How to Draw Media Attention to Your Business

7 Ways to Get Your Press and Media Attention for Your Business

Verily, the impact of the getting more business media attention can never be joke with in this our present day’s world.

Without much fuzz, it is apparent that one of the unprecedented and unmatched ways one can adopt to promote his or her business is through the conventional media. But getting the business media attention isn’t something easy.

Getting your business media attention is an art on its own. You are required to follow some specific steps to get notice by the media. Journalists like myself do get pitched every blessed day from different business owners and other personalities just to get notice, at times, multiple pitches in a day.

Come to think of it, the newspaper, radio and TV reporters are always too busy with breaking news, newsflashes, tips and businesses issues just like yours. Looking at this massive task, there are several battle tested ways you can embrace to get your business name or brand before the media.

Below are 7 ways to get your business media attention in some easy ways;

7 Ways To Gain More Media Attention and Coverage For Your Business

1. Be Acquainted with What the Media Outlet Covers

In journalism, there is something called in-house style. It is a conventional way by which every media house does their things, it includes their dos and don’ts based on the nature of their audience.

Even if the same news is being covered, the media will publish it from different views and angles.

You can only be acquainted with these subtle by watching, reading or listening to the media repeatedly. Only then will you know when your product will be of great use to the media.

2. Use the Email Platform Instead of Phone Conversations

Avoid putting call through the media editors unless if you have a specific question to ask. Reason is that, voice calls take much time to listen to, and it can be too hard to stretch forward to the right personnel.

Busy editors won’t think twice to simply hit the end button on their phone if disturbed with a long conversation with deviant words. Using the email platform to pitch the media is advisable.

3. Be Easy to Contact/Reach

Nothing is, even more, frustrating than a professional, expert or a source who is difficult to reach and hard to contact for an interview. Journalists value time and work under very tight schedules or deadlines. As a business owner who need media attentions for his business, you must be easy to reach via phone.

Put your contact and phone number on your blog/website in case there is media inquiries. Never delay calls, return immediately if missed.

If you are hard to find and not that easy to reach, there is little or no chance at all for you to be contacted for the second time by the journalist or the media outlets.

4. Use Twitter

This online social media, Twitter, is also a great way for creating connections with journalists. Mind to follow different journalists on Twitter and so as to enable you tweet at them when you have meaningful and relevant things to say. If the journalist you are trying to pitch is/are mobile-savvy reporter(s), then they will understand and serve you, even better.

5. Invite the Media personalities to Your Special Events

Another surefire way to get your business media attention is by inviting the media personalities to any special event in your organization. Annual general meeting, Customer appreciation day, End of the year dinner and award night, company anniversary and the rest.

At such event, hold a special time so that you would address the press and they will in return- ask you several questions so as to grab information worth publishing.

6. Issue Out a Press Release

A press release is document that’s being issue out by a firm, institution, company etc. to the media about a certain phenomenon so that the media would help them disseminate it to heterogeneous mass audience.

While issuing this out to the media, take your time to include everything the reporter would be in need of to write the story about your brand or business. Your business logo, headshots, product executive, videos, and others things regarding your business should be made available.

7. Be Philanthropic

Get your own name and your brand name out in your community by attaching it to your business. When the media covers these charities you are involved, certainly, the think tank who’s involved in helping the charity will be mentioned.

Getting your business name appear on that faithful list will let your business gets the press or media’s attention — not only that but also the community’s too.

Having use any of the discussed point, do take your precious time to use the comments box below because that’s also another way to draw media attention to small businesses.

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