Coffee Shop Business Plan Executive Summary Sample – Example

Executive Summary for a Coffee Shop Business Plan

Are you interested in writing an executive summary for your startup coffeehouse business? There is a continuing growth in coffee businesses in the United States as well as lovers of coffee. Sustaining this growth are coffee farmers spread across the world who make this possible. Also included in the coffee supply chain is the coffee processing factories. Having paid tribute to whom it is due, we shift our attention to the coffee shop business. Starting a coffee shop entails putting in place all the essential measures necessary for its smooth take-off.

One of these requirements is the coffee shop business plan. However, our focus will be on the coffee shop business plan executive summary which is part of the business plan. This is one of the most important parts of the business plan, as a glance at this section will reveal if the coffee business is feasible or not. Just as the name suggests, it gives an entire summary of the business. We will be writing a sample coffee shop business plan executive summary

Executive Summary

Brown’s Coffee is a coffee shop known for its specialty in the provision of superior coffee services to clients within the Virginia area. All the services to be provided by Brown’s Coffee are targeted at bringing only the best to the client. This is through competitive pricing as well as putting in place a serene atmosphere which provides solace and calm from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Customers will have a variety of coffee as well as coffee products to choose from. Some of these will include different kinds of coffee and tea, cappuccinos, mocha latte, non-alcoholic beverages, assorted wines, as well as providing breakfast, lunch and dinner to our esteemed client. The choice of our location is central to our goal of providing our customers with only the best. There would be both indoors as well as outdoor cafes which our clients can select from.

The location of our coffee shop makes it ideal for business, as we are located in an area with high pedestrian traffic. To provide the coffee needs of our customers, we will be open 24 hours with shifts to ensure our products and services are always available. Due to the increasing demand from coffee lovers to include other complementary services, we will have a bar as well as a mini restaurant attached to our business to provide a variety of services to clients.


Ted Brown is the founder of Brown’s Coffee. Before now, he has had extensive experience in managing business enterprises over the years. Some of his previous work experiences include managing Delaware’s Steel Enterprise as well as the provision of consultancy services to businesses within California’s Business District. These experiences are critical to the survival and growth of Brown’s Coffee.

Financial Projections

Brown’s Coffee has arrived at a much impressive financial growth estimation which sees impressive financial growth levels exceeding $200,000 and above after its first financial year. By 2020, our net profit is expected to be approximately $10,000,000, with further healthy growth projections expected beyond the targeted year of 2020.

Our Business Objectives

We plan on making Brown’s Coffee the destination of choice for coffee lovers in Virginia. Currently starting with 2 business outlets, we intending expanding our operations to cover more areas within Virginia, and ultimately spreading our tentacles to cover every state within the United State. Brown’s coffee will develop a growth method where strengths will be consolidated on while weaknesses will be improved upon.

Our targets are not just profit driven, as we will also focus on contributing to the growth and development of our host communities. This will be achieved by activities such as donating to charities, and also contributing to impact youth organizations positively. These are areas which will be invested in both in the short and long term view.

Our Mission

At Brown’s Coffee, our mission is to provide exceptional products and services driven by innovation to our esteemed clients. This will be achieved by understanding the strengths as well as weaknesses of our competitors and using these to improve on our service and product offerings. In the long run, we will develop an effective business model that is all-encompassing, and encourages community growth as well as development. This is a sure way to achieve true business growth and expansion.

The adoption of fair trade principles is one area where we would reward our coffee farmers. We will be franchising our business 8 years from the date of commencement of business. This will see us realising faster growth and expansion across the United States.

Strategies for Success

At Brown’s Coffee, our strategies for success will include adopting an efficient and effective marketing drive to attract an increased patronage. Others are a well trained and professional staff who share and believe in the business’ objectives and mission. All products and services offered at Brown’s Coffee will be specially designed to have a distinct and superior taste. This is to make our esteemed clients (especially first time customers) have a feel of our superior services.

This is a sample coffee shop business plan executive summary which provides some basic requirements which every good business plan executive summary should have. With the information made available here, you are adequately guided on how to write a good coffee shop business plan executive summary.

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