Dollar Tree Franchise Cost Price – Fee and Startup Opportunities

Dollar Tree Franchise Startup Information, Locations, Revenue and Profit

Is Dollar Tree a franchise? How much does a Dollar Tree franchise cost? Do you need info on Dollar Tree franchise price and fee to open one?


Dollar Tree, Inc., headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia is an American chain which has discount assortment stores offering things for $1 or less. This company is a member of the Fortune 500 and works 13,600 stores all through the 48 U.S. states and Canada. Its stores are bolstered across the country coordination’s system of 11 distribution focuses. The organization works one-dollar stores under the names of Dollar Tree and Dollar Bills. The organization additionally works multi-value point assortment chains under the names Deals and Family Dollar.


The company contends in the dollar store and low-end retail advertises. Every Dollar Tree stocks an assortment of items which are national, territorial, and private-name brands. Divisions found in a Dollar Tree store incorporate wellbeing and beauty, toys, nourishment and snacks, occasional stylistic theme, house wares, car, dish sets, party, dinnerware, family unit cleaning supplies, confection, endowments, blessing packs and wrap, stationery, make supplies, showing supplies, gadgets, pet supplies, and books. Almost all Dollar Tree stores likewise offer solidified nourishments and dairy things, for example, eggs, pizza, dessert, milk, solidified suppers, and pre-made heated merchandise. The organization started tolerating maker’s coupons at all of its store areas in August 2012.


Dollar Tree was well known as an outrageous rebate store. The reason it provided that was responsible for this was the fact that their purchasers “work to a great degree to seek the best deals out there”, and it has “extraordinary control over the enormous purchasing power at the dollar value point”. Its costs are fundamentally intended to draw in those with financial challenges; however, it has likewise turned out to be famous with more wealthy clients.


About Its Mission:

Dollar Tree, Inc. is a value-oriented client-driven assortment store working at a one dollar value point. We make sure we work profitably, enable our partners to partake in its chances, prizes and prosperity; and manage others in a genuine and obliging way. The organization’s mission will be steady with measured and beneficial development.

Dollar Tree is the country’s top administrator of single-value point dollar stores with more than 3, 900 stores solid and developing. It has stores in each of the 48  states. We have roots that follow back more than 50 years, yet we keep defining our organization, and in addition our classification, and searching for inventive individuals to help us develop.

To beginners, everyone counts and all has input. In spite of the fact that our dress is “business casual,” nothing is casual about our dedication and concentration in developing our business. We place more emphasis on groups that are multi-layered and cross-useful and on the sort of adaptable association that permits individuals to convey the best outcomes. We are an organization where our communication with each other depends on regard, brotherhood, and a feeling of joint purpose.

We keep on adding Dollar Tree stores all across America, and in addition, stretching out into new ideas like our multi-cost-point Deal $ store chain . As we keep on growing our business and search for new thoughts and ideas to build on, we continually search for individuals with the drive, creative ability, and knowledge to help us proceed with our prosperity. Dollar Tree always follow the 52/53 week retail calendar which serves as it’s fiscal year-end.

History of the  Business:

Just in case you didn’t know this, Dollar Tree is one of the main retail organizations that has flourished with making quality items accessible at lower cost. This franchise business advanced from K&K brand after the proprietors began concentrating on family unit items and products. This this was completed in the opening of the principal Dollar store in Dalton, GA. Its corporate base camp(headquarters) was situated at 500 Volvo Parkway, Chesapeake, Virginia 23320. Dollar Tree was joined to the Commonwealth of Virginia as a business.

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The first proprietors of K&K brand began to focus on residential house products and all things that cost a dollar or less in 1986. This add to the opening of the primary ever Dollar Tree store in Dalton, GA. The Dollar Tree store was then diversified and extended completely through the southeast, having some of its littler rivals like the Dollar Bill chain that was situated in the Midwest and the Only $1 chain that was situated in New York and Pennsylvania. The fixation on fulfillments has put an impediment on their franchise plan of action. Regardless of the possibility of what the first statement of the business was, they may offer Dollar Tree franchise business opportunity any longer, you can look on the web for a chance to have one for a sensible cost.

