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Cost of Dairy Queen Franchise, Startup Requirements, Ownership Agreement
Are you interested in joining a successful franchising company? In this post I will be dealing on everything you need to know about Dairy Queen Franchise. So in case you’re considering joining a franchising company, you can consider or put this company into your list of consideration.

Dairy queen  have been franchising since 1944 which means that the have been the franchising business for 72 years. This business all started when a producer of ice cream J.F McCullough began experimenting with recipes for making frozen dairy product, he started this experiment based on his opinion that it is better to serve ice cream fresh from the freezer, and not allowed to be served frozen solid. After perfecting this experiment he and his son Alex convinced one customer to hold an introductory sale of the new soft ice cream and more than 1,600 people showed up to try it.

Dairy Queen was first opened in 1940, in Joliet, Illinois and that time served only soft ice cream. Over the years variety of ice cream treats have been added to the menu such as dilly bars and banana splits. Some diary queens began serving hot food items as at 1950.

Today, Dairy stores have hot dogs ,ham burgers, chicken strips on their menus. Though they started 192, they have expanded internationally namely Mexico, japan, middle east among other outlets . it has over 6000 outlets to its name an it is one of the largest and top ice cream chain globally. It is owned and operated by the Araneta group based in the Philippians.

Different kinds of diary queen products exist and they include

o Blizzard: this is the original creamy, smooth and thick combination of fruits and cookies goodness served upside down

o Moolatte : this the frozen blended coffee available in Matcha Green Tea, Mocha, Cappuccino, caramel, Double Fudge and French vanilla flavors.

o Banana Split Royal treat,

o Classics which include Vanilla, Double Coco Fudge, Strawberry, Caramel shakes, Cones, and sundae.

o Dilly Bars and Dairy Queen Sandwiches

o Cakes are also included which are perfect for any occasion shared with family.

Every franchise has its requirement and specifications which is done to maintain the standard that it has, to help maintain success and to ensure that customers are served effectively.

Dairy Queen Franchise has its own requirement which include:

1. The offer a single unit franchise and this business is counter typed meaning that the products are sold from a counter.

2. It also require the store be located in office buildings, restaurant fronts, shopping centers, airports, bus of train terminals, and other locations that have high foot traffic counts.

3. It requires that each location must feature warm, welcoming, décor in free standing facilities

4. The franchisee should have a good food service management experience.

There are supports franchisees receive from the franchisors that will help them in the establishment this business.

This is one benefit that I personally find interesting because not all franchises come with such.
Some of which include

o First they run a training program for their franchisee which is available at the Dairy Queen headquarters and this training is conducted for three weeks. Afterwards other required trainings are conducted at the franchisee’s location

o The offer ongoing support through newspaper advertisements, help organize meets at the opening of the franchisee’s store, they also support during the grand opening

o Furthermore they offer marketing support, they handle advertisement, national media, handbills, regional advertising

All these is done to support and also as marketing strategies to help build a customer line for the franchisee.

The concepts of this business are:

o Dairy Queen offers two primary concepts available for franchising which are the DQ grill and the chill restaurant which is the part that serves burgers, salads as well as DQ frozen treats.

o Despite the inclusion of the restaurant into the business, DQ by all means preserves its heritage which is legendary I must admit. It offers a full menu of hot dishes and still serves the original frozen treat.

o The size of a typical DQ Grill and Chill restaurant is between 1,886 and 2,612 square feet the good thing is that the land may either be purchased or leased.

o The minimum net worth requirement to own a DQ Grill and Chill franchise is $750,000. With liquid assets of $400,000. The franchisee must be able to inject at least $300.000 I cash equity.

Diary Queen evaluates the background, work experiences, and financial capabilities of prospective franchisees because it gives preference to prospects with food or business experience.

I hope with these information you can be able to consider your options if you have interest in picking a franchise.

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