Door to Door Sales Tips and Success Rate for Marketing Products


Selling products from door to door is no small task. Before you can become very successful at selling just anything to anyone from knocking at their doors, you must need to have the required set of skills necessary for achieving success.

What you must know is that selling a product to an individual requires you to tailor your approach to the person and establish a personal relationship with the person.

In this article, however, I have highlighted a number of tips which you can put into practice and take your game to another level with that extra edge.

Step 1: Accept the Fact that you will get Rejected
No one who sells from door to door ever had a 100% sell ratio. Do not set your mind up for a perfect record. Accept it from the start that you will get rejected many times! You will be faced with very mean and rude responses from people. Some will even call the police on you.

In some very weird cases too, you will be faced by people who will give you their attention and let you finish with your sales pitch, with no intention or interest in buying what you sell. Time is a very valuable resource, and it is bad to lose it just like that, staying with people who have no intention of buying. You must try to avoid making this mistake, although you will fall victim to it when you first start. This brings us to the next tip.

Step 2: Read the Signs
One general rule of thumb that most sales experts advise is that you should not stay more than 20 minutes at any one house you intend to make your sales. Start by making sure you make the person feel very comfortable saying no to you.

You will need to learn the subtle cues people give when they are not interested in buying. You will save yourself precious time by doing so. To be able to read the obvious signs, you must get rid of your anxiety and observe what is right in front of you by first ensuring you have fully mastered your craft and your pitch.

Step 3: Do not Convince
This may appear counterintuitive, but it is actually one of the keys to better sales. You should not go into sales with the thinking that you have to make people buy what you sell. Pressure is really not the secret to making effective sales. People are skeptical about believing what you are telling them, they do not trust you.

So what do you do? You get to know them. Focus on the people first; your product should come second. You should not begin selling by making your sales pitch first. No! Win the person over without starting out with a sales pitch, but by genuinely showing interest in the person’s welfare. Look around and see how you could tailor your sales to what you have observed about your prospect.

Step 4: Never String Yourself Along
A number of times a prospective customer would tell you they would need time to think about it or discuss it with someone else. Sometimes, they must have made their decision not to buy, but in an attempt to not break your spirit, they would rather not go blunt and direct with you. How then do you put a stop to the cycle of ongoing calls on whether they have made their decision?

One way is to rephrase the question to something like, ‘do you see yourself making this purchase before the end of next week?’ Try this, and you will get several ‘No’s’. But at least, you have saved yourself of precious time, and you can then better redirect your steps back to the streets, continuing knocking at doors.

Step 5: Dress the Part
As a salesperson that walks from door to door, you must present yourself to be very neat and well polished. You will be getting ushered into the homes of people. People will generally respond warmly and invite you to their homes when you appear well dressed in a nice looking suit with a nice tie than when you are dressed in a wrinkled and ruggedly creased shirt and trousers.

Step 6: Provide the Customer with Complete Assurance
It is very important to keep your prospective customers at ease and secure. There are so many bad guys who are wearing suits as salespersons advertising from door to door, all to scam their victims.

So many homeowners would be very skeptical about letting you into their homes and listen to what you have to say let alone buy your product. Make sure your customers know exactly the company you work for and give them the assurance that they could withdraw from their order at a particular time.

Step 7: Do not get Discouraged
Sales job where you have to knock door to door is not a very easy job. Even the successful salespeople know this. Getting successful at this job comes with much practice. You must realize that rejection is not personal and it has nothing to do with your product too (especially if it is a good one). Stay motivated and hopeful!

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