Clothing Line Business Plan Executive Summary

Executive Summary for a Clothing Line Business Plan

Are you interested in writing an executive summary for clothing line business? The garment manufacturing industry is one which is driven by innovation. This is evident from the different styles and new fashion designs continually churned out on a daily basis.

There are huge potentials for investment, and it is little wonder that entrepreneurs are increasingly trooping in to participate in this multi-billion dollar industry. What we are focusing on is no different, as it is one of the basic requirements to starting this business. It is the clothing line business plan executive summary.

This may be a bit confusing as we are not talking about the entire business plan document. Yes, we are focusing on an important aspect of the business plan document due to its which captures the essence of the entire business plan document. The clothing line business plan executive summary is very instrumental to producing a sound business plan. This is where everything is contained, while the other sections provide a detailed explanation.

As a matter of fact, the executive summary section of the business plan is where investors are most interested in seeing, as it would give them an idea if you have carried out your assignment well, and if the business idea is worth investing in or not. This article will give you a sample clothing line business plan executive summary to work with. This will guide you by making critical information available which will reduce the difficulty you may face while writing your executive summary.

The Executive Summary
Exquisite Designs is a mid-range clothing line located in Idaho’s fashion district. Our services and products are primarily focused on the young and daring, with design experts continuously creating innovative and eye-catching designs. Our business is driven by creativity and innovation, which is what drives the entire industry as a whole. To be relevant within the industry, we are not sparing anything at ensuring we operate at par with major brands.

Being an industry which thrives on promotion as well as advertising, we are going all-out to make a bold statement both in the design of our garments as well as promoting and advertising same. We will be establishing a partnership with major retailers to effectively market our products as well as participating in major runway exhibitions by using models who would showcase our designs to the world.

We care about how well our brand is perceived, as such, we are producing only the best designs by hiring the most creative brains within the industry who will lead our revolution. Although getting the services of these professionals will cost us, we are prepared to do whatever it takes to make a bold statement within the fashion industry. Another strategy we would be using is to be on the lookout for the areas of weakness of our competitors as well as ours in a bid to improve on them.

The funding for Exquisite Designs will primarily come from debt financing obtained from reputable financial institutions and also from savings kept aside for this purpose by the founder Mr. Pierce Williams. The realized sum from the savings amounts to $300,000, while the rest of the required sum of $600,000 will come from external sources (debt financing/loan). A substantial part of this would be committed to renting an office space, purchase of equipment and payment of wages in addition to publicity and marketing.

Our Mission
At Exquisite Designs, we have a mission of joining the big league within 5 years from the date of commencement of business operations. This will be pursued with a clear purpose through engaging with the right people and the adoption of the right strategies to enable us realise our set objectives. While providing quality clothing for our clients, we are also driven by the passion to create employment to young people whose services will be hired either directly or indirectly through those who will be involved in the value chain of our activities.

Financial Projections
With the investments made in this business, we are also determined to also create channels and opportunities for increased profitability. We have carried out a 3 year projection of our growth and the results have been quite impressive. Summarized in the chart below, our projections will see our profits significantly increasing from activities which include the expansion of our business to cover more cities and States within the United States.

  • First Year $100,000
  • Second Year $310,000
  • Third Year $500,000

Our Keys to Success
Although we will be hiring the services of the best brains in the industry, we would not rest on our oars to ensure that they remain in top form through organizing regular trainings and seminars to update them with current industry happenings and events to ensure we always stay ahead of the competition. This is a business strategy we will follow with all diligence.

Because of the invaluable part marketing and promotion plays in this industry, we will be setting up a world class marketing department to be manned by bright minds and experts who will chart the way forward for our business. The welfare of our workforce will be a top priority as we would ensure that their remuneration is among the best in the industry. This is to serve as incentives to enable them give their best.

This clothing line business plan executive summary sample provides the basic requirement a clothing line executive summary should have. By using this model as a guide, it would eliminate common problems faced by entrepreneurs in writing the executive summary section of their clothing line business plan.

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