CV Joint Replacement Cost – How Much Do CV Axles Cost?

Complete Cost to Replace a CV JOINT

How much will it cost to fix a CV joint? The purpose of the CV joint in the axle shaft is to link the car wheels to the gears. Typically the CV joint will only fail when there is no lubrication or when there is so much wear and tear. The reason why failure of the CV joint occurs is lack of lubrication and this generally indicates that the grease in the boot has issues.

Most of the time, when issues like this come up, it is always recommended to have a full axle shaft replacement as this presents a straightforward and most cost efficient method of resolving the issue with a CV joint that is faulty.

The cost of replacing a CV joint can even be considered as the same with replacing the axle shaft and this will depend on if the replacement is a lone or double replacement


A CV joint is situated one of the ends of the front axle and always connected to the front wheels. When the accelerator of the vehicle is pressed, the CV joints respond by spinning and then moving the vehicle. The parts of the CV joint will spin around a layer of grease, which is held in a rubber boot and oil the joints to give the movement of the vehicle a smooth ride.


What does a CV joint sound like when it is bad? When the boot that surround the CV joints begin to crack, then problem will then begin to set in. The crack will henceforth allow moisture and dirt to set , which if appropriate attention is not given, will damage the joint. When the boot is cracked or torn, the grease will also start to leak out.

The moment the entire grease leaks out, the joints will stop performing their function of moving the vehicle. However if the issue is addressed at the first sign of distress, the trouble scenarios will be avoided.


If you are able to detect a torn boot before the damage is done to the CV joints, the problem can be averted by simply repacking the grease and then reboot the joint. However, in most cases the CV joints would have been damaged the moment the boot has been affected.

When you have a CV joint issue, what is advisable to do is replacement of the CV joint along with the boot. You will need to discuss this with your mechanic before finally deciding on what to do. So how much does it cost to replace a CV joint?


What is the average CV axle replacement cost for Honda accord, Nissan altima, Toyota corolla, Camry, Hyundai, Volvo, etc. The CV joint replacement cost, can be between $150 and $600 and this will depend on the model, make and type of the vehicle. Large and luxury vehicle can cost about $500 to $1,200 or even more.

Sometimes, what will be required is just to replace the half axle and boot on one side, but most of the times, they are replaced on both sides. The cost of replacing one axle and boot on cars passenger cars can be between $150 to $300 and the cost of replacing the axle and boot on both sides can cost between $200 and $500.

On minivans and SUVs, cost will be between $130 and $300 on one side and $300 to $1,000 on both sides.

To avoid payment for high labour costs, it can be cheaper to replace the bad CV joint by yourself. But for those that cannot get it done by themselves can actually give out the service to a professional mechanic to get it done.


Just like any issues with vehicles, it will be quite cheaper to prevent a CV joint issue than to repair them after it occurs. It is quite advisable to always check the boots every time the wheel of the vehicle are removed. In a situation whereby you or your mechanic find a little crack, but the grease is yet to leak out, you can simply decide to replace the boot only. But in all, locating the problem soonest and then addressing it is the best bet to save yourself a lot of money.


To get a CV joint replacement done at some shops, you will be required to get a wheel alignment, which can cost you about $20 to $400. Although a wheel alignment many not be necessary after the replacement of the CV joint, but there is always a high possibility of the alignment being affected when there is an issue with the CV joint


As an AAA member, you can get discounts from some repair shops. And some dealerships also offer free CV joint replacement if your car is still under the warranty period.


Apart from the cost of replacing a CV joint, you might also be saddled with the problem of getting a good centre to have your vehicle’s CV joint replaced. You can actually make a local search of mechanic shops around you. But always ensure that you settle for a shop that is credible enough not to add more damage to your vehicle.

Your car dealer is also one of the best stops for a CV joint replacement as most car dealership will even offer a free service to you.

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