9 Cheap Ways to Promote your Small Business

Effective Small Business Business Low Cost Promotion Strategies and Techniques That Work

Are you looking for low cost ways of promoting your business and yet get your business scaling high among other competitors? Then, this golden piece is really meant for you in showing you various ways to promote your business.

The idea and prospect of promoting your business may be overwhelming, most especially when you are operating a small business scale with even a smaller budget.

Whether or not you’re a starter or have been in the field of business for years, these proven strategies on low cost ways to promote your business will be of great help to your business so as to find you new potential customers without spending much a fortune.

The good news I am about to sharing is that; promoting your business so as to make massive sales doesn’t need to cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, it is something you are supposed to be able to do even with low cost.

Here are multiple low cost ways to promote your business anywhere in the world.


1. Get a Website

Create a website with your business name and a nice logo on it. Ensure you post amazing and incredible contents on the blog page. Doing this, the blog page will serves as the foundation of all other promoting or marketing efforts of your business.

It will serve as a place where you can direct your visitors to, nurture a good and smooth relationship and capture an interesting and nice leads.

It’s of great important to posting regular contents and information that meets the requirements, needs and interests of your customers and target audiences, as such it will bring about your business prosperity.

2. Get your Business Profile set up on Social Media Platforms

This is another low cost ways to promote your business. To get this accomplished, ensure that your business profile is updated with a nice and good description of your business, keywords and a do-follow link to your website.

Reach out for conversations or groups that discuss about your services your business delivers, either products or services and join such conversations. Be mindful of spam- for you shouldn’t spam the conversation group with incessant promos of your business.

3. Build an Email List

Looking for low cost ways to promote your business? Then build up an email subscription list for your business as this will enable you to send a promotional offer, email newsletter and others to your potential prospects and customers for your business.

Email newsletter is a low cost way to promote your business and it plays a vital role in businesses. For instance, if you are a business consultant, you can send out post like “10 ways to become a successful entrepreneur” to your prospect that subscribe to your newsletter as a nice offer.

4. Design a Unique Business Card

This low cost way to promote your business is oldie but goodie. If you’re a starter and you are yet to have one, have it made up this instant. Your business card, even letterhead paper and your business envelope will tell your prospective customers that you are really a professional who doesn’t take his business for levity.

However, design an eye-catching business card and make sure you list your business website on it so that you will be noticed at any live business events.

5. Network

Talking about low cost ways in promoting business, networking shouldn’t be left on touch. Network with other professional bodies or companies who are into the same business you do.

Attend networking event and connect with potential customers. Let them feel your impact and know you are always ready to handle any available work overloads – be diligent.

6. Enroll on Search Engine Pay Per Click (PPC) Adverts

You can use search engine pay per click as a low cost tool in promoting your business. To get started, search for PPC ads rates online and follow the required procedure. Google is the most popular and best bet for you to go to.

7. Enroll in referral program

Referral program is a good example of low cost way you can use to promote your business. If for instance, your customer or prospect lifetime worth or value is $1,000, so giving away $100 gift to a close customer is indeed money well invested.

Hence, this will enable such customer to refer people to your company or help rebroadcast your value to his friend and family home and abroad.

8. Get your Vehicles or Delivery Vans Involved

I’m sure by now you will be amazed seeing this on the list, well don’t be surprised it is also a low cost way to promote your business. If you have a delivery truck or van as your business equipment, have your brand or business name, office address, contact information and other vital information professionally painted and inscribed on the two sides of the vehicle.

Without much ado, your means of transportation will also serves as a vehicle for advertising and promoting your business.

9. Go Sign Up on Google my Business

Get your business registered to Google My Business. This will enable your business name to pop out in local search. Google My Business is very important as your business will not only be visible on search engine, but also on Google+ and Google map as well. This is indeed a low cost way to promote your business, do embrace it.

Read patiently and work towards achieving these aforementioned low cost ways to promote your business. By so doing, you are prone to receiving enormous prospects and as such, you will generate more profit through it.

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