Companies in Competition – Direct, Indirect, Monopolistic


Do you know any two competing companies in the same industry? What do you think of companies in perfect competition? Here is a list of famous brands competing in product and service category.

The world of business has always been filled with competition; and only the companies who are tough enough and capable of making the tough decisions are the ones that eventually enjoy much success. Direct competition is great, especially if it is a healthy one!

To businesses, competition could result to more sales and success. Generally, competition would help a company to see the need for innovation and improvement just so as to keep ahead in the industry. It will make a company to always keep working harder and not give room for complacency.

Also, competition would better help a company to keep abreast of his competitors, truly know and understand them, and seek out ways to surpass them.

To the consumers, direct and indirect competition between companies could result to lower prices of products, since it would make the companies to always look for ways to appeal to more customers. Also, it would lead companies to always provide excellent and quality products and better customer services, good package deals, etc.

In fact, pure competition in business between two companies provides us with some very exciting stories, especially when both companies offer similar products, with almost the same marketing and advertising strategies. In this article, I want to highlight some of the most exciting competition in history, between companies, which the world has recorded thus far.

Coke Vs Pepsi

The competition between these two giant brands knows no boundary as it stretches over time, distance and culture. This competition is one of the biggest between two brands in history, which is why it is mentioned in this article. This competition has even been championed by popular figures such as Santa Claus, Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Bill Gates, et al.

We all know the name of this rivalry, ‘the Coca-Cola wars’. These two giant brands have almost always had the same target market. While Coke may be more tagged as family-friendly, Pepsi is the drink for the younger generation.

McDonald’s Vs Burger King

Since the ’50s and ’60s, these two fast food giants have always been at loggerheads with each other. What has been the reason for the pure competition between these two brands? The answer is found in these questions: Which brand produced the better tasting burger? Which brand was more convenient? Which brand’s burger was the cheaper of the two? It was simply a war of the hamburger, and so, whichever company produced the better and cheaper burger won the competition.

At various times, the two brands have both copied each other’s selection of burger and false and misleading advertising scheme. At end of the period that characterized the magnitude of the competition, McDonald’s eventually emerged as the winner of this long competition following Burger King’s period of incessant replacement of CEOs and Owners.

Bill Gates Vs Steve Jobs

Who will forget this one? In the computer world, these two, known for their remarkable contrast to each other in various ways, were the most bitter of rivals until the death of Steve Jobs. Both men had a stiff monopolistic competition, and one could best describe how different they were as ‘night and day’ even though they shared mutual interests. Both had no college education, and they both understood computers and business.

Bill Gates created Windows and ensured it became the default operating system in every school, home and office. Steve Jobs, together with Steve Wozniak, was able to keep up with the competition after he launched Apple into the limelight during his last fifteen (15) years of his life. This, he was able to do with the help of the $150 million investment from his rival Bill Gates.

These two men may have been considered as the most bitter of rivals in the world of computers and technology, but until the death of Steve Jobs, both men were friendly towards each other.

DC Comics Vs Marvel Comics

This is one of a kind competition between two equally great graphic novel companies. Their competition is not the bitter and unhealthy type that is typical of the popular competitions in business history. The two comic producing companies respect each other for their fine works, with Marvel popularly referring to its rival, DC, as a “distinguished competition”.

Both comic producing companies have benefitted from Hollywood in featuring on the big screen; however, Marvel is seen to have the edge over DC as regards to movies, while DC is renowned for its commitment to its popular and original characters. DC is well renowned for the Superman and Batman legends, while Marvel Comics is renowned for the Avengers.

Nike Vs Reebok

This competition between these two companies lasted for some three decades. So strong and bitter was the competition between these two shoe giants. Nike was renowned for its line of men’s sneakers, while Reebok was renowned for its line of women’s jogging shoes.

In the initial periods, Nike suffered from poor sales, with Reebok dominating with the line of women’s shoes. However, everything changed when Nike brought into the picture Michael Jordan, one of the most iconic athletes in sport history.

At the time, Michael Jordan was playing for the Chicago Bulls, but immediately after he signed, the following year, Nike started recording increase in sales, and that marked the beginning of the end of the reign of Reebok.

The competition was eventually won by Nike when Reebok was acquired by Adidas for a $3.8 billion fee far back in 2005.

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