How Much Does it Cost to Board a Dog?


How much does it cost to board two dogs for a week or a month? There are sometimes when dog owners will need to have a getaway. It could be a vacation or a business trip that they need to make urgently. There might not be enough time planned to have their dogs travel with them, and so they will need to have a boarding service to keep the dog in good shape until they get back. There are actually many options available depending on the lifestyle and budget of the dog owner. Do you know

In the course of this article, we will discuss the cost to board a dog.


When it comes to boarding a dog, there are many options that can be adopted depending on the needs of the dog as well as its owner. And the option chosen will determine the cost to board the dog

  1. DOG KENNEL: When a dog owner decides to board the dog at a kennel facility, the accommodation available to the dog will depend on the facility chosen by the owner. Although most facilities do include services such as feed, water, crate bedding, walks and plays with other resident dogs.

The cost to board a dog in the kennel facility will de determined by the location of the facility, you will likely pay more in the city than in the rural areas. The price for an overnight boarding will be in the range of $20 to $40. You will be able to get a discount if the dog is staying for a longer period

  1. THE DOG HOTEL: There are hotel facilities available to dogs also if the dog owner is actually looking for a more advanced and classic boarding option for the dog. Dog hotels are very much different from dog kennels in that they offer more luxurious services to the dog. A dog boarded in a dog hotel will get comfy beds, private rooms, gourmet foods, spa treatment, televisions, playtime, daily walks with 24 hours supervision. How much does Petsmart charge for boarding?

The cost of boarding a dog in a hotel will start from $50 per night and can even go for as much as $200 depending on the facilities available for the dog. And pricing will also depend on the location of the facility and discounts will as well be given for long-term stays.

  1. IN-HOME BOARDING: This option is preferable for dog owner that do not want their dogs to be exposed to infections and diseases that are typical of external boarding, especially with the kennel boarding. With this option, the owner will hire a dog sitter for the dog, who will be responsible for caring for the dog right in the home of the boarder. How much do you pay someone to dog sit?

This option has a lot of benefits, which include a comfortable home environment that the dog has been accustomed to, personalised attention, and reduction in the risk of getting infected with diseases that is typical of an external dog home.

The cost of boarding the dog in its home is quite affordable as the dog owners will even be the ones to set the payment for the dog sitter. At the same time, the boarders are themselves dog lovers who just like to provide this kind of service for extra cash. Pricing may be between $10 and $15 per night.

  1. PET SITTER: To reduce the cost of boarding a dog, a dog owner might consider getting a pet sitter in lieu of boarding the dog. The pet sitter will be expected to come into the home of the owner and care for the dog while the owners are away. If additional arrangements are made, the pet sitter will also work overnight to ensure that the dog is maximally secured. To locate a pet sitter, dog owners can actually search the directory of

The cost of hiring a pet sitter will depend on what the dog owner requests of the pet sitter. Could be the years of experience as well as their qualifications. A pet sitter can charge between $20 and $30 daily. The price might be increased if night plans are included.


It is possible for dog owners to get extra services at most dog boarding facilities. Dogs can get a walk time, playtime with staff and other dogs for an additional payment of $5. Dog hotels will also offer special treatments for the dogs such as spa treatment, steak dinners and so on. This can cost an additional $30

You will also be expected to pay an extra fee if you want your dog bathed at the end of its stay in the boarding home. This can cost $10 and more. Dogs that require extra medications can also be serviced at an extra cost of $2 or depending on the price of the medicine that the dog requires.


You can get information from other dog owners that have used the service of a boarding facility around you. The veterinary doctor will also be of help when it comes to locating a dog boarding house. You can also make a good search on the internet. will offer great services for your dogs at a very good pricing.

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