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Executive Summary for a Management Consulting Firm Business Plan

Are you interested in writing an executive summary for a consulting planning business? Consulting is a necessary area of business which holds a lot of promise for entrepreneurs. A lot of businesses require the services of consulting firms because they offer solutions to many business problems. However, starting a consulting business can be daunting especially if the needed structures or requirements are not put in place to ensure a smooth take-off of business. We are focusing on the consulting firm business plan executive summary as one of such requirements due to the importance it holds in producing a sound business plan.

This article will provide a sample consulting firm business plan executive summary, with the aim of enlightening and guiding entrepreneurs who would love to write one for their consulting firm business but have no clue on how to go about it. This is provided for guidance purposes only as we believe using this could eliminate most of the common problems faced in producing the business plan document.

The Executive Summary

Business Consults is a business consulting firm which specialized in the provision of a wide range of consulting services for both small and major companies. Located in Denver, Business consults is the destination for different services related to business, some of which include human resource consultation, finance related consulting, marketing and sales, the provision of sound advice in the organization of management related operations as well as the coverage of all technology related serves among several other areas of specializations.

The above areas may seem too much for the business, but we handle all these with a strong sense of professionalism. Our business is streamlined for efficiency and each of the key areas mentioned above is handled by seasoned professionals who are qualified in these fields. To achieve high efficiency, we have separated each consultant to oversee his/her particular area of expertise. This ensures that we are on top of any business related situation that concerns our esteemed clients.

Founded by Mr. Jim Ross who himself is a nationally renowned business consultant, his vast experience in business consulting as well as his reputation would be brought to bear on Business Consults. Already, we have set in motion strategies aimed at providing only the best to our clients through the organization of a periodic training program for our workforce who we hold dear to the realization of our vision. Best global practices will be adopted in our operations, with constant updates given through refresher courses and on-the-job trainings.

We are not the only consulting firm in business, as there are several other competitors offering similar services. However, an edge we would have over them is the adoption of global best practices in all our operations, as we believe in the maxim; “Act local, think global.” Also, through a process of constant self scrutiny, we intend identifying our areas of weakness as well as that of our competition, and improve in such areas to ensure we are always in top form to provide only the best services to our clients.

We will also be adopting a cost effective pricing strategy which is meant to attract patronage from clients. Our major concern is to provide world class business consulting solutions to clients, and at the same time building our reputation and brand.


Our mission is simple, as we seek to be among the best consulting firms in America. This would be achieved through tireless efforts at channel our energies where they would make the most impact. We would move faster towards our goals by setting up an efficient marketing unit which would coordinate all activities related to increasing or attracting patronage.


Funding for our business will come from 2 sources which are from savings set aside for this purpose and through debt financing. Currently, the owner has been able to raise the sum of $300,000 from personal savings, while the rest of the required funding of $500,000 will come from loans. We are already planning on ways to pay back this loan which would be accessed at an interest rate of 20%.

From our operations, we have projected a healthy profit inflow over a 10 year period, and this will adequately pay off the debt, leaving enough for reinvestment in the business.

A major part of the funding would go into hiring an office space, as well as the purchase of furniture and equipments such as computers and the development of proprietary software which would be used in troubleshooting likely problems faced by businesses.

Our Keys to Success

A major advantage we have over our competitors is the fact that we have experts in various fields handling problems related to their field. This is a major departure from what is normally obtainable where there are few number of persons overlap into other areas of specialty which they have little or no knowledge on. Also, we would approach every problem as a team, with everyone looking at the problem from his perspective and giving a general solution to such problems.

This is a sample consulting firm business plan executive summary that highlights major areas where entrepreneurs can take advantage of in writing their executive summary. The executive summary section deserves all the attention it can get, as a good job here can mean the survival or death of a business on papers.

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