The Dollar Tree’s product offerings are set up around trading overload items and discontinued merchandise, regularly at pennies to the dollar on retail cost, from bigger wholesalers who need to clear their distribution center space or to dump item after its season has gone. Presently, Dollar Tree was more centered on offering foodstuffs, as well as solidified suppers and means, to franchise organizations, as its market nearness has developed.


Where is Dollar Tree’s stock exchanged/traded?

This is an important question to ask if you are our customer or if intending to be a potential investor for partnership. Since our first sale of stock which was on March 6, 1995, Dollar Tree’s basic stock has been exchanged on the NASDAQ Stock Market, under this symbol “DLTR”.

The most effective method to Open Your Own Dollar Tree Store:

Beginning a dollar store accompanies certain prerequisites. With the way things are going economy-wise for most nations, you have to be ready to get quality items at reasonable costs since individuals are taking a gander at methods for sparing cash from their purchases.

This solitary reason has made Dollar Tree stores extremely well known. Try not to be amazement in the event that you can go over these stores at each intersection. The experience of shopping offered by the company can’t be ignored by buyers, regardless of their status. Numerous imminent franchisees that desire to be financially free are frequently intrigued to start a Dollar Tree franchising store.

There have been some specific questions frequently asks by individuals, a questions like: “Does Dollar Tree offer franchise openings?” Is it a reliable franchise for me to put my resources into?


Shockingly, Dollar Tree doesn’t give the opportunity for franchising. All Dollar Tree stores are worked from the organization’s headquarters which is in Chesapeake, VA.

A lot of individuals are concerned on how they may franchise a Dollar Tree store and what the cost can be. The complete answer is that the Dollar Tree store does not franchise out of their organizations to people or to those franchisees for the reason that they are an organization all alone and that they just provide or make their stores like a few stores that we know.

As of now, in view of the notoriety of the Dollar stores in America and to other nation, numerous people or business visionaries began to open their own Dollar store, what’s more, giving names to their store like Dollar Smart, Dollar Depot and others. Diverse Dollar store franchise organizations were likewise lately turning out in the market to attempt to profit out of this blasting retail location. Be that as it may, if you investigate it, these new Dollar store are much excessively overrated. A Dollar Tree store midpoints around 8,000 to 12,000 square feet.

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Who is Dollar Tree’s transfer agent and how do I contact them?

Many people would like to know if there are transfer agents for Dollar Tree. Yes, we have transfer agents and you can find out more using any of these means:

For inquiries online pertaining to the Investor Centre™, check out the website at

For Telephone Inquiries, dial
800-622-6757 (US, Canada, Peurto Rico) or 781-575-4735 (non-US)

For any written request: Computershare
P.O. Box 43078
Providence, RI 02940

For overnight delivery:
250 Royall Street
Canton, MA 02021.

How much is a dollar tree franchise?

How much does it cost to open a dollar tree? Many people have been asking about what amount a Dollar Tree establishment costs. Well, Dollar tree does not permit any franchise – it is somewhat like Walmart (you can not open a “Walmart” franchise store any place on the planet as they too are an organization with corporate claimed stores around the world). They are just set up companies that put up the store, give a suppliers list and then just leave their franchisee on their own. Franchise fees and royalties are collected doesn’t give advertising campaigns, quality standards or  name recognition. Furthermore, one of the obvious overpriced costs is that the dollar store franchise has royalties which must be compensated on all sales closed by the franchisee.

In this case, since Dollar Tree keep extending, it is conceivable that they may start to franchise stores. Dollar Tree’s initial public offering was in 1995. The quick achievement seen in record time made heaps of restriction on the franchise plan of action. The official position of the organization is that they are not prepared to offer Dollar Tree franchise business chance to prospective investment specialists. If you make your research on the internet, you can scarcely observe any reference on the cost of Dollar Tree franchise.


