal of excess ear wax concentrated in the ear through the use of some certain kinds of procedures, mostly manual.


Removing earwax from the ear may not really be a painful procedure depending on the concentration of the wax. However it is recommended that you visit a health practitioner to carry out this procedure. Although latest technologies now allow for the use of some home devices to carry out the procedures of removing ear wax.

In addition to the ear wax removal, the doctor might also prescribe the use of some specific ear drops that will inhibit the build up of more ear wax over time. This will also be incorporated in to the ear wax removal cost.

The cost or removing ear wax can range between $60 to about $100


The procedure is best carried out by a doctor. The ear wax will be removed in different ways, depending on the severity of the case. Most doctors will make use of pressurised water pump to siphon out the wax. In this procedure, waiter is spilled into the ear at a pressure, this moistens the wax and it mixes with the water, which will then be drained out with the water.

Another means of removing ear wax is through the use of a special tool that has a plastic hoop towards the ending. This is inserted into the ear and can be utilised to remove the wax manually.


  • As we have initially mentioned, it is quite advisable to visit a health professional that specialises on ear problems.
  • There are some people that call themselves professionals, but they are not. So you will need to be careful patronising such people as they might offer less costly ear wax removal procedure.

What they most do is to use the candle wax to remove the wax from your ear. This method works although, but it is not recommended in any way. Before you consult any of these agents, ensure that you get information about them in the Better Business Bureau page to ascertain about the authenticity of their business.

  • You can also get ear wax removal kits over the counter. The will cost between $5 to about $40. But before you consider this option, you will need to go through a selection process to get the system that will fit your comfort level. The Loop system will require a level of skill. When you are getting ear wax removal drops, you should use with care and ensure that you follow the right dosage as prescribed by the pharmacist
  • Visit to a standard clinic will ensure that you get the right procedures to remove the ear wax.


You will need to understand that ear wax removal process will hurt and give some feelings of pain. However this will be minimal if done by a professional. The gentlest method is the ear irrigation method, which is the process of using lukewarm water to drain out the ear wax after it had been initially taken through a softening process with the use of Hydrogen peroxide or any other kind of ear drop manufactured specifically for this purpose.

The most painful part of ear wax removal comes when you have impacted ear wax. This is the situation whereby the ear wax has hardened and a normal flushing process will hardly take it out. You will definitely feel so much pain in the removal of this kind of ear wax as it might involve the use of simple machines inserted into your ear to break the hardened wax, before being flushed out with fluids.


When you have insurance, the cost of ear wax removal might not be a thing to get yourself concerned with as most insurance plans cover the minimal cost of the procedure. With insurance, typical deductibles and copays will apply.


It is recommended by the FDA that ear wax patients should avoid ear candling. In a situation whereby the candling procedure results in serious injury to your ear through burns, a visit to the doctor will be needed and if you don’t have any form of insurance, you will be incurring additional cost to the tune of $50,000. This will depend on the severity of the injury caused to the ear. To avoid this, it is very much recommended that you visit licensed health practitioners.

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