How Much Do Dental X-rays Cost?


How much is a dental X ray without insurance? It is the responsibility of the dentist to provide his patients with the best dental care, but merely looking at the dentition of the patient may not reveal all that they need to know. The next action to take will be to recommend a dental x-ray.

Dental x-rays will give the dentist the accurate diagnosis and allow them to treat the dental problem before it gets more serious. In the course of this article, we will discuss how much does dental x-rays cost


X-rays, which are also called radiographs, will give the dentist the opportunity to view inside and between the teeth. The dentist will also be able to see the tip of the roots and bones that lie beneath the gums and other places that are not normally visible to the naked eye.

X-rays are utilised as a part of a routine examination to phase out diseases that affect the oral cavity. Not only that, they also assist the dentists to diagnose any isolated or specific issues that the patient might be experiencing with the teeth.

X-rays can also be used to evaluate the level of decay in the teeth as well as check for cavities within the teeth. And since most x-rays reveal the root of the teeth, the presence of abscesses, cyst and other foreign bodies can as well be diagnosed.


The most common types of x-rays that are utilised at a dental clinic are periapical, bitewing and panoramic radiographs. During a routine examination, the dentist may likely take 2 to 4 bitewing x-rays, which will reveal the tip part of the teeth and this is done to check for early signs of teeth decay.

If the doctor wants to take a closer look at the teeth’s bone or tips of the root, then he will carry out a periapical x-ray to get the best view.

A panoramic x-ray will be taken from outside of the mouth and this will give the dentist the chance to see the entire mouth cavity in one large x-ray. The image will reveal the entire teeth, the lower and upper jaws as well as the sinus areas.


Dentals x-rays are mostly done yearly, or when the dentist is trying to track the progress of dental issue on the patient. There are so many factors that affect how often a patient might require getting dental x-rays and they are under listed below:

  • Age of the patient
  • The current oral health of the patient
  • Presence of a oral disease
  • Patient’s history of gum disease.

If you are consulting the dentist as a new patient, you may probably be compelled to take a dental x-ray. This will enable your doctor to have clear picture of the state of your dental health. And also important if you have not had any previous x-ray done from a prior appointment with another dentist.

It is more likely that children get dental x-rays often than adult. This is so because the dentist might need to observe the growth of their teeth as they grow in age. Doctors need to monitor the growth of the baby teeth to decide if there will be a need to pull it out to avoid any form of complication in the child.


How much does a dental exam and xrays cost? Although traditional x-rays will capture the image of the object on film, it is not uncommon to see dentists now going for the digital option, which transmits the image directly to the computer. Be it x-ray on film of digital, the price of dental x-ray doe not seem to be affected. What matters most is the type of x-ray taken on the patient.

The cost of dental x-ray will also be determined by the dentist working on the patient as well as the location of the clinic.

Bitewing x-rays are most of the time taken in 2 sets, (the right and left section) and 4 sets for adults. This will cost between $10 to $25 for a single capture or a much as $40 to $100 for a set.

If the patient will be going for a periapical x-ray, this will cost between $15 to $30

A panomaric x-ray will cost between $60 and $150


When a patient goes for an x-ray, he will be made to pay for the labour that is involved in the x-ray and the images captured are considered to be the property of the doctor. A nomical charge of about $30 can be charged if a dentist will send a previously captured image to another doctor.


For patients that are seeking for discounts, they can get discounts from dental colleges that offer discounts for services that are performed by supervised students. It is even possible to get free x-rays done at these centres.

Low income patients can also benefit from partial fee payments that are being offered by some dental groups.


If you need to get a dental x-ray, it can be done at most dental clinics or at any radiological center.

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