Cleaning Business Plan Executive Summary Sample – Example

Executive Summary for a Commercial Cleaning Service Business Plan

Are you interested in writing an executive summary for a business and residential cleaning business? Increasingly, the services of cleaning companies are required by individuals and groups. For individuals, this is due to the fact that people now have lesser time to even do their cleaning chores which may be as a result of work or business. For corporate bodies, there is a growing trend of outsourcing their cleaning work which is cheaper and more efficient. Starting a cleaning business is lucrative but requires planning. The cleaning business plan executive summary is a part of the business plan which requires more attention.

We are making available to you a cleaning business plan executive summary sample to guide you in writing the executive section of your cleaning business plan. Getting this right will have a profound impact on your cleaning business, especially if the plans are followed through to the latter. A growing number of entrepreneurs continue to encounter problems in this section of the business plan. This is the reason this article is written to act as a guide.

The Executive Summary

Spick and Span is a cleaning business founded in California and specialized in the handling of cleaning jobs for individuals as well as for corporate clients. For our residential clients, our target groups are the mid-level income group to the wealthy who will easily pay a premium for quality jobs. We are not just a cleaning company, as we do our jobs with pride and diligence. At Spick and Span, our clients satisfaction is ours too, which is why we do our jobs with every sense of professionalism.

With Brad Cook as its founder, he brings a wealth of experience from cleaning jobs he held with major brands such as the Mandalay Bay Hotels in Vegas as well as the Hilton Hotels. This is a strong point for the business, as he brings such professionalism to bear on Spick and Span. We are starting with 11 cleaners as well as other administrative staff who will be in charge of our operations. These cleaners have been chosen from an enormous number of applicants, and possess the required experience.

Because of the scale of services we intend to provide, we would require a substantial start-up capital of $700,000. From this amount 40% of the requirement will be raised from savings meant for this purpose, and kept aside by Mr. Brad Cook. The other 60% will be sourced from debt financing through reputable financial institutions that would support the project.

A major part of the above sum will be spent on hiring a business outlet or premises, the purchase of equipments, procurement of furniture as well as the payment of wages. Advertisement and marketing will also gulp a major part of the expenses to be incurred.

Using the current happenings within the cleaning industry, we have projected a healthy profit growth for our business spanning a 3 year period. In the short term (1st year) our activities will see our profits growing to over $190,000. In the midterm (2nd year), our profit growth will exceed 330,000, while in the long term (3rd Year) we would see our profits reaching new levels of $600,000.

Our Mission

At Spick and Span, we are poised to provide premium residential and corporate cleaning services to our clients and to set new standards in the way cleaning business is done by building a relationship with our clients and knowing their preferences and dislikes. We pride ourselves in not just offering our services but doing so with a desire to please our esteemed clients. We would strive to exceed our client’s expectations for every job handled, and will also seek to grow our clientele base by encouraging our satisfied clients to pass the word about our services to friends and family.

Maintaining our loyal clients is a priority for us, as we would not take their trust for granted. Within 5 years from the start of business, we would expand our services to cover more areas within California and beyond, and to also raise the standard in cleaning services which would see us breaking into the top 5 cleaning businesses in America.

Keys to Success

As a growing business, the importance of a growing client base is tied to our success. Therefore, we would engage in effective marketing strategies that would attract patronage as well as the adoption of word of mouth marketing and referral which we would encourage are satisfied clients to do. Our marketing strategy and activities would be conducted by a team of marketing experts who will coordinate activities from our marketing department.

A substantial amount of our funding will go into the purchase of state-of-the-art cleaning equipments which would increase the level of professionalism in the way we do our work. In addition to these, we would be on the lookout for areas of weaknesses of our competitors as well as within our business. Attention will be given to such areas and immediate response taken to ensure we improve our standard of services.

This is an example of what a cleaning business plan executive summary should look like, as it highlights some key areas which should not be left out by the entrepreneur when writing his/her executive summary. The executive summary section should be given the attention it deserves as its contents attract close scrutiny by investors who are interested in how viable the business is.

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