CruiseOne Franchise Cost, Fee and Profit Opportunities

CRUISEONE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit Margin, Revenue and Locations

Do you have a passion for holiday or the travel industry? Would you rather have a flexible “work from anywhere” business model? Or have you always mulled over owning a lucrative but low cost franchise opportunity? Then look no further as the CruiseOne franchise opportunity is the perfect choice for you. CruiseOne – a part of World Travel Holdings- is the world’s largest seller of cruises and other travel related products and services.


Over the years, CruiseOne has constantly shown to be an industry leader with more than a thousand independently owned travel franchise spread across different locations. In the course of this article, you will get detailed information on how much is a CruiseOne franchise.


CruiseOne– a part of WorldTravelHoldings, the world’s largest cruise agency – is a travel-sales agency selling travel packages such as travel protection, shore excursions, hotels rentals, escorted tours, all-inclusive resorts etc. to individuals, couples, families, groups, and businesses.

Established in 1992, CruiseOne has since revolutionized the whole cruise industry and has now grown to have a strong franchise chain of 1000+ independently operated cruise agencies.


With numerous CruiseOne agents spread across different locations in the States, one might want to know if indeed it is a franchise. Yes. CruiseOne is a franchise and the world’s leading cruise company has been selling franchise opportunities since 1992.


With over two decades experience selling its franchises, indeed CruiseOne has mastered its franchise model. CruiseOne franchisees can sell and earn commissions on different travel packages and services. Running a CruiseOne franchise requires no inventory nor overhead,with an internet connection, a CruiseOne franchise can be managed on the go.

CruiseOne is currently seeks for franchise agreement with different individuals in various regions in the United States. When you become a CruiseOne franchisee, be sure to be offered a strong support, lead-converting marketing programs and exceptional relationships that will help you extend memorable experiences to your customers.



Becoming a CruiseOne franchisee today will give you the following opportunities:

  1. CruiseOne is recognized as the ‘BEST TRAVEL AGENCY FRANCHISE’. When you buy their franchise, you have the opportunity to be a part of a widely recognized brand.
  2. A CruiseOne franchise opportunity will help you create the work-life balance you want. With an internet connection, you can operate your business from wherever you desire; home, office, anywhere!
  3. The CruiseOne franchise is a low-cost investment business. The company runs a range of discounts and promos for their franchisees.
  4. The CruiseOne franchise has a World-class support. The company takes pride in its unmatched and dedicated support offered to their franchisees. CruiseOne support teams are always available to help with any difficulty being experienced by their franchisees.
  5. CruiseOne spends over a $1,000,000 annually to create exclusive promos and brand awareness which generate good leads. As a CruiseOne franchisee, be sure to grow a robust client base from the awareness.
  6. As a CruiseOne franchisee, you too, get travel discounts for you to gather more travel experience by traveling the world.
  7. A CruiseOne franchise is a home-based travel business. You are not geographically restricted.
  8. The CruiseOne franchise is very lucrative. No prior business ownership or experience is necessary.
  9. About 70% of United States residents have been said to not have ever cruised, this is a huge yet untapped market that you can fully explore.
  10. Other support services offered by CruiseOne to their franchisees include adequate training, user-friendly dedicated websites for your clienteles, loyalty programs, email marketing, public relations among others.


The CruiseOne franchise cost is the aggregate of all the investments required to establish a fully working CruiseOne franchise for you. The initial investment needed to open a CruiseOne franchise unit is between $3,245 and $21,850. As an internet-based business, the net worth or liquid cash availability of the franchisee are not dependant factors.


Before a new franchise can be established by CruiseOne, the prospective franchisee has to obtain a license. The payment that will be made so as to be granted a license to operate under the company’s brand and identities is the CruiseOne franchise fee. The initial franchise fees ranges between $495 and $9,800, depending on the level at which the franchisee intends to operate. Also expected is a royalty fee of 3% of the monthly gross sales of the franchise unit, and an ad royalty fee of up to $1,000 per year.


Yes. CruiseOne offers adequate training to their franchisees. This training is compulsory and must be satisfactorily completed by the franchisee not later than 60 days after signing the franchise agreement. Irrespective of the level at which the franchisee wants to operate, CruiseOne offers a 6-day training to all franchisees. Additional trainings may be conducted too, but are optional for franchisees.


Yes. CruiseOne offers funding to qualified franchisees, although it is only limited to the initial franchise fee. CruiseOne have a range of discount offers for their prospective franchisees like the 20% discount off the franchise fee to U. S Veterans and the ‘up to 70-95%’ off franchise fee for experienced travel professionals.


