Dollar Tree Franchise Cost and Opportunities – Fee

Dollar Tree Franchise Opportunities

Do you know what it takes to franchise Dollar Tree? Dollar Tree is one of the leading retail businesses that has thrived on making quality products available at reduced cost. This franchise business evolved from K&K brand after the owners starting focusing on household items and wares. This culminated in the opening of the first Dollar store in Dalton, GA.

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As a business, Dollar Tree was incorporated in the Commonwealth
of Virginia. Its corporate headquarters is located at: 500 Volvo Parkway, Chesapeake, Virginia 23320.

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Business Model And Cost Of Dollar Tree Franchise Sale

How To Open Your Own Dollar Tree Canada

Starting a dollar store comes with certain requirements. With the way things are going economy-wise for most countries, you need to able to get quality products at affordable prices because people are looking at ways of saving money from their purchases.
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This singular reason has made dollar tree stores very popular. Don’t be surprise if you come across these stores at every junction. The shopping experience offered by dollar tree cannot be overlooked by consumers no matter their status. Many prospective franchisees who want to be financially independent are often interested starting a dollar tree franchising store.

How much is a Dollar Tree franchise?

  • How much does it cost to open a dollar tree store?
  • Is dollar tree a franchise that is expensive? 
  • What is the average dollar tree franchise price and fee?

But wait, there is a particular question often ask by people, ‘Does Dollar Tree offer franchising opportunities?’ Is it the right franchise for me to invest in?

Unfortunately, Dollar Tree does not offer opportunities for franchising. All Dollar Tree stores are operated from the company’s Headquarters in Chesapeake,  VA.


The swift success witnessed in record time created lots of limitation on the franchise business model. The official stand of the company is that they are not ready to sell Dollar Tree franchise business opportunity to prospective investors. If you search the internet, you can hardly see any reference on the cost of Dollar Tree franchise.

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Do you know how much franchising a Dollar Tree cost? Dollar Tree can be considered to be one of the leading stores across the country that offers products to their customers at a very bearable cost. They offer items for sale for as low as even $1.00.

It is a common household name among shoppers and a lot of people have been so interested in how much is a Dollar Tree Franchise. If you have been having the thought of starting your own Dollar Tree Franchise, then this article will be of so much assistance to you.


It all started in the year 1986. The actual founders of K&K brand decided to try out a new thing: selling of domestic house wares and every other item that will not cost more than a dollar or even less. That was how the 1st Dollar Tree store came into the light, and that was in Dalton, GA.

Then the Dollar Tree Franchise began and spread all across the southeast. The only rivalry they had then was just the Dollar Bin, which was situated in the Midwest and then the $One chain in New York.


The original plan of Dollar Tree was that they will not offer any form of franchise to the public, but along the way, that changed and information about their franchise could be well gotten. So if you have been bothered to know if Dollar Tree Sell Franchise, then you could be having good news as the Company offers franchise to franchisees that are able to meet up with their Terms and Conditions.


According to reports, you can still be licensed to own a Dollar Tree Store if you have been previously employed by Dollar Tree Store and you must have worked your way to the top in the company and also have the required qualifications to start a Dollar Tree Store Franchise

These are the requirements you would need to start a Dollar Tree store

  1. LOCATION: This is very important when you plan to have a successful Dollar Tree Store Franchise. You will need a standard shop at a very good spot within the city. Remember, your target customers are the general public with less funds to spend and seeking discounts. So your choice of location has to be around this class of people.
  2. BUSINESS PLAN: You will need a well written business plan for your business. It is just the blueprint you are going to be building your franchise upon. And the business plan will also come in handy when you intend to seek loans and finances from money lenders.
  3. MERCHANDISE: To kick start your business, you will need products to sell to your customers and you will also need to have very reliable suppliers that will deliver these items to you occasionally without any form of delay or disappointment.
  4. MARKETING: Your marketing strategies will have to be intact to get the information about your products out to your customers. If you don’t advertise or market your store, no one will patronise you.


If you have finally decided to start up a Dollar Tree store Franchise, then you should be ready to part with a tangible sum of cash as the cost of a Dollar Tree Franchise will range between $25000 and $300,000.

The entire cost will be the summation of everything you would need to startup your Dollar Tree franchise. This will include the lease, office equipments, and inventory materials and so on. And also be aware that the initial Dollar Tree General Franchise fee for you to use the Company’s name will range between $20,000 and $30,000.

Most importantly, you would need to understand that Dollar Tree does not allow for its franchise opening at the moment, but since they are poised for expansion, the Company may begin to lease out its franchise. But interestingly, they offer a Dollar General Franchise which would even be a better way to kick start your franchise business with them.


Besides the start-up cost of a Dollar Tree Store franchise, you also have to make provisions for Royalty Fees on the overall cost of franchise. You also need to be aware that the Dollar Tree store franchise will be entitled to a certain percentage of your annual gross revenue. This is what constitute the Royalty Fee.

The cost of acquiring the location is also included in your entire cost. And also the entire cost will be dependent on the area you are locating the store. An average are of about 1,000 square feet will surely cost you between $41,000 to $50,000. If you have decided to go for something bigger, then you will be ready to spend more. This time your cost should go around $250,000 to $350,000


If you are going to start up a Dollar Tree Store Franchise, then you should put this at the back of your mind that your contributions will go beyond the cost of starting a Dollar Tree Store Franchise. You will surely need to consider talking to a financial expert who can assist you to draw up a true picture of your budget and how you can cut around your budget.

We believe with this information, your quest on how much is a Dollar Tree Franchise has been met. You can get more information by contacting the Dollar Tree Store on their official website:

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  1. My niece and I were talking about starting a business here in Puerto Rico, when I thought a Dollar Tree was needed in Puerto Rico. We both have the experience of management and retail this is something to consider.I’m aware of the hardship Puerto Rico is in but,this will work here!

  2. I was in your Dollar stores on two different days and there were boxes everywhere. The service was good. Also I think the manager needs more training, and where the store closes for the night, there should be ready for the next day and there should be no boxes in the wiles at all.

  3. I’m interested in opening a dollar tree and need all pertinent information to do so..from a to z–up front out of pocket costs, building size, inventory costs, app timeline before a profit shows, etc… This will be my first business veture and am looking for not only retirement income, but a family business.Thanks. cecelia: 931.408.0409

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