Drone Photography Business Plan Executive Summary Sample – Example

Executive Summary for a Drone Photography Business Plan

Are you interested in writing an executive summary for drone photography business? The photography industry has witness technological innovations and advancement in the way photos are being shot. This has created huge business potentials with an increasing number of entrepreneurs taking advantage of these opportunities to establish thriving businesses. However, these businesses require a lot of planning before they can become stable businesses. This article focuses on the drone photography business plan executive summary due to its importance to the success of the business.

Why choose only a section of the business plan? This is because there is so much importance attached to the executive summary section. This section is the most important part of the business plan document as it summarizes the entire document. The success of the business plan depends on how well the executive summary section is written. We will be providing a sample drone photography business plan executive summary in this article to serve as a guide for entrepreneurs on what the executive summary section of the drone photography business plan should contain.

The Executive Summary

Aerial Photos is a drone photography company with its operational base located in Indiana. We are a licensed business with expertise in the provision of aerial photography for research, educational, illustrative, tourist as well as observatory purposes. These services are provided to both institutional and individual clients. And we tailor our services to suit the needs of our clients as we provide the exact services which our clients require.

We are very careful about choosing our clients, as we undertake a verification of the purposes for which such photos will be used. This is a security measure aimed at ensuring that our services are not offered to persons who may end up posing security threats to others. Therefore, we have entered into an arrangement with national security agencies to provide necessary information regarding security threats.

A drone photography business is capital intensive, thus, adequate funding is very crucial to the success of the business. Our sources of funding are primarily made up of 2 sources which include debt financing and savings. Both are expected to generate an investment capital of $800,000. Out of this amount, $200,000 will come from savings which has been kept solely for this purpose by the founder Chloe Stuart. The rest of the funding will come from debt financing sourced from reputable financial institutions.

We would be adopting the best technology in realising our set objectives. Our competition is our biggest motivation as we seek to gain a fair share of the market. We have made findings on the reasons for the successes recorded by our competition and their areas of failure, and developed a business strategy where their areas of strength are consolidated upon, while their areas of weakness are improved upon. This strategy creates an edge for us as we seek to provide superior services to our esteemed clients.

While providing our clients with unbeatable services, we would also seek to provide a conducive work condition for our workforce, thus, we would ensure that they are motivated and stay motivated through the provision of work incentives as well as ensuring that their remuneration is among the best in the industry. This is our way of encouraging them to give their very best to our clients.


Through the provision of unbeatable services to clients we are poised to break into the top 10 drone photography businesses in America. Breaking into the elite class will not be achieved by mere wish alone, as we are putting in the required effort through the adoption of the best technology and the recruitment of some of the industry’s best hands who will drive our mission.

We would be franchising our drone photography business in the near future, 5 years from the start of business operations. This is an expansion strategy we are considering to ensure that our business has a true national presence and outlook. We would also seek to serve individual as well as corporate clients. We would offer our very best to all client types.

Our Keys to Success

To be successful in the drone photography industry, exceptional services which will stand you out from others is a key consideration to make. Therefore, we are determined to use the best drone technology in addition to hiring experts with considerable years of experience to lead our revolution. Also, marketing will form an important part of our business as we seek to expand our business. A world-class marketing department will be established to coordinate all our marketing strategies.

The marketing department will be run by experts in the field of marketing and all efforts will be streamlined into producing better results for our business. Aerial Photos will periodically conduct training exercises for our workforce to update their knowledge on best practices and acquaint them with new innovations in drone photography technology.

Every business of worth requires adequate and painstaking preparation and planning. Implementation is also a key requirement for success. This drone photography business plan executive summary is one of such requirements as the executive summary section of the business plan is the most important part of the business plan. With this sample, you will be able to write your own drone photography business plan executive summary with less difficulty.

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