Computer Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

List of Computer Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Are you a freelance writer in the computer niche or a blogger in the computer niche? Though this niche may not be much compare to other niches like business and finance but guest posting on top computer blogs can bring up in front of the few crowd that will welcomes your knowledge.

Do you have vast knowledge in the computer field? There are lots of readers who are looking for some insight on some specific areas around computer and will be willing to follow you if you are really seen as a guru in the field.

A number of bloggers are dedicated to the course of disseminating knowledge regarding this emerging cyber-world; giving information no far from subjects such as: Programming in C++, JavaScript, Facebook bots, Droids, etc. Below are a number of blogs that accept guest posts;

Top Ranked Computer Blogs that Accept Guest Posting


This blog covers technical articles on, Javascript,, MVC, the fundamentals of C#, and subjects such as using Microsoft cognitive services to create facebook and skype bots. Word length of articles for web site is about 800 words, while for the magazine, 1500-3000 words would do.


Offering tips and tricks regarding computers ranging from subjects such as how to get Dropbox on Linux, PC maintenance tips, where to find iPad settings, resolving problems with computer LCD, etc. This blog accepts guest posts strictly above 700 words in length; and thorough on the subject.

Your post should be exciting, original and should be clothed in relevance. You should also be willing to respond to comments. A link is allowed to your own blog to a post related to the one you have contributed.


This blog focuses on technology news and information about reviews, news, smartphones, gadgets, as well as their prices and the trend they follow as regards innovations. They accept guest post; and to do so, you would have to send an email to the editor’s mail which you can find on the blog.

You must also be aware that you get to pay for your articles to be published; however, you are given the privilege of including three links back to your own blog.


With Ishan and Jaya as editors, this blog is primarily concerned with providing software free for its visitors to use. This blog accepts guest posts in subjects such as how to control iPhone music player with gestures and monitoring softwares for CPU, drives, Network, etc.

You only need a good background in English to contribute, and then contact the editor Ishan by sending a mail containing your writing samples to By the way, you get paid for accepted articles.


This blog focuses on information of a tutorial nature, concerning step by step procedures for carrying out certain tasks that has to do with computers. Subjects go from how to speed up your computer to how to sell or buy on fiverr.

Guest articles are accepted on the subjects of tips, guides, tutorials, and advice on tech related topics. Visit the blogs guideline page to amass more details in this regard.


This blog focuses on delivering quality news on technology, gadgets, web development, social media, information technology, etc. This blog accepts guest posts and you are not limited as to the links permitted you. However, the price is to be patriotic to the rules and guidelines for guest bloggers who you can get from the blog itself.


This blog accepts posts on subjects like blogging tips, SEO, Tech news updates, social media and internet marketing. Guest posts are welcome after registration, and compliance to guidelines such as—no promotional links, no plagiarism, and absence of malicious backlinks—are highly promoted.

The posts should be 700 words and above and spiced with warm originality. Visit the blog for more details as to links permitted.


Providing its users with as much possible clues in attacking computer issues, this blog accept guest posts, and allow for one link in your bio. You can submit guest posts by completing a form in the guideline page of the blog, or alternatively via a provided email address.


This blog covers technology updates in gadgets, computers, tech news, and many digital information. It also accepts guest post which you submit in the form at the blog. Once submitted, your articles become a property of techblazes, but you would be however allowed link back to your blog. Topics go from operating systems, to games, laptops, etc.


Standing as one very famous blog with best software testing tutorials, it accepts guest posts which you can submit through the contact page of the blog, and in your bio which would be situated at the foot of your post, you would be allowed a link.

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