CruiseOne franchises are virtual businesses. They are not physically restricted as they can be run from franchisees’ homes or offices.


The lifespan with which a CruiseOne franchise can operate is 5 years. After the expiration of this term, the agreement cannot be renewed. However, a successor franchise agreement may be signed but only at the discretion of CruiseOne.


Once you have familiarized yourself with all the information in this piece on how to open a CruiseOne franchise, visit the company’s franchise website and fill out your application form.

Your application will be assessed by the company, if approved for their franchise business; you will get a franchise development manager who along with his team will help you set up your CruiseOne franchise.



CruiseOne Dream vacation was established in 1992. It is the biggest cruise agency in the world today and is a firm reputed for making available special offers to clients that can’t be found elsewhere.

Overtime, CruiseOne Dream vacation has built a network of agencies that ensures the success of each and every one of them. This was achieved by promoting a culture which ensures that different agents under this agency relate with one another closely. By so doing, agents are able to get to know how other franchisees where able to build their businesses to whatever level they are on.

About Cruise One Dream Vacation Franchise
CruiseOne Dream Vacation franchise was established in 1993. It is a franchise company that is concerned with helping travel agents built world class travelling agencies. For agents to benefit from the amazing franchise program that is offered by CruiseOne franchise, they would have get registered and begin and intensive training at the head office of this company.

CruiseOne Dream Vacation franchise offers entrepreneurs more than just the needed training to survive in the travel agent business. It goes on to make available to agents the tools for effective online and offline marketing. The level of patience with which CruiseOne dream vacation staff deal with their agents makes them produce some of the best agents in the travel agent’s industry.

CruiseOne Dream Vacation franchise offers their franchisees a superior technology when compared to other franchises, this is one reason they stand out. With the level of technology that is offered by this franchise, agents under this franchise are provided with all that they need to market to and service their clients properly.

How Much Does a CruiseOne Dream Vacation Franchise Cost?
The CruiseOne dream vacation franchise is a very high value franchise that only needs a little investment. If you are thinking of starting a CruiseOne dream vacation franchise but are not sure about how expensive it is, then you do not have to worry. This is because with a total investment of $9800, you can own a CruiseOne dream vacation franchise.

What is the Initial Fee for CruiseOne Dream Vacation Franchise
There is no much difference between the fees for the CruiseOne dream vacation franchise and total investment. This is because the initial fee that should be paid for this franchise remains the absolute amount that gets invested in the CruiseOne dream vacation franchise.

What is the Startup cost of the CruiseOne Dream Vacation Franchise
If you are interested in starting a CruiseOne dream vacation franchise but do not have the total amount that is needed for this franchise, you can start up with an initial amount of $3,500.

CruiseOne Dream Vacation Franchise Training and Support
To own a CruiseOne dream vacation franchise, training is not negotiable. Every franchisee will have to undergo training before becoming a satisfied owner of a franchise. That’s not all to the training. The training must be carried out to the satisfaction of the franchisor and must be done not more than two months after the date of signing franchise agreement.

Usually, the training for franchisees on level one and level two lasts for 6 days respectively. Also, it cannot be done online. It has to be done in person at CruiseOne Dream Vacation training facility that is located in Florida.

Franchisees on level 3 that are looking to get trained can choose to do so online.

CruiseOne Dream Vacation Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
CruiseOne Dream Vacation franchise is valid for 5 years. When the 5-years agreement elapses, franchisees do not have the right to renew the agreement. This is irrespective of whether the initial agreement was successful or not.

How Much Does CruiseOne Dream Vacation Franchise Make?
There is no available information regarding the amount that is made by CruiseOne Dream Vacation franchise. For an information about how much is made by this franchise, visit

However, it is important to be aware that the amount made by this franchise is dependent on some factors. Chief among them is location of franchise. This is because different locations have varying numbers of people that are interested in cruising or going for a vacation.

How to Open a CruiseOne Dream Vacation Franchise
You do not need to have any prior experience as a travel agent before you can successfully become a CruiseOne dream vacation franchise owner. However, if you must be successful in this business, you will need to be an entrepreneur and also be very much interested in travelling.

Starting up a CruiseOne dream vacation franchise is one of the easiest things to do in the world of business. All you need to do if interested is pay an initial amount of $3,500. After this amount is paid, the next thing to be done is go through the needed training. To get more information on how to start a CruiseOne Dream vacation franchise visit Cruiseone

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