Difference Between Hosted and Non-Hosted Adsense Account?

Basic Differences Between Hosted and Non-Hosted Google Adsense Account

Do you know the difference between hosted and non hosted adsense account? Let me start by explaining what Adsense is. Adsense is an ad publishing network that many webmasters monetize their websites with simply by placing a piece of ad generating codes on their blogs or forums.

Publishers make money with Adsense when their web visitors naturally click on the displayed ads without any iota of inducement and when the blog owner to do not force or request them to do so. It is against Google Adsense terms for a publisher to click on his personal ads or ask people to do so on his behalf. Such action can get the publishers Adsense account suspended from the Google Adsense program.

Major Differences between a Non-hosted and Hosted Adsense Account

Hosted vs Non Hosted Adsense Account
Have you heard of non-hosted and hosted Adsense accounts? What is the actual difference between these two accounts? There are two different types of Adsense accounts that I will be distinguishing in your course of reading this post. I will be making a series of efforts to compare and contrast both the hosted and the non-hosted accounts. These two Adsense accounts come with separate policies and if you want to protect you Adsense account from ban, please endeavor to read through these terms and follow them to the letters.

Now let us compare and contrast a hosted and a non-hosted Adsense account:
What is the Hosted Adsense Account?

A hosted Adsense account is a type of Google Adsense account whereby ad publishers are allowed to serve advertisements from google hosted domains and partner programs alone. If you have a website with custom domain such as .com, .org, .info, .biz, .net etc, or an app hosted outside Google you are not permitted to serve ads through the Adsense program.

To register a hosted adsense account, all you need to is to sign up for the Adsense programme through Google owned products like Blogger and Youtube. You can distinguish a hosted account from a non-hosted one because ‘Hosted Account’ is clearly written in red at the top right hand corner of the publishers dashboard of Hosted Adsense accounts.

What are the Features of a Hosted AdSense account?

  • Hosted accounts are easier to get approval for
  • You can make money from Youtube and associated live events
  • Ads can only be served from websites hosted on the Google platform, i.e. Youtube, Blogger and Hubpages

What is a Non-Hosted Adsense Account?

Unlike hosted account which cannot used on any custom domain site, a non-hosted account can be used on any of your website. There are two ways to get a non-hosted account. It is either you apply to Adsense program with a self-hosted blog or you upgrade a hosted account to a non-hosted one. To identify a non-hosted account, just check the top right corner of your admin dashboard. You will not find the red text ‘Hosted Account’ there. This is used to differentiate a hosted account from a non-hosted one.

What are the features of Non-hosted Adsense account?

  • You are able to make money through Youtube and its live events
  • Whether your website is hosted on google or not, you can earn money from it through ad publishing
  • This account also allows you to make money through Adsense using windows and mobile apps
  • Non-hosted accounts are fully activated and you don’t need to apply for any upgrade

What other things should I know about hosted and non-hosted Adsense accounts?

For both the hosted and standard accounts, both Adsense cost per click (CPC) and Page Revenue per thousand impression (RPM), incuding other parameters reported are measured in the same way. You should not make the mistake of thinking one account would earn more than the other type. Having a hosted or non-hosted Google Adsense account does not mean your earnings will be more or less.

If you want to upgrade your hosted account to a non-hosted one, submit an upgrade review request from your Adsense publisher dashboard using the custom domain you want to use the non-hosted account with. If your request is successful, you won’t need to submit other domains before you place ads codes on them. Just ensure they are Adsense policy compliant to keep your account safe.

Finally, always note that you can earn reasonably with Adsense if you have decent traffic to your pages and if also you know your onions very well.

These are the basic differences which every publisher must know about Hosted and non-hosted Adsense account. Whether you have a hosted or a non hosted account, with reasonable traffic and high paying keywords you can earn decent money from Google AdSense program.

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