Cloud Based Solution Software for Small Business

Best Cloud Based Solutions for Small Business and Individuals

What are the most effective cloud based solutions for a small business? Cloud computing, also referred to as on-demand computing, is a type of internet based computing that permits the shared processing of resources and data to computers and other smart devices upon initiating a query/request for such information. It is structured to permit the ubiquitous, on the spot access to a collective store of shared configurable computing variables such as network servers and applications.

A unique feature of most cloud based solutions for business is that they allows quick processing of these resources and with little management input. Cloud computing and storage enables both individuals and corporations to file and store data and information in data centres outside internal data centres.

At present, the availability of affordable computers and allied devices, ubiquitous internet, high volume capacity networks as well as the increasing deployment of virtual hardware systems and autonomic, service oriented computing architecture, has been a boom to Cloud computing.

Scalability, ease of access, affordable cost of service, optimum performance as well as availability ensures that Cloud based services and IT storage solutions is shaping the way businesses and individuals interact and meet the demands of the market.

The following small business cloud based solutions offer services tailored to meet the unique operational demands of a small business:

Google Drive

A major player in the cloud solutions industry, Google drive offers small businesses over 15gb of free storage space for data and other key information. Small businesses can also take advantage of fact that access is granted to Google’s web based productivity platform, where, in real time, file and documents like Word, Excel, Power point can be edited and shared, at no additional cost. More storage capabilities can be procured starting at 4USD for 100Gb of storage space.

Ubuntu One

As part of its cloud based solutions for small businesses, Ubuntu One offers new subscribers 5GB of ample cloud based storage solutions, whose features include file sharing, device synchronization and cloud based mobile solutions. The Ubuntu One console comes pre-loaded on smart devices and be obtained from online app stores like Apple.


Small businesses can upload and share files at speed of a click, on the Box Cloud based software solutions platform. After uploading the files, they can be shared with intended recipients or pasting the link on the small business’ site. Box also offers accessibility via mobile devices with Android and Apple iOS. Entrants get a free 10 GB storage space, with a single maximum upload size of 250MB.Small business plans are available and start at 5USD per month.


This is the flagship cloud computing storage solutions from Microsoft Inc. It makes available to small businesses the ability to remotely access and process files from the Windows suite, with integration over desktop and Windows phone. Small businesses can take advantage of accessing and uploading files over the Internet, directly from the Microsoft Office suite of programs via the functionality of the drag and drop desktop manager or through the Skydrive app for apple, android and Microsoft iOS for phones.


For small businesses looking for greater leverage in the use of Cloud based solutions, Egnyte offers such need. Small businesses can save data either locally, in in-situ cloud based server solutions for very sensitive information; and in the cloud for less sensitive data.


Bitcasa offers small businesses the opportunity of utilizing a cloud storage system, that also functions more or less like an external hard disk. In other words, Bitcasa not only permits the synchronization of files across devices but also allows small businesses to access and run files from off the Bitcasa platform, in a method termed ” store once, access from any point” approach. For small businesses that place a great premium on security, Bitcasa’s servers enable the encryption of files and data, even before they reach the storage platform. This ensures the integrity and security of private information.


The cloud based solutions offered to small businesses has a unique pledge: to give users peace of mind! This is because SpiderOak makes available a hundred percent security guaranteed file and data access and synching, cloud based backup solutions with the full complement of zero knowledge privacy policy. This policy translates into only the user being able to view and access stored files, while SpiderOak staff and even the government, being barred from viewing. Spider Oak supports an array of devices that run on Linux, MAC, iOS, Windows or Android and offers a free all time storage capacity of 2GB.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

For small businesses that require the workings of enterprise like storage capacities but on a low budget, they can turn to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). The small business cloud based solutions provider offers web-range computing capabilities, that is predicated on large scalable infrastructure that comes with speed, reliability and multi tier level security protocols.S3 permits the sharing and uploading of file, documents, media files and also provides for data recovery, archiving and data back-up.

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