Dave and Busters Franchise Cost Price, Profit and Startup Opportunities

Dave and Busters Franchise Opportunities

Do you want to franchise with Dave and Busters restaurant business? Are you planning to start a Dave and Busters business in your area? What is that latest news you want to hear about Dave and Busters Franchise?

If you are in need of reliable and resourceful information on Dave and Busters franchise, coming down here to read all what it encompasses is not a mistake but rather a useful tips to get a franchise like dave and busters.


Apparently, you are here as a result of your interest in knowing more about the opening procedure to Dave and Buster’s franchise as well as the necessary requirements to buy into the franchise. If really you want a franchise opportunity with Dave and Busters, you are task to know these things I will discuss now beforehand.



Is dave and busters a franchise? Dave and Buster’s is a leading head, owner, operator and general overseer of venues and event that mix pleasure, entertainment, dining and gives it customers the great opportunity to watch, play, eat and drink all in a single location.

Dave and Busters offer a nice and confirm menu among which are the ‘Fun American New Gourmet’ food, appetizer, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and others. Among its service is also the extensive and wider range assortment of aesthetic entertainment centered around playing varieties of games, watching different field events as it breaks and others TV shows.

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How many dave and busters locations are there? D and B is the acronyms of Dave and Busters, it is a restaurant business incorporated with entertainments and has become known almost all over the state. The restaurant business, Dave and Busters started in Dallas, Texas and presently they are having up to 80 stores they franchise throughout United States. Dave and busters net worth currently runs into millions of dollars.

Dave and Buster’s amusement center in conjunction with restaurant business serve and cater for people 24/7, and this bring about their ability to serve their customers at an efficient and very effective ways and time. Their restaurant business serves different kinds of foods and drinks be it seafood, chicken, pasta, burgers even steaks all are available at Dave and Busters restaurant.

How much does dave and busters make a year? Till today, the innovative has yielded well and proved the doubting Thomas wrong, the concept has been successful over the years and it leads to the Dave and Busters restaurant business to be profitable and tagged as giant among it peers. The business chain has gone viral. This is why many investors look forward to franchise dave and busters.


This amusement park is an additional section joined to the restaurant business and this make it to stand out in the midst of restaurant business owner in the States. The amusement section include, pocket billiard, darts, game board and others.

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Other sections also contain painting room, toy collection Galaxian, pump it up etc. If you are interested in playing these games or any of them, you are expected to buy a power card which serve as a ticket before you will be allowed.

Also, there are many cool games in their store, you have the opportunity to watch and play different field event and other indoor games with some undeniable options you can choose from.


They upgrade their food items from what it is known for before, now they serve quality and classy, confirm and up to the moment foods, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. There drinks are of strawberry flavored ice cubes, where else could you find this? D&B restaurant serves pasta, dessert and other remarkable foods.


Presently, Dave and Busters restaurants business is being opened in different cities in United State and some states in Canada.

In the United States, you can find Dave and Busters menu in California, Florida, Colorado, Hawaii, Georgia, Illinois, Idaho, Maryland, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, New York city, Rhode Island, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin and you can easily find them as well in Ontario Canada, where they are having three different locations.

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Dave and Busters business operate on a daily basis, meaning three hundred and sixty five days, fifty two weeks and twelve months in a fiscal year if not leap year.

How much is a Dave and Busters franchise?

  • How much does it cost to open a dave and busters?
  • Is dave and busters a franchise that is expensive? 
  • What is the average dave and busters franchise price and fee?


What is the current Dave and busters franchise fee? At present, Dave and Busters don’t have any franchise affiliates program in United States but to franchise with them from other part of the world, you can submit your details to their website or endeavor to visit their headquarter for the necessary Dave and busters franchise info and guidelines.


There are two major tips you need to know and at the same it is a suggestion for your successful take off Dave and Busters franchise. If you really want to join this team, you need to reside or locate your store somewhere around Metro city, University or college environment or places with high population of inhabitants.

Dave and Busters Corporate office always accept any form of application and does reply when they convenient.

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  1. I am a United States Marine and I have a great proposal for a location where I feel there should be a Dave and Busters that will blow out any other location with profit and income. The best location should be in Jacksonville, North Carolina. We have the biggest Military installation right here in Jacksonville. Please return this email with some thought on this request.

  2. I am a Soldier in the US Army located in Fayetteville NC. You should give some consideration in bringing the Dave and Buster franchise to the area.

  3. New Jersey needs a franchise. New York city and New York state have one, but nowhere in between.

  4. Please consider bringing a Dave and Busters to Clinton, MS located between Jacson, MS and Vicksburg, MS. Also Clinton is a college town. Moreover, there is a Continental Tire Plant being built in Clinton. What population is necessary for this type of restaurant? Thank you for your consideration.


    GiGi Early

  5. I love Dave & Busters! I think my family and I have a perfect location for one. The building used to be a Sports Authority and is in a heavily trafficked area. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can discuss more!

  6. I believe a D and B will do well in the Pensacola, Florida area, somewhere near Pensacola Beach, Downtown, or near the University of West Florida area.

  7. I’m from Ms where there’s a lot of Nothings here for the average teenager
    I grew up here then I move out of state for a while to Pennsylvania I grew up on Dave and busters it kept me out of trouble many days if you take a look at MS we chuckie cheese for the kids theses sky jumps but that’s it I liked Dave and buster when I was a kid and I’m 30 now and I still love it I have a great location for it also and I think it take down the crime rate in this state they dont have anything here my location is in Hattiesburg it’s not far and it has a lot of traffic coming through Alabama, Florida, Louisiana so think about it research get back with me.

  8. In the city of Ellensburg, WA where Central Washington University is located would be a great place to have a Dave & Busters. It would provide a place for the students to find work in the area and bring jobs to those that live in the community. Also here in the Tri-cities of WA area, (Pasco, Kennewick and Richland) is another great opportunity to have a Dave & Busters.

  9. hello I would love to be part of your franchise, I have an excellent metropolitan area with at least 6 colleges and universities within a very reasonable commute. let me know if you are interested. I look forward in hearing from you and doing business.

    Best regards,

  10. I’m located in Chesapeake Virginia. I live in the Western Branch area close to Chesapeake Square Shopping center. I believe a Dave and Buster will be a profitable business in this area. School, close to other city, and have a lot of room for business opportunity. This area is very family and friend oriented.

  11. There’s a perfect building in a PRIME location in Dothan AL that would be a spectacular place for a Dave and Busters franchise.

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