Fish Pond Construction: Concrete, Earthen, Plastic, Collapsible Mobile Fish Pond


How much does a fish pond cost? The cost of building fish pond depends on the price of materials you intend to build with and how many fish you want to stock in it. Assuming you want to use an open plastic tank, intending to start with about 300 – 400 fingerings, around #60k – #65k is all u need.

The fish industry, which continues to witness growth has apart from depending on rivers, seas and oceans for supply of fish, also depends on alternative sources of fish through the establishment of fisheries.

There are costs involved in the rearing of fish which includes buying of feeds, construction of fish pond among other related costs. However, this article concentrates on the cost of a fish pond construction, making available all the necessary expenses involved in making this a reality.

Things to Consider in Fish Pond Construction

The cost of constructing a standard fish pond depends on several factors that may include the techniques applied in its construction, the size of the pond, the material used in its construction, the fishes and plants to be kept as well as the type of pond.

These are necessary in ensuring that the fish pond being constructed is durable and reliable, providing the best condition for rearing of fishes. Fish ponds, especially artificial ones require a great deal of maintenance to ensure that the conditions within the pond achieve equilibrium. This provides just the right conditions for fishes to thrive.

Types of Fish Ponds

There are a variety of fish ponds which are all built to serve the same purpose. However, the two fish pond types this article will be concentrating on include the Koi carp fish pond, which cost far more than the second type of fish pond which is the natural pond.

This type of fish pond construction does not require filters, pumps or maintenance, as it has its own adequate biological balance which adequately allows fishes to thrive in its environment without much artificial interference.

The Cost of Fish Pond Construction

The cost of a small fish pond, measuring a thousand litres costs up to $300. A large pond holding Koi typically has a price tag that hovers around $2,000 to $5,000 range. The costs of the fish ponds depend on the size and the type of the fish ponds.

The cost incurred in the construction of a fish pond depends on which type of pond is being constructed. However, one can find already built artificial ponds in the market place.

Artificially Constructed Fish Ponds Vs. Natural Ponds

The artificially built/constructed fish ponds are both constructed from polyester or HPDE and reinforced with glass fibre. Other artificially constructed fish ponds are built from PVC or EPDM.

However, PVC ponds are the cheapest among artificially constructed fish ponds because although they have a lifespan of up to 15 years, they do not last as long as for instance EPDM which has a lifespan of up to 30 years, Double the lifespan of PVC ponds.

The advantage of having artificially constructed fish ponds are the ease of placement. Also, these artificially constructed ponds can be changed or replaced in the event that they develop problems or can be reused at any time for the same purpose.

Construction of the natural pond which provides natural conditions for the fishes and has low maintenance costs is the most expensive among all types of fish pond constructions. This is so because it is labour intensive and time consuming. It has to contain clay, loam or concrete, and is usually constructed by specialist companies with professionals that know how best to deliver a perfect job.

Maintenance of Fish Ponds

After successfully completing the construction of a fish pond, work does not end there, as maintenance is crucial to how much costs is saved in repairs over a duration of time. The maintenance of fish ponds can be carried out by properly inspecting pond filters, plants, clearing of sludge.

Doing this frequently will ensure that the fish pond equipments do not have to be frequently changed as their lifespan is considerably improved through ensuring that they are not unnecessarily clogged with debris and dirt.

Fish Pond Materials

There are certain materials contributing to the cost of fish pond construction. The cost of these materials significantly raises the overall cost of fish ponds. The most common and recurring materials contributing significantly to the cost of fish ponds include the preformed pond basins and the pond liner.

However, for large ponds, which are the most expensive, they are either made of clay, loam or concrete. All these materials contribute significantly to the overall cost of fish pond construction. Below are brief explanations of both the preformed pond basins and the pond liner;

  • Preformed Pond Basins

These are made primarily from HPDE or polyester, and given support by glass fibre. Their advantages are that they can be easily replaced without much difficulty.

  • Pond Liner

The pond liner is made from 3 materials that include the PVC, EPDM and HDPE. However, these three materials apart from having different purchasing prices also have a varying duration or lifetime. This is seen in the lifetime of EPDM which lasts a longer period of time as compared to the others.


Here is a total breakdown of the cost of building a fish pond and the price of materials needed:


Each bag of cement for 30 blocks
For a 10ft by 10ft standard concrete pond:
168 blocks at 150 =              #25,200
Sand: half trip 1/2 tipper=      #8000
Gravel: 7 wheel barrows =        #20,000
Cement: 8 bags of cement =       #16,000
Cost of plumbing(inlet/outlet)=  #80,000
Workmanship =                    #20,000
Cost of pond treatment=          #30,000
Cost of borehole =               #450,000

A standard 10ft by 10ft by 4ft earthen pond will house 1000 fish to adult size.
Cost Of Digging:                      #40,000
Cost of Bagging:                      #20,000
Cost of fertilization:                 #15,000

Dimension (feet)                Fish Capacity (Adult)                 Price (Naira)
18ft by 18ft by 4ft              2000                                         #140,000
15ft by 15ft by 4ft              1500                                         #110,000
13ft by 13ft by 4ft              1000                                         #90,000
10ft by 10ft by 4ft              750-800                                    #80,000
7ft   by 7ft   by 4ft              300-450                                    #55,000
5ft   by 5ft   by 4ft              Hatchery                                   #35,000

Cost of Mobile Fish Pond

But if you are building more than one pond the price may be reduced by 10%. Also note that prices of building raw materials differ from state to state. This template was gotten from the southwestern part of Nigeria.

This article has focused on the cost of fish pond construction, and has sought to provide insight into the associated costs that come along with constructing a fish pond. With the information supplied here, the details and estimations of cost implications are made available for those interested in knowing the attendant costs accompanying the construction of fish ponds.

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