Church Marketing Ideas and Strategies for Growth

Church Growth : Creative Marketing Ideas To Develop Your Church Marketing Plan

Cheap Church Advertising Strategies And Ideas
Church marketing is an important process to grow a church. However, the choice of promotional methods should be carefully made as not to appear too commercial or forceful. To make a church marketing advertisement work, the campaign must be developed with a clear vision of what the church represents and what it offers so as to communicate the complete picture to intending members. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you some of the best unique church marketing ideas to promote your church to new members.

Money is the not the most important thing in church growth strategies. This is why many people think church marketing sucks. In the process of church planting, it is not about how much is spent or how beautiful the church facilities look.

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Do you want to know how to advertise a church event? I’ve compiled a list of the cheapest 8 marketing tips that you can use to develop the best church marketing plan and campaigns.

Church Growth Ideas: How To Market Your Church For Growth

Hand Write Invitations

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This inexpensive and targeted approach has yielded results for new mall businesses. You can duplicate it too and see how much turn out you get after sending out invitations for church programmes.

Know Your Target Congregation

The socio-economic status of the people around will influence your methods of reaching out to them. A ministry targeting pregnant women will get more results from targeting its church marketing campaign than making it general. It is after doing this that you can develop effective church outreach ideas.

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Community Service

To promote your church in a community, set up a unit that will cater for some of the social needs of people around. This team of members will serve the community in areas such as bridge repairs, yard work, small home changes etc. Caring about people during their need will make them respond positively when you reach out to them later. A big banner in front of the church may be used to advertise such charity works and provide a contact information for anyone needing such help.

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Online Presence

It is important that you create social media accounts for your church. These include G+, Twitter and Facebook pages, groups and communities. Members can use this platform to interact, post information about upcoming programmes and share pictures from past events. Links to these social media profiles can be displayed in strategic areas in and around the church premises. An active social community will attract new members to check out your church and ask questions about what they can’t understand about your church. In the same vein, an interactive website is also useful in connecting your church with other prospective churchgoers out there as audio and video copies of previous messages can be provided for easy download and streaming.

Free Lessons For Children In The Community

If your church is interested in targeting the poor and youth in the neighborhood, you can organize free piano lessons, voice training and holiday school lessons to keep these young ones engaged. This makes them productive and provides a platform for them to invite their friends and family to your church.

Promote Your Church To New Members

Get new members of your locality informed about your church. Give detailed service schedules to new church visitors. From real estate agents, you can get contacts of new families that just moved into your community, send your welcome cards and use church advertising flyers ideas to invite them. A brochure of your church detailing what you offer and contact information will go a long way too.

Print Car Stickers

When members put your church stickers on their cars, this will generate a buzz in town about what it represents. A lot of people will want to find out what these church promotional products. The stickers may be shared free, paid for or rolled out at every special programme and annual service.

Develop Church Programs That Stand Out

Every church holds Sunday and mid-week services. You should create programs that differentiate your church from others. For instance, your Sunday school can caters not only for the spiritual needs of members but also for the community people. The church is also a team, so hold periodic team building sessions among different units in the church.

So far, these are the best church marketing strategies that will help increase your grow a church follower-ship. Over all, genuine dedication and passion will set your church apart from the rest.

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