How Much Does it Cost to Overnight a Letter?


How much is it to overnight a letter at the post office? Do you know what it cost to send a package overnight? There are always some emergency cases whereby you would want to send out a letter and want it delivered overnight. It could be to customers, families. A lot of people have asked us the question “how much it cost to overnight a letter”. In the course of this article, we will take a look at 3 major shipping firms: UPS, FedEx and US Postal Service.


USPS is considered the leader when it comes to overnight letter delivery service. It has a Priority Mail express Service that allows a sender to have their mail delivered to any part of the United States in just 24 hours. USPS also has the lowest cost option for their various services, at least compared to other carriers. They also provide free deliveries on Saturday unlike UPS and FedEx that even charge their customers extra fee on weekends.

It might be quite challenging to compare these 3 carriers when it comes to swift overnight of letters. There seems to be a regular punctuality when it comes to deliveries of letters

If you will be going for the USPS option, it will be very important to understand that their Priority Mail Express Flat Rate packs are considered the best option for any shipment that will be inserted into them.


The cost to overnight a letter with USPS will depend on the size of the envelope. Standard envelopes are most of the times prices at $21.18 and padded envelopes are priced at $21.64. Please note that the dimension of the envelopes is 12.5 X 9.5”. the flat rate for envelopes that measure 15” x 9.5” is $21.28.

And it is quite interesting to note that the rates at USPS are considered the lowest compared to parcels shipped by FedEx or UPS.


How much does it cost to FedEx an envelope? It is also possible to overnight a letter with FedEx. First overnight at FedEx has an 8am delivery to major A1 locations. Deliveries are only available on Mondays through Fridays. Priority Overnight deliveries are set at 8am to AA locations, 12pm for AM locations and 4:30pm to PM locations. Deliveries can also be made from Monday to Saturday.

The standard overnight parcel delivery at FedEx is at 3pm. They make deliveries to AA and AM areas by 3pm and PM areas by 4:30pm. Deliveries are as well from Monday to Saturday.

At FedEx, you can get to use the FedEx Envelope to package standard and legal size document and they have the capacity of about 60 pages of unfolded A4 papers. The maximum weight allowed is 500g and these will include the contents, documentation and the envelope.

FedEx offers the fastest means to ship items and documents within the United States of America as well as Europe through their FedEx International Service. Basically, deliveries to these international locations can take as much as 2 to 3 business days. Deliveries are made at 8am and 9am, respectively.

FedEx feeds more than 220 countries of the world. The countries are categorised into different zones: Zone A, Zone D, Zone E, Zone F and also Zone H. 


The cost to overnight a letter at FedEx varies depending on the zone that the item needs to be delivered to. Envelope costs are at $79.40 to Zone A, $68.80 for Zone D, $101.50 to Zone E, $110.40 to Zone F and $110.30 to Zone H. These costs are pertaining to express mails.

It is also possible to get a special handling service at FedEx. To have an address corrected, it will cost $13.20. Saturday deliveries will cost $22.50, pick up on Saturdays will cost $18.75, and out of delivery areas will cost $26.40.


UPS is one of the major and most popular shipping carriers, not only in the United States, but in other parts of the world. They make deliveries to almost all the countries of the world. And their services include overnight, same day and next day shipping. UPS has one of the largest fleets of aircrafts.


You can get a same day delivery service at UPS via their UPS Express Critical. This service covers lightweight and heavyweight shipments within the United States and other parts of the world.

A customer can also go for the Express Service option at UPS and their mails will be delivered as early as 8am. The UPS next say Air Early sends out shipments at 10:30am of the next day of business. 

Another service that you can get at UPS is the Next Day Air. This service has your document delivered at 3pm of the following day. Customers can decide to choose this service if they desire to have their items delivered on the next afternoon. 

All items sent through UPS can be tracked on the internet.


Here is the answer if you need to know how much it cost to overnight a letter. All the major shipping carriers have their own advantages. And there are varying rates for local and international deliveries. It is now upon you to determine which one you will go for. But whichever of the carrier you choose to deal with, all you need to ensure is that they are giving you the best service and you are getting a good value for your money

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