Are you an entrepreneur who is interested in starting up a Dollar Tree franchise store? Well, you are not alone, because there are also a lot of entrepreneurs who are interested in starting up a Dollar Tree franchise, and are duly seeking for any information regarding how to open a Dollar tree store.

The Dollar Tree franchise is not exactly a franchise, and as such, they do not offer any sort of franchise opportunities to the public. I would suggest you judiciously read this post to the end to find out exactly what the Dollar Tree is.

About Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree, Inc. was founded in 1991 in Norfolk, Virginia, United States. Originally, the Dollar Tree Incorporation started out in 1954 by K.R. Perry, as a variety store, and later it was called the K&K 5&10 from 1954 – 1986.

It was in 1986 that a chain store was started by Ray Compton, Macon Brock, and Doug Perry, which was called “Only $1.00”. The company operated the business under this name from 1986 until 1991 when the business corporation decided to be concerned with solely expanding the dollar stores, which resulted in the changing of the name from “Only $1.00” to the “Dollar Tree”.

Today, the Dollar Tree has stores located in all the 48 contiguous states. The company has its stores located across various cities in the United States and Canada; more than 13,000 Dollar Tree stores are located in both the United States and Canada. The United States headquarters of Dollar Tree is located at Chesapeake, Virginia, United States; while the Canadian headquarter is located at Burnaby, BC, Canada.

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The major founders of Dollar Tree are K.R. Perry, Macon Brock, Ray Compton, and Doug Perry. One of the company’s key persons is Bob Sasser, who is currently the Chairman Executive Officer (CEO) of the Dollar Tree Corporation.

The Dollar Tree is not a franchise. It is a business corporation, and as such, it does not in any way and at any time offer franchise opportunities to interested franchisees. They only establish their corporate stores where they see the need for it. It is very akin to the Walmart stores, which is also a business corporation, and so, one could not seek to open a Walmart store anywhere around the globe.

Dollar Tree is described as a discount store, which particularly targets and attracts consumers with little financial challenges. This is why all their products are sold for as low as $1 or less. Over time, the business not only became attracted by consumers with little financial challenges, but also to those who are financially well-off.

All the products in any of the Dollar Tree stores are sold for $1 or less. Some of the products the company retails out include party supplies, beauty and health care products, food and snacks, toys, books, house wares, glass wares, seasonal décor, dinnerware, candy, gifts, stationery, teaching supplies, electronics, books, craft supplies, pet supplies, automotive, etc.

Most of the Dollar Tree stores even retail out dairy products, such as eggs, milk, ice cream, etc.

The company boasts of annual sales revenue in millions of dollars. In 2011 alone, the Dollar Tree clinched total sales revenue of $6.63 billion. In 2012, this sales revenue figures sky-rocketed to more than $7 billion, with the market capitalization at $9.13 billion at the end of the year.

As at 2015, the company’s sales revenue was estimated to be $8.6 billion. The operating income for that year was $1.04 billion, with a profit margin of $599 million; and a total number of more than 140,000 Dollar Tree employees.

Over the years, Dollar Tree has been immensely expanding its stores in the United States and Canada. It was in 2010 that the Dollar Tree first expanded its retail stores outside the perimeters of the United States.

These stores were located in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. In 2014, the Dollar Tree confirmed the acquisition of the Family Dollar at an $8.5 billion fee, together with the inheritance of the $1 billion debt that Family Dollar had accrued.

How to Open a Dollar Tree Store

If you are interested in opening a Dollar Tree store, it would require you more than your financial resources. You will have to be actively involved in the corporation whether at the corporate level, or in real estate holdings.

You will have to first and foremost apply for a corporate job at Dollar Tree through their website You must ensure you have the right qualifications before applying for the job. In fact, you may even have to start working your way up from a relatively low office position to one where you would be capable of controlling the decision-making of establishing a new Dollar Tree store in an area.

You could decide to do a partnership with Dollar Tree by maybe helping to make available a real estate that matches the size of a typical Dollar Tree store space. A typical Dollar Tree store size ranges from 8,000 – 12,000 gross square feet.

More Business Opportunities:

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