Coffee Shop Marketing Plan Executive Summary

Coffee Shop Marketing Plan Executive Summary

To start any business of worth, you need a functional plan on how the business will progress from a point A to a point B. The marketing plan is one of such functional plans. This is why we will focus on a sample coffee shop marketing plan executive summary with the aim being to guide the reader into knowing the requirements for writing his/her own coffee shop marketing plan executive summary. This will keep you from making common mistakes capable of putting the investor off from reading the entire marketing plan document even if it is well written.

But what is a marketing plan executive summary in the first place? The marketing plan executive summary summarizes the marketing plan to enable anyone going through it to have a good understanding of what is contained in the marketing plan. Our coffee shop marketing plan executive summary will be no different. Getting funding for your business requires that you submit a copy of your coffee shop business plan containing the marketing plan executive summary.

The information contained in your coffee shop marketing plan executive summary will determine if the reader is encouraged to go into the details found in the marketing plan or not.

Executive Summary
Coffee Express is a coffee business to be established in Detroit which will offer a variety of coffee products such as espresso, tea, cappuccinos, as well as several other beverages which will be prepared under the most hygienic conditions and with the sole aim of bringing total enjoyment and satisfaction to our clients who are our most prized assets. All our products and services will meet the highest standard as only the best ingredients will be used. Our services are passion driven by a workforce which shares our vision of being the top destination for coffee drinkers.

Our products are market driven, and each client is given all the attention needed all geared towards creating an unforgettable experience. We understand how important first impression is to business. Because the first impression always counts, we are determined to create a pleasant first impression for all our clients. However, our exceptional services will not only be focused on the new client alone. A tradition of excellence will be set to offer exceptional coffee services for existing clients.

The existing client is key to the success of the business, hence, we while serving them with our variety of quality coffee products, we would encourage all satisfied clients to spread the word about our services.

Market Analysis
The coffee industry is witnessing a boom as there is an increasing number of people in need of our services. This is not only limited to the coffee industry, as the entire value chain also benefits tremendously from the boom. The need for cozy coffee bars or shops arises as people increasingly seek places to relax over a cup of coffee. We are taking advantage of this trend in setting up shop in locations where there is high pedestrian traffic.

Competitive Analysis
While setting up Coffee Express, we recognize the presence of competitors offering similar services. A question of patronage arises. We do not see that as a problem but an opportunity to offer superior services than those of our competitors. We will not overlook the strengths of these competitors but will respect these strengths while taking advantage of their weaknesses no matter how small to provide exceptional services to our clients. We believe that no edge is too small, as the clients take notice of every service which is better than what they get from other coffee shops.

Our clients will form our central focus as we will woo them with exceptional services. Our workforce is crucial to the provision of these exceptional services. Only the best hands will be hired and will be taken through an ongoing training process where industry best practices will be imparted to them. Our marketing department will be handled by marketing experts who will ensure that all marketing activities are streamlined in achieving our desired objective of spreading the word about our superior services.

Marketing Strategies
Our marketing services are designed to achieve the most impact as customers get to have a feel of not only our quality coffee products but the warmth of friendship and customer care. Each strategy used seeks to achieve the most impact. There are several tools which we would use in achieving high patronage. Some of these include one of the most overlooked, yet highly effective marketing strategies which are the word of mouth marketing. Here, our satisfied clients will help us in realizing this objective.

We would advise them to inform their friends, families, and acquaintances which we know they will even if they are not told to do so. This is because a pleasant experience is more likely to be retold several times either to the same audience or to different audiences. We will also leverage the power of the internet as we believe it holds the key to driving sales. Apart from building a website for our business, we will also make use of social media channels to achieve very desirable results.

Other marketing strategies to be used include having paid adverts on electronic and print media channels as well as mounting billboards at strategic locations (especially those with dense traffic) to achieve maximum public exposure which is good for business.

Financial Projections
Using current data available to us through survey and other secondary sources, we have drawn out a 3-year financial projection plan which sees our business attracting higher sales leading to impressive profits. The results of this financial projection are summarized in the chart below. However, it must be noted that likelihood of unforeseen factors such as natural disasters and economic downturn have been discounted in arriving at these figures;

  • First Year $250,000.00
  • Second Year $590,000.00
  • Third year $890,000.00

Our sample coffee shop marketing plan executive summary has been unveiled with details provided on several key aspects of the plan. As earlier stated, It must be noted that every marketing plan executive summary must be well written to encourage the reader (most likely the investor) get into the details contained in the marketing plan document. This tip should not be overlooked, as it can make the difference between a successful coffee shop marketing plan executive summary and a failed and shabbily written one.

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