Daycare Business Plan Executive Summary

Daycare Business Plan Executive Summary

Are you interested in writing an executive summary for your day care business? I am well aware that a lot of startup entrepreneurs find the very first part of a business plan a little challenging. I am talking about the executive summary.

This is why in this article I have made available to you, information that can guide you in writing the executive summary for your day care business.

This article will provide you with an overview of what an executive summary is, as well as providing you with a detailed sample of an executive summary for a day care business.

Executive Summary –What it is About

An executive summary is simply an overview of all the major aspects of your business plan. It is as simple as that. It is not as difficult as one may think. However, a lot of effort has to be put into writing an executive summary for your business plan. The reason, I think, is quite obvious.

Your executive summary is like a pitch for your business. It is the first thing that your investors will read, and it is what will determine whether the whole business plan document will be read or not.

An executive summary is the first thing that appears in your business plan, but that does not in any way mean it is the first thing you will have to write. In fact, it is the very last thing you will have to write, because it is actually a brief summary of everything you have in your business plan document.

Below is a sample of an executive summary for a day care business

Sample Executive Summary for a Day Care Business

Brilliant Kids Day Care is a startup organization that is committed to providing day care services to Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States. Brilliant Kids Day Care is an excellent and safe place where parents could put their kids and be sure they are taken good care of. The Brilliant Kids Day Care will cater for children that are above three months old but less than six (6) years old.

There are several day care facilities owned and managed within the United States of America. About 29% of the market is accounted for by the largest day care facilities around the United States, and they contain about 20-90 children. The other day care facilities that are not so large can contain a maximum of 20 children.

The market is a very competitive one; and Brilliant Kids Day Care will do everything permissible within the law to mark itself out in the industry. One of such things includes our pricing system. Our pricing system will be 5% below the conventional prices of the leading day care services in Michigan.

Another of such areas where we have a competitive advantage over the market will be the remarkable services we will be providing. Up until now, we have made sure we hire nothing short of the very best, experienced and customer-friendly employees. Miss Smith is one employee whose relationship with parents and kids is outstanding. She will also be putting her more than fifteen (15) years experience on the table as well.

Training programmes have been put in place to ensure our employees are well-trained to truly represent the brand’s philosophy. Our philosophy is to breed good customer relationship with both children and parents.

Out target market will be on a particular major customer segment; which is the full-time working couples. According to our research of the statistical data in the industry, the full-time working couples make up more than 75% of the day care business in the United States. This will be a huge market to take advantage of in the state of Michigan.

Brilliant Kids Day Care will be owned and run by Miss Edison. She will be the owner and Chairman Executive Officer (CEO) of the day care business. The brand has acquired the services of both Miss Smith, and Miss Catherine Adams. They both have had immense experience in the industry, and their expertise and experience will truly benefit Brilliant Kids Day Care, especially in the first startup year of recruiting more employees.

Miss Smith and Miss Adams will both be responsible for recruiting new employees to fill the relevant positions in the business. With the help of both Miss Smith and Miss Adams, we will be sure of garnering the very best hands in running Brilliant Kids Day Care and working towards achieving our business goal and objectives.

Brilliant Kids Day Care has set as its goal to become the number one parents’ choice for day care services for their children. We have been able to set out several objectives to achieve this goal. Brilliant Kids Day Care is in business to make profits, but our mission is simply to provide the very best day care services to our customers (parents and children) in the whole of Michigan.

Brilliant Kids Day Care has been able to carry out a thorough feasibility study and come up with a total estimate of $100,000 as the startup capital required to start the day care business. Miss Edison has been able to come up with as much as $50,000 from her savings and from the support of her fiancé.

The other $50,000 will be contributed by sourcing a soft loan from Miss Edison’s bank.  The startup capital will be used for obtaining the needed equipment and facilities, leasing of a space, and for the running of the day care business for the first six (6) months.

From our research and deep analysis based upon available data in the industry, we are well convinced that we will be able to settle all debts before the second quarter of our second year of doing business.

Brilliant Kids Day Care is quite young, but we are very optimistic it will reach its desired height in a few years.

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