The Closet Factory Franchise Cost, Fee and Profit Opportunities

CLOSET FACTORY Franchise Startup Cost, Profit Margin, Revenue and Locations

Are you interested in starting a Closet Factory franchise, and are searching for all of the details required to get your resources ready to get started? In this article, you will entirely get acquainted with all the necessary in-depth and well-detailed information regarding the initial startup investment capital required; the opportunity benefits you will enjoy once you qualify as a franchisee; the ideal qualities that are required of you to possess; how to join the franchise business; and every other additional detail you need to know about the Closet Factory franchise before you proceed to the sign-up stage.

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About Closet Factory Franchise

Closet Factory is a business franchise that had been established since 1983 by owner John La Barbera. The business started offering franchise opportunities since as early as 1985 (more than three decades ago), and has its headquarters located at Los Angeles, United States.

The company started originally with just six employees in Los Angeles, but today, the company is renowned for their expertise in fashioning organization and style, and has several employees in Los Angeles alone, with many franchise operations all over the United States and other parts of the world.

Their franchise set-ups are more or less independent franchise territories existing in a number of the most important metropolitan areas in the United States. Closet Factory is one of the leading businesses in the industry all over the Unites States.

Closet Factory is a company that collaborates with contractors, homeowners, and interior decorators; to install custom closets, pantries, entertainment centres, and shelves for garages and office spaces.

They have a widespread selection of materials, finishes, hardware and design elements that enable their customers to have the freedom to create any solution that is most suited to them aesthetically, and conforms to their needs and budgets. They offer a number of products that include, but not limited to, melamine materials, painted woods or custom stained.

At Closet factory, they believe they can do anything possible; that the only limitation they have is the one they have delineated for themselves. That is why they transform their ideas and imaginations into a magnificent reality that beats the ordinary. Also, they try as much as possible to tailor their services to the needs of their customers.

For their newly qualified franchisees, they offer a comprehensive training programme that helps them get started and acquainted with the business and its operation. They make use of proprietary software called “ClosetWare”, which facilitates in managing every aspect of the company’s business operations.

How much is a closet factory franchise?

  • How much does it cost to open a closet factory?
  • Is closet factory a franchise that is expensive? 
  • What is the average closet factory franchise price and fee?

How Much Does It Takes to Start a Closet Factory Franchise

For you to be able to join Closet Factory franchise, you will have to fulfil the financial requirements: you will be required a minimum liquid capital investment of $150,000; a franchise fee of $46,500, and a net worth of $500,000. In addition, you will have to report to the company a 6.75% royalty fee on your business’ weekly sales. The total investment sum required to startup a Closet Factory franchise ranges from $225,000$350,000.

Opportunity Benefits and Training

Once you qualify as a franchisee, and have been approved to join Closet Factory franchise, the following are some of the key benefits you will stand to enjoy as one of their franchisees:

  • You will benefit from a six-week training course organized by their team of experts at their corporate offices during startup.
  • Initial and ongoing support from Closet Factory to facilitate speedy business success of your establishment.
  • You will also enjoy ongoing support and assistance, in terms of sales and marketing, from their management team.
  • Access to a successful business model that have lasted for ages.
  • You will get to be associated with a quality brand renowned for great and quality products.
  • By joining them, you have a competitive edge over the other competitors in the industry.
  • The company is one that is very dynamic, flexible and transformative in its culture.
  • Financing is available through third party sources to accommodate startup costs franchise fee, equipment and inventory.

How Much You Stand to Make with The Closet Factory Franchise

As a Closet Factory franchisee, how much you stand to make largely depends on a number of factors. The running costs of one month may differ from another. However, since every entrepreneur’s goal is to make profit, you will have to do well to improve your product quality, expand sales and minimize your operation costs.

Ideal Candidate for The Closet Factory Franchise

Only the ideal candidates can qualify to join Closet Factory. The ideal candidate that Closet Factory is looking for is an individual who:

  • Has great work ethic and attitude, and is willing to work really hard with them in establishing the brand beyond their imagination.
  • Is searching for a franchise with a solid business vision, and is ready to work with them in attaining their business vision.
  • Holds strong leadership qualities.
  • Holds business management and marketing skills.
  • Is more than willing to completely conform to the successful market strategies of the company.
  • Can work with others in a team.

You do not require any sort of pre-requisite knowledge before even joining the Closet Factory franchise. You need an open mind to learn everything that will be taught during the six-week period of the training.

How to Open The Closet Factory Franchise?

If you have shown great interest in joining the Closet Factory franchise, wait no further, simply log onto their website on, request for a preliminary questionnaire, and completely fill in the required information and submit to continue the sign-up procedure and get started. This should not take you more than a couple of minutes.



The closet factory franchise provides a business opportunity that specializes in the installation and decoration of storage cabinets for homes, offices, entertainment centers and garages. The closet factory makes it easy to keep your homes and offices organized with custom closet and elegant shelving solutions.


With its origins traced to as far back as the 17th century France, the closet factory was founded in 1983 by John LaBarbera and began franchising 2 years later in 1985. Its corporate headquarters is in Los Angeles, California.


Featuring is its conventional wall-suspended system and the floor-based system; clients are guaranteed resounding service delivery and satisfaction on a global scale. For over 30 years, Closet factory leads in designing custom storage solutions to help improve lives by minimizing stress and untidiness and promoting organization.

Consumer Appeal
Excellence in service delivery is the watchword of Closet Factory. In its over 3 decades of providing and satisfying clients’ desire for world class storage cabinets for homes, offices and other required places, Closet factory has distinguished itself as a forerunner in this market.

With excellent consumers’ testimonies, Closet factory has become a reputable provider of storage cabinets whose excellent services continue to attract consumers across major metropolitan areas.

Benefits Accruable for Closet Factory Franchise
Investing in the closet factory franchise offers franchisees the opportunity to benefit from an innovative network with over three decades of excellent service delivery to clients. As a qualified franchisee, apart from having access to a successful business model that have been in existence for many years, you will also benefit from the closet factory management team’s support and assistance in terms of sales and marketing.

You will also become a partner of a household brand known for quality products and services provision. You will also enjoy the company’s dynamism, flexibility and transformative business sense. Franchisees also get to benefit from national programs with marketing powerhouses like Costco and Motor trend.

Closet Factory Franchise Financial Requirements
To become a Closet Factory Franchise owner, prospective franchisees must meet certain financial requirements. These requirements are; an initial franchise fee of $46,500 to be paid to the franchisor in order to own a Closet Factory franchise.

In addition, a minimum liquid capital investment of $150,000 is required; this could be in the forms of cash, savings, marketable securities, gifts and any other non-borrowed sources. The total investment sum required to own a Closet Factory Franchise ranges from $203,000 to $353,000. Franchisee candidates must meet the above to become successful owners of Closet Factory Franchise.


Closet Factory Franchise Training and Support
New franchisees undergo an elaborate training session that is exceptional in the industry. First, a 2 week’s training program is taken at the corporate headquarters, followed by a visit by the national sales trainer for another 2 weeks on-site training for the franchisee and his/her members of staff, then finally, another 2 weeks on-site training by the national operations trainer.

In terms of support, a proprietary software known as “ClosetWare” allows the franchisor to assist the franchisee achieve maximum results and enables monitoring of the business for efficient service delivery. Ultimately, Franchisees are taught the know-how of every aspect of the business and are given comprehensive materials for reference.

Closet Factory Franchise Undivided Market
Closet Factory has a resounding market that remains exclusive in ages. It has a large area of coverage and territories that goes beyond counties, spanning through major metropolitan areas. Qualified franchisees will explore the available of markets in metropolitan areas. Every customer can have what he/she desires based on their demands.

A Versatile Product Line
Services offered for clients to enjoy include the following areas:

  • Closets
  • Offices
  • Garages
  • Pantries
  • Entertainment centers
  • Bookshelves
  • Laundry rooms
  • Wall-beds

Closet Factory Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
Closet factory franchise does not specify its terms of agreement/Renewal policy. These details will be adequately provided after having qualified for the franchise opportunity. The absence of the franchisor’s terms of agreement/renewal policy might be that there is no renewal policy in its terms of agreement or that it is not disclosed for other reason.


However, whatever the case, full explanations would be given to the prospective franchisee regarding its terms of agreement/renewal policy during the application process. Candidates will get to know their agreement/renewal policies upon becoming franchisees.

How to Open a Closet Factory Franchise
Becoming a franchisee does not necessarily require prior woodworking know-how. But having some managerial skills and knowledge of sales and/or marketing would help. To join the closet factory franchise opportunity, get started by visiting the franchisor’s website on and filling the form available in the franchise section.


This form should be carefully filled and submitted as the information provided by the applicant will be screened for eligibility. A closet factory representative subsequently contacts eligible and qualified candidates via the information they provided on the online forms they filled earlier.

Further investment discussions are established, in the build-up to the eventual ownership of the franchise.

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